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Ok guys I've sent the codes to the two winners.

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I'll take one if you randomly pick me.

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Sure, I'm game. Good luck to any other duders that go for it!

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Take ur code and shove it.

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Why not? I like money.

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Mannn I could have used that when I bought the VinnCo shirt last week, but hey maybe I can use it for my next Giantbombdotcom purchase if I'm the randomly chosen duder. Thanks man (or lady) <>

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I'd love one for funny car Jeff.

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I really want that zip up hoodie that Rorie teased on twitter.

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I'm good, thanks.

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Sure. Would be awesome. =]

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Free stuff is always welcome.

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Yeahhhh budday

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Worth a shot. Thanks brother.

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That's very generous of you! Already in the consumer holiday spirit?

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I am a man who likes a discount.

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I'll give this a shot.

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Sure, I can always use more GB clothes.

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Drop this random sh*t. Do some profiling.

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Ok guys I'm gonna pick the two winners now and they should get a pm on the site in about five minutes with their codes. Good luck.

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I'll toss my name in the hat as well. After the stitching came loose on my Lincoln Force shirt (the only GB shirt I own), I've been wanting to get some new GB threads.

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Tossing my name in said chapeau.

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well gee mister i sure would like to show my interest too

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Sure, never really have the extra money to get merch so this could be helpful.

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Ugh hell yeah I'm interested