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Part 03 | Part 04 | Part 05

Aaaand, the Arcana Heart 3 session is up as well. Some matches are MIA because they couldn't render properly for whatever reason, but I'll see if I can get them in next time we do one of these. Like everyone else said, good matches that night and I'm hoping the quantity of players and games grows. Now I'm gonna nap and/or watch some CEO. My room is extremely warm after all that video rendering. :P

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@dolphin_butter: Wow... You put up all the matches! That's crazy and amazing. Good stuff, I know how much time and effort that can take. Maybe next time you can just pick some highlight matches, your HDD must be full! Much appreciated though, thanks for supporting this!

@buttenator Yeah, I would be down for some VF5FS one night. I know it was free on PS + at one point. I know nothing about it but that hasn't stopped me before.

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@dolphin_butter I'm impressed with the quality of these videos. Hopefully I won't miss the next Fight Night.

Nice work.

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Heads up everyone! Apparently there will be a sale for MK9 for $5 (PS+) on the 2nd of July. This might be a good time to grab it for some dumb fun.

Hopefully this is true since I got it from another thread.

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I'm still kinda kicking myself for not grabbing PS All Stars at $14 a few weeks ago on PS+. I thought about it a few days ago but the sale was done. I own MK9 and I think Scarlet DLC. Oh and those sic old school costumes from Best Buy. I will have to download all that crap again though, as that PS3 died awhile ago.

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Imma genius! After failing to fit the lil USB component into my machine, I tried my stick in one of the USB 3.0 slots I have and Voila! It works. Ughhhhhhhh... I need to be more thorough. At least it was only $7 wasted.

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I was thinking of getting a Fight Night together later... tonight. Maybe play some Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown and some MK9? Who would be interested in showing up for these? If not, what do you want to play?

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If you see me on PSN, just send me an invite to whichever game.

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I'd be down for VF5FS. I've always wanted to learn how to play Virtua Fighter.

Of course, if not everyone has VF, I'd be down to play other games. P4A, DSR, BB, Tekken, I'll join whichever game I have that people are playing.

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VF5FS sounds fun for the next session. Nice to mix it up with a 3D fighter. I'll only be on until 11PM-ish EST if you plan to do a session tonight. I can be on longer tomorrow night since Thursday's a holiday.

Great job with the replays dolphin!

Good games to Mike, Mace, dolphin, and the other person for that insane Arcana Heart 3 session Friday night! I had a lot of fun despite going 3-14. Hopefully I'll get better not only with AH3, but also using the fight stick I've been playing with in some sessions.

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I'd be up for whatever. Do have MK9, but I don't think you can play cross region online.

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Damn, VF was fun. It was great to be part of a full lobby of VF warriors-in-training. Good games, guys! :D

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Good games, took me a few to remember how the hell VF is played. I don't remember who it was that wanted to play Tatsunoko, but shoot me a message and we'll set something up.

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Good games, took me a few to remember how the hell VF is played. I don't remember who it was that wanted to play Tatsunoko, but shoot me a message and we'll set something up.

That would be me. Anytime would be fine with me, pick a day and I'll try to be on.

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Good games to all who I fought in VF5FS last night! I had fun though I only won one match, which happened to be my final match. Stinks that I couldn't stick around longer.

It's awesome that these casual fight nights has some legs going for it now. I'll see if I can keep up with the upcoming sessions.

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VF5 was pretty great! I kind of sucked at it but, I see why people really like this game. Really cool to see a full lobby of bombers.

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Virtua Fighter 5 was a ton more fun than I thought it would be, and I did a lot better than I had any right to have been. Not sure what was up with that.

I'm pretty excited for the inevitable BlazBlue sessions that are coming!

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Last night's VF5FS session was fun! It was nice to get a totally different game on and show some love to the 3D fighters. For anyone who is interested in learning about how Virtua Fighter is played at a higher competitive level check out these videos from UltrachenTV with long time VF enthusiast and player L.A Akira. I remember seeing them awhile ago but to be honest I have forgot a lot. I do remember them being interesting and entertaining.

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Part 2

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Part 2

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Haven't been able to play in any of these for a while, but wanted to come in here and update that I now also own MK9 (I'm terrible) and Skullgirls (I kinda get Filia, otherwise terrible) so I now have more games that I could play if you guys ever get them set up. Wish I had VF5 so I could have joined the other day, keep up the stream.

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Sorry about the youtube spam but one more thing. After playing some Guilty Gear after VF with @irrelevantjohn last night I remarked on how awesome the GG soundtrack is and mentioned the Guilty Gear XX #Reload Korean Version OST to him. Grooveshark here. I said I would link it so I thought I would do it here for anyone interested. If you like Metal, classic or symphonic Rock or just how Guilty Gear sounds, this is like GGXXAC+ on another level. Stand out tracks to me are Potemkin, Venom and Eddie's themes, but they are all pretty rad. I usually throw it on when i'm in the lab practicing. The guy who uploaded it also has the Guilty Gear 2 Overture OST which contains a few gems like this.

A good set of speakers or headphones are highly advised.

Daisuke Ishiwatari is a godlike composer and illustrator. I'm happy he's confirmed for XRD, cause it wouldn't be a Guilty Gear game without him.

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Part 02 | Part 03 | Part 04 | Part 05

Archives of most of last night's Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown session are up. As usual, match times are in the video descriptions. I couldn't grab all of them for various reasons, but there's more than enough here to whet anyone's appetite for VF5 replays. I had a lot of fun playing and watching despite knowing next to nothing about the game. However, Sarah's way better in DoA5. :D

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Yo, Dolphin. You a warrior. Nice work!

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Awesome dolph! Rewatched my killing sprees, felt perty good. I noticed a lack of slowmo ;P

Kidding, but seriously, nice work on the uploads.

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@buttenator said:

Good games, took me a few to remember how the hell VF is played. I don't remember who it was that wanted to play Tatsunoko, but shoot me a message and we'll set something up.

That would be me. Anytime would be fine with me, pick a day and I'll try to be on.

We can play sometime this weekend if you'd like. My friend code is 2751-2511-4642.

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We can play sometime this weekend if you'd like. My friend code is 2751-2511-4642.

Alright let's play on Sunday then! Around 3PM EST?

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@buttenator: Sorry I'm gonna have to be on at 4PM. Hope thats okay?

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Unfortunately I only really own MK9 (and soon Divekick because I need to play that asap). Gosh I haven't practiced my bnb's in ages and I'm probably back to square one on that stuff unless I practice. I'm not opposed to jumping back in but I want to know what the timetable is on an MK9 show to know when I should pop back in to brush up.

Oh and my PSN id should just be BaconGames. I just wanted to say that regardless I think this is great and I can't wait to participate myself now that I'm in my summer vacation.

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I'd love to get involved. I'm on 360 and have MK9, SSF4 Arcade Edition and Injustice. I also my get Tekken 6 or Tekken Tag 2 (haven't decided which yet) some time in the next few weeks.

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@buttenator: Alright, I'm on now. Let's use Mike's twitch room for chat.

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@bacongames: Actually, I was thinking about having MK9 as a back up for Virtua FIghter 5 last Tuesday. However people seemed to really dig VF so we played it the entire stream. This tuesday I will do MK9! So forget about BnB's, practice those Fatalities! xD

EDIT: Heads up for anyone who has MK9 and hasn't played it in a long time. If you are down to play this tuesday you may want to start the game and download all these DLC costume compatibility packs. Save time later when the last thing you want to do is look at a download bar.

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I was going to scrap tonight's GB Casual Fight Night stream in light of all that's happened, but I've decided that to continue through with it may be a better idea. I'm hoping people can come out and talk on stream chat about whatever they want. Ryan and how they remember him, or just whatever. It feels kind of strange, but I would like to dedicate this stream to Ryan and all the laughs he has given me over the years. I will also try to give give him a few nods during the stream. And maybe we can play some MK9 or whatever people want.

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I'll be around. Just send me an invite if you see me. :)

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We live. Come out and join the chat!

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Dammit missed another one.

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Nice tribute to Ryan on the stream last night Mike. Love that you showed the two MK TANGs while you, Buttenator, and Dolphin were playing MK9.

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Just got BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend! Going to play it for GB Casual Fight Night tomorrow, So come on out!

I'm ready to be blown up in an anime blaze of glory!

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Why my net had to act up last night out of all nights is beyond me, but good games to everyone! Especially good games to Mace, who stuck around and played a long session with me after everyone had to go. Also once John left my connection seemed to finally get to 100%! BB must not like too many Canadian ISPs in one room.

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Ah damn I completely missed this last night! I've been waiting for you guys to play BB for ages.

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@mikefightnight: Weird part is that my connection got better too after I left... Canadian ISPs are crooks.

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Yea, yesterday was a lot of fun. Played ALOT of BlazBlue. Much thanks to @irrelevantjohn for keeping me company on the mic while getting blown up by Megane overandoverandover... "INFERNO DIVIDER" haunted my dreams that night. Bummer that Mike didn't get to participate with the group that much due to shoddy net, but we played quite a bit afterwards.

Big thanks to Mike, Ace, Spark, John, and Megane for participating. We almost had a full lobby and a variety of characters to boot. I look forward to seeing Spark's Makoto improving. Megane doesn't need to improve any though.

I just read that BB:CP is going to have 64 player lobbies with text chat... 64!

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64 players? Daaang that's pretty nuts. It looks like we won't have any lobby space problems in the future. Get hype BB:CP!

It's unfortunate that Mike's internet connection got all wonky, but it sounds like everything worked out in the end. I do remember my last match with Mike feeling much more responsive than both the first and second matches.

Anyway, good games to all! I hope to play y'all in BB again, and I hope to play those who missed the animeeee yesterday as well. Maybe one day, Ragna the Jerkedge will fall.

I will be trying to spice up my old-school vanilla Ragna though! :P

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@esrever: That Ragna DP is sure something and yeah the 64 player lobbies thing sounds crazy.

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Managed to find these two screenshots from Famitsu (via Dustloop forums) on BB:CP. This shot looks like the 64 player lobby, while this one looks like the room once the players meet(?).

Good games to Megane, Mace, John, and Ace last night. Hopefully I can improve upon my Makoto play... but not sure if I can put forth the time and energy to get some good training done. [Also playing PxZ and recently purchased SMT IV doesn't help either.]

Anyways, looking forward to the next session!

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@infinitespark: Looks pretty nifty. And yea man, put some time into Makoto! I was messing around with her last night, and she has some neat tools. Lemme know if you ever wanna spar some. I'm down for the BB whenever.

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Yes, let me play too! This is exciting.


On PS3 I have Injustice, KOF13, MK, Super SF4, Third Strike, ST Remix, MK arcade collection, Marvel 2, and Tekken Tag 2

Of those I kind of play Injustice, ST remix, SF4, and MK Arcade collection.

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I was thinking of getting another BB session together later on today. Get some people together play some matches and if the connection seems good then stream it. All this just makes me salty that +R isn't out yet. I figure BB can tide me over until then... Unless BB:CP comes out before +R which would make me super sad.

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GGs to those I played in BB:CSE earlier. Was fun and I got to figure out my main through playing several matches.