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The Intro

So, with the recent release of Spotify in the US, I figure it's time for us to collaborate and sort out the officially unofficial "GB Summer Jamz 2011" playlist. I've seeded the playlist with a number of tracks, but this is a community thing, so feel free to call me out on my poor uninformed choices. Once things start to shake out, I'll create a table of the tracks to maintain as the official record of GB's summer track choices for 2011. I think I'll also throw together a Youtube playlist or something so that people not on Spotify can listen to whatever we come up with as well.

So, throw on some shorts, light up the grill, pour the drinks, and follow the link below. It's time for beaches and blown ear drums!

UPDATE: Deadline for recommendations is 7/19 at Midnight (US Eastern). I'll select 25 tracks from all those recommended to be the "official" 2011 GB Summer Jamz Playlist.

The Link

Official Spotify Playlist (in development): GB Summer Jamz - 2011 Edition

Alternate Sources (in development): Youtube Grooveshark

The Playlist

(As of July 18 - 8:45 PM GMT -5)

1Gucci GucciKreayshawn
2PowerKanye West
3Drunk GirlsLCD Soundsystem
4Make Some NoiseBeastie Boys
5Do You SeeWarren G
6Jack SparrowThe Lonely Island (w/ Michael Bolton)
7Scary Monsters and Nice SpritesSkrillex
8My CoolAdam Tensta
9KidsSleigh Bells
10Silikon (Siriusmo Remix)Modeselektor
11Time MachineBig K.R.I.T. (w/ Chamillionaire)
12Baby I'm YoursBreakbot
13Opposite of AdultsChiddy Bang
14Down for WhateverIce Cube
15Across The MapDJ Quik (w/ Bizzy Bone, Bun B)
18FlashbackCalvin Harris
19The InvitationSaigon (w/ Fatman Scoop, Q-Tip)
20Booty CityBlack Joe Lewis & The Honeybears
21TurboNew Kids
22Jam It in the HoleElectric Six
23SummertimeDJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
24Apollo ThrowdownThe Go! Team
25Electric Feel (Justice Remix)MGMT
26HelloMartin Solveig (w/ Dragonette)
27Mikey RocksThe Cool Kids
28Bossy (Alan Braxe & Fred Falke Remix)Kelis (w/ Too $hort)
29MagicB.o.B. (w/ Rivers Cuomo)
30Young FolksPeter Bjorn And John
31Pumped Up KicksFoster The People
32Buddy HollyWeezer
33BeerReel Big Fish
34Hey Mr. DJZhane
35Short Skirt/Long JacketCake
36Out Of My HeadLupe Fiasco
37Funk #49The James Gang
38ShutterbugBig Boi
39What Do You Want Me To Say?Dismemberment Plan

(I've also got a few Spotify invites that I can give out. PM me if you want to get in on this action.)

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Besides video game music? Might as well make the same damn joke I've made before:

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@Video_Game_King: Once I make the Youtube playlist, I'll add that as a bonus track.

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  For the longest time, anytime I heard anyone do the cha-cha sound I would have the song stuck in my head. Recently I made this not happen. GUESS WHAT'S MY OFFICIAL SUMMER JAM?
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I hate living in Australia when it comes to this kind of thing. Booo.

But I do see that you've got one of my Jams from Summers Past in Siriusmo's slick-as-fuck remix of Silikon, so thass okay.

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I liked the idea of "Makes Some Noise" by The Beastie Boys being someone' jam.
I take what I said in the earlier post back,  it's kind of a split decision between Mungo Jerry/Beastie Boys and this chick's cover of a Ke$ha song (WHICH IS REALLY GOOD BTW CONSIDER I NEVER HEARD THE ORIGINAL.)

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Also, this is another Jam of Summer Past for me...

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@Skullo: That is a pretty bad ass cover, but I must confess that I haven't heard the original either.

I also made a second pass through some of the other "summer jam" threads and added a few more choice tracks from them. I'll update the table in the morning.

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I don't know what exactly constitutes a 'summer jam' since music shouldn't be restricted to seasons but...

...this seems pretty summer jamy

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I'll just be super cliche and post a song with the word "Summer" in the title. It actually is my summer jam though.

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@VelvetLore04: That's definitely summer jam material to me. I think I'll add the single "Hello" to the list instead of that track though just because the full album isn't out in the states yet.

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This year, my summer jam is undoubtedly Kanye West's Jesus Walks.

Not to mention it's probably one of my favorite hip-hop songs ever, it's also just perfect for days that are way, way too hot.

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@Chaser324 said:

@VelvetLore04: That's definitely summer jam material to me. I think I'll add the single "Hello" to the list instead of that track though just because the full album isn't out in the states yet.

Works for me.

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@Little_Socrates: I'm down with it, but I'm just thinking that maybe...NO ONE PLAYLIST SHOULD HAVE ALL THAT KANYE.

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@Chaser324 said:

@Little_Socrates: I'm down with it, but I'm just thinking that maybe...NO ONE PLAYLIST SHOULD HAVE ALL THAT KANYE.

I totally, totally get that, but Power (and the album it's on) were kind of my main jam for five or six months of the year before summer, so I had to express my personal summerjam. As an alternative, I'm really, really digging Magic by B.o.B.

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  Doesn't get more summer jam than this :DDDDD 
EDIT: brad said this was his summer jam... so it def deserves a spot up thereeee
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Okey, so when it comes to summer then two song come my mind. One is something I been listening a lot these pas few days: 

The second is a song that just has this light and sunny feeling to it. At least that is how I feel it: 
  Hope both of them will do.
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@Little_Socrates: I kinda like some of B.o.B.'s other tracks better, but I'll go ahead and throw it in the mix.

@Woodtsunami: If there were a "summer jam" hall of fame, The Fresh Prince and Warren G both would be in there.

@dantey: I added both. I'm not sure if that Foster The People track really fits in all that well, but I've seen a lot of people mention it in these threads.

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@Chaser324 said:

@dantey: I added both. I'm not sure if that Foster The People track really fits in all that well, but I've seen a lot of people mention it in these threads.

I guess it is a matter of taste. I just love how it sounds. Especially the intro.
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All of the first Weezer album is summer jam material, but let's just go with Buddy Holly.

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@Metal_Gear_Sunny: Excellent choice, sir!

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I feel like Ska is a summertime genre, so I'd like to propose a couple songs. Maybe "Beer" or "Snoop Dog, Baby" by Reel Big Fish. Also "Lip up, Fatty" by Bad Manners seems to fit the vibe.

Also, totally subscribed.

#23 Posted by Chaser324 (6863 posts) -

@Foil1212: Ska definitely qualifies in my opinion.

Side note: the more I listen to that B.o.B. song, the more I want to just swap it with Jesus Walks. There's no such thing as too much Kanye, is there?

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Updated. Created Grooveshark playlist.

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I think this counts as a summerjam. definitely something you can groove to

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  Great summer track that I'm sure 99% of you have never heard

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Another couple essential summer jams  

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Awwwwwww shiiiiit!

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...dude, how many am I allowed to recommend because I probably wont stop til you tell me too...
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Superman by Goldfinger

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This has been one of my favorite summer jams ever since it was released in 1998. It gives me such a warm fuzzy feeling.

But really, listen to this whole album. It is the ultimate summer album, especially nice while cruising along a beach road. Listening to this album while driving along A1A in South Florida with my father is one of my fondest memories.

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Cake is awesome
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I dunno. Dude shreds.

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No, I am not being a smart arse.

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Here's a personal favorite summer jam.

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Why is Spotify not available in Denmark, when both Norway and Sweden has it?

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Well looks like I'm going to have some work to do when I get home. I'm probably going to have to start making some executive decisions on what goes in. I don't think it's reasonable to include everything.

We gotta save something for 2012!

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@Meltac: Yeah, what's up Denmark. It works in Finland, too.

This playlist...IT'S MAH SUMMER JAM! Subscribing.

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This is my jam   

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@Red12b said:
Cake is awesome
Short Skirt/Long Jacket is a great summer jam.
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Alright, playlist updated...and terrible photoshop added.

Thanks for the great recommendations so far. I'll continue to gather ideas for the next day or so, but I don't really want this set of songs to be more than about a Bombcast (the official unit for measuring a time interval on GiantBomb.com). At some point, I'm going to have to start editing this thing down to just the most jammin' of the jammin' tunes.

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I can dig it.

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