#1 Posted by PugSuperStar (20 posts) -

Does anyone else find it strange that the "official" GB reviews use 1 thru 5 as the rating with no half marks but when a user writes a review, you are allowed to use half marks?

#2 Posted by De5 (123 posts) -

Maybe they haven't reviewed anything that required that half mark yet :p

#3 Posted by MasterSplinter (656 posts) -

I think they realize that some people already have a problem with 1-5 star scale. The half marks are probably there to appease the nit-picky.

#4 Posted by FengShuiGod (1517 posts) -

Most likely they have the ability to use half-stars, they just haven't felt it necessary to use them yet.

#5 Posted by Atlas (2571 posts) -

I think the guys decided a five-star system was better for them, but a 5 with halves is better for users. With official reviews you're basically giving consumer advice, rather than a complex subjective opinion, which is essentially what a user review is.

#6 Posted by RVonE (4819 posts) -

Yeah, there was another thread about this earlier. Most of us think it's kind of weird.

#7 Posted by I_smell (4212 posts) -

Just don't use half stars.