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I've been coming to the site for awhile but never made an account till now. I felt like I needed to say this.
Since the news news of Ryan's passing I have been looking around the forums and I have to say I am genuinely shocked. I haven't seen one person being an asshole or actively trolling everyone who is sharing their feelings on him passing. As one who believes every community/one on the internet is a shitty asshole, It really makes me proud to say this community isn't. In fact I kinda want to give this place a shot now.

also I'm sure Ryan is proud too.

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Everything I have read on the internet (including twitter) has been incredibly positive. It's heartwarming.

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The community has been absolutely fantastic. It's sometimes hard to stay positive modding the site sometimes, but throughout this tragedy, everyone has really come together and blown me away with their compassion. It's terrible it had to happen this way, but I'm genuinely reinvigorated by the goodwill and warmth shown by everyone these last few days.