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One week from today, Giant Bomb begins to release their Game of the Year content.

I thought it would be fun to try and guess the Staff's (Jeff, Ryan, Brad, Vinny, Patrick, Alex, and Drew) personal top ten list. Or at least some games that likely made their top tens and why.

Personally, I'm pretty sure that XCOM: Enemy Unknown may Ryan's top ten, but I am not sure about where it would fall.

Jeff, Ryan, Vinny, Brad, Patrick, and Alex all have Far Cry 3 in their top ten.

Vinny has Sleeping Dogs near the top of personal list.

Journey, The Walking Dead, and Crashmo all make Brad's list

I think it's safe to say that Far Cry 3 is Giant Bomb's overall Game of the Year.

So, what do you think? Did Diablo 3 make anyone's top ten? Does Patrick still have room in his heart for Dragon's Dogma or ZombiU?

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I predict that they will be composed of games released in 2012 on various gaming platforms and that they will be listed in some ordered fashion of 10 to 1 or 1 to 10. Beyond that I have no predictions. I really don't care what they have on their list ether. I'm just here to hear the arguments, which is rather rare sometimes as the guys tend to agree on a lot of the same things and are rarely divided.

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I am only there for the deliberations and the videos. I could not give less of a fuck about the actual awards themselves. That's why the sites that just put up a very high-production value, narrated 4 minute video of their awards seem incredibly dull to me. So I am utterly thankful that sites like Giantbomb (And Polygon this year, if what they've said is true) put up their deliberations.

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patrick said on twitter that far cry was out I think

and I know for a fact that hotline miami is in alex's top 3, said so in that bloodbath topic (because he can appreciate good games NO I AM NOT BITTER)

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The best chance Diablo 3 has of showing up is in Jeff's top ten. Maybe it shows up in the overall top ten, but it would be very low.

As for overall GOTY, I dont think Far Cry 3 is a lock at all. I think the fight is going to be between Far Cry 3 and XCOM with XCOM taking the award in the end. I just think the disappointment everyone had with the ending of the story will keep the crew from making Far Cry 3 the overall GOTY.

As for other games, I am sure Forza Horizon, Halo 4, Dishonored, Mass Effect 3, Fez, and Syndicate will all make appearances, but for who and in what positions will be interesting to watch.

It is going to be a fun discussion to listen to.

EDIT: Completely forgot about The Walking Dead. That is going to be in the mix for overall GOTY as well and might win against Far Cry 3 and XCOM.

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@redbliss said:

The best chance Diablo 3 has of showing up is in Jeff's top ten. Maybe it shows up in the overall top ten, but it would be very low.

You don't think it'll make Brad's?
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@ajamafalous said:

@redbliss said:

The best chance Diablo 3 has of showing up is in Jeff's top ten. Maybe it shows up in the overall top ten, but it would be very low.

You don't think it'll make Brad's?

I dont know. Both Brad and Vinny seemed to enjoy the game at the start, and it has a chance to show up on their lists. But that chance is not as good as the chance of showing up on Jeff's list. Out of all of the crew members, Jeff definitely seemed to enjoy it the most, so it has the best chance of showing up on his list.

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Hotline Miami will be really goddamn high for Ryan, I am pretty sure of that. FarCry 3 will be high up in general, and I hope Patrick wasn't talking about it being out for anything because that's a shitty thing to spoil. Diablo 3 has to be pretty high on the PC list and probably Brad's.

Walking Dead is, unfortunately probably going to be on everyone's list but Jeff's, and I'm hoping he'll share my sentiment on it if he finished it all before they started all of this.

Hopefully XCOM sees some love, certainly on Ryan's personal list.

Sleeping Dogs I'd guess will make top 3 for Vinny, and I'm certain it'll make top 5.

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Far Cry 3 will not be the GOTY because they story wasnt what they wanted it to be. GOTY will probably be between Walking Dead (doubt it because Jeff), XCOM and Sleeping Dogs

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given that the goty is usually the one they most recently really enjoyed it's probably between the walking dead and far cry 3

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I would wager that the GOTY debate will be between Walking Dead, XCOM, and Far Cry 3.

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stoked for this.

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@VisariLoyalist said:

given that the goty is usually the one they most recently really enjoyed it's probably between the walking dead and far cry 3


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They devoted an obscene amount of time on the podcast to XCOM, more so than any other game this year. That is, If I recall things correctly.

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I think they will choose Journey as game of the year.

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I could care less, I just want VIDEO GAME entertainment

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Toss up between XCOM, Diablo 3 and Far Cry 3. I wonder if they revisit some of those games just so they can confidently say it's their choice for GOTY or they base it off memory (which would suck because only games of November would ever win). Haven't played the game but I reckon it will be XCOM.

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I'm mostly interested in who will win the Northies this year. Probably a toss up between ACIII and Spec-Ops but who knows maybe a dark-horse will emerge?

GOTY comes down to Walking Dead vs. XCOM. 5 of the 6 (Alex had a say this year) love both games. Unsure on where Jeff stands of TWD, same with Alex on XCOM but the others love both games judging from the near hour long talk on XCOM on one of the bombcasts and constant chatter about episodes throughout the year it seems the most logical would be those two.

Far Cry 3 led to disappointment for pretty much all of them and Journey may have a slight chance because Brad and Jeff loved it but I don't think it'll get enough support.

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I think Jeff and Ryan's GOTY is XCOM, Patrick's is Dishonored, Vinny's is Sleeping Dogs, Brad's is Mark of the Ninja or Journey and Alex's is The Walking Dead. I think XCOM takes the site honors. I thought for a while there that The Walking Dead had a shot at displacing XCOM, but it seemed to me like the guys (Patrick especially) really soured on it in the last two episodes (thankfully, because I don't like the game at all).

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I'm thinking Ryan & Jeff's #1 games will be XCOM and then Sleepy Dawgs for Vinny, Walking Dead for Patrick & Alex. Brad is a tough call and I predict he will ultimately determine overall GOTY. I'd like to see XCOM get the overall award though.

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walking dead should win. I expect Patrick to fill his bottom 5 list with a bunch of indie games and stuff that don't deserve to be there.

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I predict that Brad is going to bitch and drive all the controversy. I predict Ryan will secretly hold all the cards once more in deciding the final winner. I predict Vinny will have tastes drastically different from everyone else. I predict that Patrick will have the most weird ass games in his list. I predict that Alex will also make a list. Jeff will make many noises in lieu of speaking actual words.

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@DG991 said:

walking dead should win. I expect Patrick to fill his bottom 5 list with a bunch of indie games and stuff that don't deserve to be there.

Well if its his top 10 games maybe they should be.

I'm curious to see if Dishonored will make anyone's list. And also Borderlands 2.

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I think XCOM will be Ryan's GOTY as well as Jeff's with Forza Horizon being a close runner up in one of those guys' lists. I have a feeling Patrick will have Hotline Miami at the top of his list. Vinny will put Sleeping Dogs as his GOTY, Alex will probably have The Walking Dead as his GOTY, and I have a strange feeling Brad will have Journey as his GOTY. 
Overall game of the year, Sounds like its between XCOM, TWD and Far Cry 3. I will say XCOM barely beats out Far Cry 3.   
Kind of wish Dave did a Top 10 for himself like he did back in the earlier days of GB. 

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I think Brad and Patrick will get overly hyperbolic about Walking Dead. Ryan will be slightly less and Jeff will be even farther back. I think Vinnie will be along the same lines as Ryan.

FTL will be mostly ignored because Patrick still doesn't understand PC gaming.

Far Cry 3 will be loved by all and the story will be ignored (No big deal).

X-Com will be loved by all.

Patrick will make a case for ZombiU but will admit it doesn't deserve it and will let it be dropped.

Mass Effect 3 will be discussed but quickly dropped as everyone will agree it doesn't deserve it.

Darksiders 2 will be given mild love by Jeff but Patrick will complain about it.

COD: BLOPS2 will get talked about but largely ignored. There will be some hyperbole about Halo 4 but it won't go anywhere, hopefully.

RE6 will, and should be, largely ignored but will still be talked about.

Sleeping Dogs will get a respectful nod and mention but won't get the title.

I have a feeling Dishonored will get overlooked largely when it deserves a lot of attention for doing stuff well AND being a new IP. Not really sure how some people played the game so poorly as I thought the controls were pretty intuitive. Patrick also seemed to really enjoy it.

Assassins Creed 3 will get more attention than it deserves. Maybe it could win in a new category: most over hyped, buggy, glitchy game of 2013.

Torchlight 2 will get mentioned and Diablo 3 will get ignored by almost everyone I think. Definitely not runner up material.

etc , etc , etc ,....

I think that X-Com will be the game of the year with maybe Far Cry 3 being my second guess.

@Benny: I think Brad might push for Walking Dead, which when compared to its competition is crazy to me. This isn't like the Spike awards where its only competing against 3 or 4 other games. Not sure how it stands up against X-Com, Dishonored, Sleeping Dogs, or Far Cry 3...

@Box3ru13: Only disappointment they had was the story and they all agreed that can really be ignored. I'd be really disappointed if Walking Dead won just on the story alone as mechanically there is nothing new, graphically its just OK, and even then the story can drag on for a little bit. Honorable mention or runner up, sure, but I think there are far better game experiences out there.

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@Rihanna said:

I think they will choose Journey as game of the year.


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I also think that the Walking Dead will be on Vinny's top ten as well.

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Brad-journey patrick/alex-The walking dead Jeff-Far cry 3 ryan-xcom vinny- sleeping dogs

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I'm going to post it here again because nobody will point me towards anything. Why do people think Jeff hates The Walking Dead? Last I heard was two weeks ago when he said he hadn't started it yet. Are we just predicting a RDR/LA Noire "I didn't play it so fuck that game" situation, or is there actual evidence of him not liking the game?

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I don't really like many of the games that came out this year but I do expect Journey to be #1 or 2 on Brads or Patriks list. As for overall they seemed to all really take to XCOM and Diablo. On a different note I think Dishounored will be #6 or higher on Patriks top 10.