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Has this happened? If not lets get on this! Is there even many GB users in Dublin? It would be nice to get together and have a game night. I have organized games tournaments in the Dublin area in the past and its tons of fun. Thoughts?

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I could be convinced to go to some kind of gaming yoke, no idea how many GB peeps there are about though. What kind of stuff have you organised in the past?

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just small tournaments for sf2 and tekken 3. i dunno if theres some dubliners in this community lets hook this up!

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I actually help organise a monthly tournament called Day of Champions, next month we're planning on doing something with Brawl Project M, Tekken the new Mario Kart if you guys would be interested in making it a GB thing.

I haven't made the events page yet, but it'll be in XGC on Liffey Street, and we usually get 20-30 people there. In the past we've done wildcard tournaments for Jackie Chan and Nidhogg and stuff so we could get Windjammers or something.

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I'm in Kildare, but I'm more than willing!

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I'm in Dublin! I'm not much use at fighting games (or generally as active on here as I used to be forums-wise) but I'd definitely be up for going to something like this and losing horribly.

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I hail from Dublin. While I'm not particularly interested in fighting game tournaments, I'd be down from some local multiplayer business and some drinks.

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Im in dublin and depending on the day would be able to join this.

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Story bud. Have ye got 50 cent fera hostil? Naao? No bother bud.

I too come from Dublin

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Combo breaker, I'm in Cork.

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Dubliner here. More of a bleeder than a fighter but I'll wouldn't mind a few pints with some folks.

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I'll be game jamming in DIT tomorrow at Dublin Gamecraft if anyone else here happens to be going?

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@Feckhead Cool, I went to one before and made a game about alcoholism and dinosaurs. It was terrible. I'm busy tomorrow sadly.

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@fobwashed: You now have three duders from Dublin, Ireland ;)

@supermulletman: Yeah I think that was the first Gamecraft. The one tomorrow is it's second birthday and is on for 22 hours. Should be fun!

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Would love to go to one of these, but I'm in Letterkenny and a 4-hour bus trip to staying overnight to play videogames doesn't exactly seem like a great use of money. If it was on a Saturday afternoon/evening, I could probably swing it, though.

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Dublin here too! I'd be up for something!

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Just happen across this thread now after seeing the plans for the London meet. Has a Dublin meetup ever been arranged? Cos I would deffo be up for it.

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Make sure to bring some of that Bucky

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I'm from Dublin! Deffo in on this!

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There still seems to be some interest in attempting this. Are people that have posted before still up for it? Maybe get it to coincide with the London meet?