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I did a quick search around the forums for a thread like this and didn't find anything, so I apologize if someone's done this idea already.

I was thinking of putting together a survey for every GB year that basically asks you to select your favorite videos from the site. After a set period of time, the results would get posted here and the most voted on videos (10 or 20) from each year would be inducted in a video hall of fame thread.

Volunteers, yo!

Copying and pasting every single video title over GB's existence won't happen in a split second, so it would be really awesome if a few folks wanted to help out. We can split who will list each period depending on how many volunteers want to join.

Are you guys and gals interested in this? I think it would be a good reference point for new users and folks like me that like to re-watch videos every now and then.

Edit: As JJ has pointed out, a list of videos exists already thanks to Shimakaze. Putting together a survey would be pretty straightforward now, so the only question that remains is whether people would be interested in probably spending 10 minutes or something filling out each category for each year.

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Do cut and paste videos by users like the Best of Giant Bomb Quick Looks series count?

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@flstyle said:

Do cut and paste videos by users like the Best of Giant Bomb Quick Looks series count?

I was thinking of this hall of fame thing being specifically for Giant Bomb produced videos. You bring up an interesting point though, maybe we could also have a community video hall of fame (that would just require a little more effort on tracking down all those videos) since there has been a loooooooooooot of good stuff over the years like the animated Bombcasts or TurboMan's best of QL series.

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I think the way to handle this would be to take all the categories of videos and have people throw out noms for them. Discuss them get a nomination list and run votes. Then get the list down to one or two videos in each category and then have an overall vote from there. Otherwise if this happens its going to be complete chaos without structure as there are hundreds of Giantbomb videos now.

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@jjweatherman: Wow that's awesome, thanks! This makes putting together a survey a breeze. Now the only question is whether people want to spend probably something like 10-15 minutes on each year going through the list and picking what they want.

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Is what JJ posted what you're after? I thought this could be a "best GB videos" with a bunch selected by the community. I remember there being a GB video of the year contest, but that was just to that year. Sometimes when I'm bored I like to view old GB videos that are funny but usually just end up watching Turboman's highlights.

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Let's watch a pro.