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I am looking to buy a gaming pc, not make one. Would the one in the link above be the best option if I wanted to play Far Cry 3, Crysis 3, and Battlefield 3 with these settings (Medium to high quality with 40-60 fps at the resolution of 1440x900)? The website has information about Starcraft 2, but I can run the game on my current pc and my pc isn't all that great.

I haven't changed anything on it yet, just the os to windows 7.

My budget is $1100.

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Well since no one has answered you yet I'll try to be of some help but don't take my word for most of the things I say since I don't know much about PC hardware. Everything looks fine from what I've seen but I've heard that cyberpower puts cheap components in their computer and won't last. I know you said you want to buy a PC but you could probably do better if you built it yourself. There's lots of videos on youtube to help out with that. Sorry if that wasn't much help.

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You could, but I'd seriously recommend spending a little bit more money and getting the 7870 GPU for the extra 40 bucks and I'd flat out say not to get an AMD FX CPU. Bulldozer has been a massive flop and it has some serious problems. I had a buddy that bought one when it launched and it was pushing well over 100 degrees Celsius while the temperature readout that the CPU was giving had it just above 70. And it's hardly an isolated issue too. Get an Intel 2500k if you need a good CPU on a budget. The Bulldozer chip simply is not good enough. Plus the 1155 socket is probably the most represented board out there so you have good options for a motherboard manufacturer with the features you want.

I would also say to get a better PSU on that unit. Getting some generic no name shit is a TERRIBLE idea. The PSU controls the power flow to everything, and the slightest problem could burn out parts that cost hundreds of dollars. You get to much ripple on the rail and you're fucked, plain and simple. It will burn your parts out. It could even be a fire risk.

Hell, I'd say you're crazy and to build it yourself. But if you have to buy do some research a bit more on some of the components and don't skimp out on the important shit. The PSU is typically the last thing you consider going into a rig, but it should be the one thing you throw the most money at.

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@jayeh: @aiurflux: Thanks for the help. I might just try to build it myself.

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Sorry mate, that's a terrible build for that price.
You'll stuggle with Crysis 3 on medium.

You're going to have major fps drops even on low.

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Watch these: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_56kyib-Ls


And be sure not to do this:



Also a few tips:

-cpu: get an amd 8350 or an i5 3570k. If you only do gaming, choose the latter.

-gpu: try going for the 7870 instead of the 7850

-ram: 8 gigs should be more than enough

-PSU: don't try to go conservative on this one. Don't buy a cheap no-name brand. Go for antec, seasonic, corsair. Generic ones fry easily.

-MOBO: get usb 3 and sata III. Consider how may HDDs you'll get and get a MOBO with corresponding number of sata ports. Go with SLI if you have the money for some future proofing. Or don't, it's ok.

-try to get a 60gb SSD. They're like 70 bucks these days.

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This will do what you want it to; it's $1119, but it does come with a copy of Crysis 3, so if you haven't bought that already, it meets your budget.

I would suggest building your own though if you are able, it will be cheaper for a better machine.

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