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So since some time around December or January, all video content on this site has been seriously throttled for me. It's taking ages to get content streamed or downloaded. I'm waiting on a 16hour download for an old TNT now. This is driving me out of my mind.
I vaguely recall finding something about the problem when it started happening. Something about your content going through China, and the Chinese being up in arms about it coming from a google-dns or something. That's a lingo I only barely grasp, so please tell me how to fix it if it's a known issue.
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@Dberg: A) We have a whole forum for Bug Reporting, that's where this sort of thing belongs, and B) We also have an entire thread on the Bug Reporting forum for this issue.

From what I remember, Top Men have said that it should be fixed with the redesigned site launched.

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Okay, thanks. So it's nothing I can do on my side in the meantime then?

I skimmed through the subforums, but there were like a million threads in the bug one with just a couple posts in each. Sorry if I missed the relevant one. Actually, I appeat to have looked at the delete and combine one. Must've misclicked. It's all very confusing here outside of my Internet comfort zone.

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I've been watching GB videos through youtube as a solution and I've had no issues.

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True, youtube has been an acceptable backup for me as well, but it doesn't cover the premium clips.