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Do you guys ever have those stretches where you just really can't get into videogames for whatever reason? I have them every once in a while but lately, it's been really tough for me to find a game that I can get into. Just wondering how often this happens to you dudes.

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I'm currently having one right now. It really sucks. This one has been kind of long, too. I've only been able to get through games with a good story lately. If there isn't a good story to entice me to play more, I generally quit playing.
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@Yorick: Yeah man, mine has been going on since my last college semester ended in Early early may

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Yep, just had one maybe 3 months ago, now i can't stop playing, since i installed windows 7 two weeks ago i installed 30+ games (didn't finish them all obviously)

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It has happened to me a few times. I find that the end of the year and all the releases contained therein usually reignites my enthusiasm for gaming.

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Mine has been going on for like 6 months, lol. I didn't play ANY games this past semester of college. I just started playing games again when LA Noire came out. I enjoy some games enough to finish them but I don't find myself loving them anymore.
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I had this this year for a bit I dont know what it is but the last few months I just cant get into anything. 
I couldn't get into L.A noire at all or anything else thats come out. So looking forward to some good open world RPGs to excite me!

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@Yorick: Ya wow that's a long one man. I didn't play any games during the Fall semester, played games when they came out during the spring semester, and now there's like no drive for me to do it at all. I mean I usually only play games during my free time late at night, when i'm not working or out with friends...but lately i've been resorting to watching movies and reading. It's super weird.

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@paulithon: L.A. Noire didn't do it for me either man...which I fond odd because premise and setting I find super appealing. But skyrim...can't wait for that.....and Catherine for some stupid reason.

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That's me about 75% of the time. The other 25% I'm totally obsessed with a game... like right now... Oblivion is a drug.

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Oblivion is actually one of the few games that is enticing me right now. I've owned it for years but have never gotten very far in it. I always seem to fuck up my playthrough one way or another.
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I'm constantly getting hot and cold on games. Most games these days just don't hold much interest for me beyond a few hours, so I find myself forcing my way through games I'm kind of bored with just because I have nothing better to do. By the one or two hour mark of most games I have usually learned all the mechanics, and I can tell where the story is going so I lose interest fast after that because there is rarely much else to look forward to. 
The biggest instigator of gaming slumps for me is when I lose that go to middle game. For months Bad Company 2 was my middle game. The one I could always fire up for a few hours and know it would be good, but then I just lost interest with it and after a hard drive format I did a few days ago I just never felt like re-downloading it. I'm currently playing Dungeon Siege 3 co-op with someone because they bought me a copy so they had someone to play with, but it's not a very fun game and I'm just doing it because the guy bought the game so it's the least I can do to play it with him.

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That was nice of him to buy a game for you.
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I think I'm there right now. I'm playing Civ V obsessively, that's my way of dealing with not being able to get into my huge backlog of games xD

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@Yorick: Ya it is. He comes from a rich family, so whenever there is a game he really wants to play but no one he knows will play it with him he will buy me a copy so he has someone to play with. He is a really nice kid.
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Doing it for the lulls.

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I'm currently in one. Most of my time these days is taken up by playing /heroes-of-newerth/61-27328/ and reading up on D&D (having a hard time finding people who play). That and looking for jobs.

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It sucks because I'm not really into achievements, and I don't always find replaying single player campaigns to be very entertaining... so I'll have plenty of lulls through the year...

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Yeah, I can't think of any game besides CoD 4 that I've beaten twice. Mass Effect 1 and 2 may be the 2nd and 3rd around the time that 3 comes out (A lot of numbers in that sentence).
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@Yorick said: 
 @hoossy: Yeah, I can't think of any game besides CoD 4 that I've beaten twice. Mass Effect 1 and 2 may be the 2nd and 3rd around the time that 3 comes out (A lot of numbers in that sentence).
playing through a game twice is VERY VERY difficult for me, unless i've had a long enough gap in between playthroughs.  I usually try starting a second attempt right away and start skipping stuff and then I just get bored.
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@ajamafalous said:

Doing it for the lulls.

Fuck, I was just about to make that joke.
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Has been happening a lot lately. I bought LA Noire on release and still haven't played since I stopped a day after it came out. I got into BFBC2 a lot lately though. Like, a LOT a lot. IDK, I get games but just don't play them, good games too!