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We are devastated by the news of the passing of Gary Garcia, of Buckner & Garcia. Please keep his family in your prayers.

That would make Found Me The Bomb their last ever song.


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R.I.P., duder. :(

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RIP Mr. Garcia :(

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Holy smokes. :(

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...Damn. Sad day.

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Wow man, that's the biggest bummer I've heard all year. R.I.P. Garcia. :(

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Oh no! I'm sorry to hear this. May he rest in peace.

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Wow, this is awful. Rest in peace.

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Never forget, don't let the fever die.

*back to Skyrim*

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RIP Gary Garcia. Might have to go and download and play through pacman fever. As a tribute to a fellow giant bomb fan.
@Getz Then just don't post.

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OH NO!! RIP duder! :(

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Oh my God...  Thanks for everything duder.  RIP

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Pour one out for Gary Garcia. RIP.

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I speak for everyone in the GB community when I say that you were an amazing performer and brought lots of joy to us all. RIP

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Damn, this actually makes me really sad...

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R.I.P Duder

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We lost a good one today, guys. 
RIP Gary.

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RIP duder.

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I'd like to think that he's out there in the great beyond, givin' everybody there the Fever.

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Oh man, that's tragic :( 
Thanks for the joy you brought everyone, including this little community of ours. RIP Gary.

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Man this sucks, what did he die from?

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Christ, that's a hell of a bummer. I wish the best for the family and friends of the great man that was lost.

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I don't know him, but since he was loved, I may as well say it.

Rest in peace.

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Bummer. Rest in peace, duder.

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Oh, wow, holy shit. The last song he ever did was for fucking Giant Bomb.

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This is sad.

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This is really sad, he was great. I hope the best for his family and friends.

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A whole day of Pacman Fever and Found me the bomb coming up.

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R.I.P. :(

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That really sucks, RIP.

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Well that sucks

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Guy made a song about Pac-Man,Giant Bomb and a concept album on arcade games. God bless him.

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Oh wow, that's crazy.

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RIP Gary

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I suppose now is the best time for anyone who hadn't seen these before to discover them:

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@Rudyftw said:


Read the posts before you!

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That's terrible. My condolences to his friends and family.

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Man. Life sucks sometimes. Why can't the awesome people live forever? :(

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I didn't even know of them before they did the giantbomb song, honestly, but anyone who could make something like that must have been pretty cool.



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Noooooo! That's the worst :'[. Rest in peace, Mr. Garcia.

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@Rudyftw said:

@OllyOxenFree said:

@Rudyftw said:


Read the posts before you!


Google doesn't help either, because the first link that popped up was a link to this forum....

Google is trolling me.

He did a song called Pac-Man Fever that was probably the first video game song that became popular. You could say it was the early 80's version of Basshunter's DotA song.

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@devotfeige said:

I suppose now is the best time for anyone who hadn't seen these before to discover them:

This was a genuinely awesome moment. It was great to watch everyone's reaction.

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Thanks everyone for the nice comments. It's been one hell of a day here, and having just spoken to him last week about our future plans and about possibly working on a batch of new songs makes this even more upsetting. He was an extremely nice guy and was always excited to do anything that would entertain people. Hell, he even agreed to sing about wizards and stabbing people in the face and neck without even questioning me on how bizarre it was. 
I hope you guys enjoy "Found Me the Bomb" and that you can tell we put a lot of love into it. Gary was (and still will be wherever he is) happy to know that 30 years after "Pac-Man Fever", people are still rocking out to his silly pop songs. 
And ignore the people in here making idiotic comments. It's the Internet, and there will always be insensitive jerks.

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@Ksaw said:

@devotfeige said:

I suppose now is the best time for anyone who hadn't seen these before to discover them:

This was a genuinely awesome moment. It was great to watch everyone's reaction.

Ryan's reaction to the GB song was awesome! Couldn't stop laughing when I saw it.