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i keep seeing different companies shutting down different studios. whats going on with this? gaming is huge, so why are studios getting shut down. i am going to go into game creation so will i have a job?

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The economy, boy.

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Some studio's getting bigger and some closing.
Its sad to see, but thats how the world is now.

But no, its not "going down" in the sense of closing, but i personally think its getting worse.

God i miss da good ol days.

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i hope that it picks up. i dont think its going down either. just a catchy title lol. some badass games are commin out in the next few weeks.

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It's a very dynamic market. Companies open up and close all the time. Nothing new. Nothing to see here.

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Your mom's going down.

on me.
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It's taken this long? She's already gone down on everyone else.

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jakob187 said:
"Your mom's going down.

on me.
That made me laugh way harder than it should have.
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I totally disagree. Games aren't going downhill.

I've played some freakin awesome games this year.

Plus you've got the whole indie developers making awesome games like Portal, Braid, and that Swan Song one.

I think it's just growing more and more popular and we aren't use to this kind of attention. I predict that in the near future Video Games will kill off Movie Theaters.
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I want to learn hindi and move to india and be a leader of an outsource program.

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r3b3lr0b0t said:
"I think it's just growing more and more popular and we aren't use to this kind of attention. I predict that in the near future Video Games will kill off Movie Theaters."
I don't agree that statement. Video games have been part of the pop culture for a good ten years. Look at the movie "The Wizard" or that one Baywatch episode that featured a "Super Street Fighter II" tournament. When the Nintendo Entertainment System launched it got loads more attention from local and national press than any other consumer electronic device ever, there were demo areas in the middle of malls with at least ten NESs hooked up and ready to go. Sure there is the occasional Guitar Hero cameo in TV shows but it's nowhere near what is was in the early 90s.
Grand Theft Auto IV and Iron Man were released on the same day and both sold very well. The main reason some movie theaters have faced some financial problems is because the movie going crowd is capable of getting the same (or even better) experience at home.
Consoles made arcades obsolete and HDTVs will make theaters a thing of the past.
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Games are growing more and more popular and attracting larger crowds. (The Wii and DS prove this). Like My grandma can play a pretty mean round of Mario Kart Wii.

I'm just saying everything is getting bigger. Bigger budgets, larger development teams, More more more.  And frankly I'd much rather play a new game than go to a theater where tweens run around shouting dumb shit during the movie.

And also your GTA vs Iron Man comment made me remember an old Jeff post. Check it out.

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One day, robots will be making all of our games, and companies will be owned by a few people.

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Games aren't going down, but do know its a cut throat business. Sure if you make a successful game, you get money, but if your team cannot even make deadlines to go into beta, that when game companies shut down and people are out of a job. Then of course the few that are left would only want people with experience, and people that just want to get into it without any experience loses out and have to find another job and wait a bit until the market picks up to pursue the career they wanted.

Sometimes the market never picks up, other times the person just moves on in thier life. That is life, and that is the reason why not everybody can get thier dream job.