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Now that Brad is busy with Broken Age i would love to see GB hire him/have him on the Bombcast regularly. He was awesome on it this week. I dunno if thats a thing that either side would want! but i would love it

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Lol, GB should hire the entire game industry it seems! Brad Muir is developer who's a "friend of the site", and that's all it should be and will be.

And I don't think he's working on Broken Age, at least not in a big way. He's a lead on his own project at Double Fine.

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I wonder how many people won't get this and will completely flip out. I bet it's a lot.

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GB should hire Shuhei Yoshida, he's not doing anything of note.

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Giant Bomb should hire everybody!!!! And the Giant Bomb community should definitely stop posting these copycat threads!!!