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Courtesy of one Ana Hurka-Robles' Twitter feed: 

GDC Bird, aka GDC Pigeon, aka GDC Boss, made sure that people were guided to their proper booths in time for important appointments.  All the while, he held a great demeanor and will probably be the Best In Show winner on all of the Best In Show lists this year.  Like the magnificent Brodyquest himself, GDC Bird is a star.
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He's just trying to find the booth where Rich Gallup is at for 38 Studios, looking for a job.

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Nice stuff haha

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It's like Babe in the Big City.. only it's a pigeon.

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There are unconfirmed rumors that GDC Bird is currently in talks with Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures for the rights to a dramatic adaptation of his adventures in GDC.  Apparently, though, GDC Bird will only allow Brad Bird to direct, and Joaquin Phoenix is in talks to portray the eponymous hero.

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Nice to see the avian community finally taking game development seriously.

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GDC Bird is a bad ass mother fucker.

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THIS JUST IN:  a candid video of GDC Bird testing out some of the new smartphone games coming out has found its way on YouTube.  Apparently, he was not very impressed. 

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@Bucketdeth said:
" GDC Bird is a bad ass mother fucker. "
The title needs to be changed to The BAMF Bird was at GDC!
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I feel like this is the type of video that you can't enjoy if you've been to New York or any other big city. Pigeons are natural badasses; you can walk up to them whenever, not like those pussy birds that run like pussies when you get within a mile of them.

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Damn, just look at that confident swagger!

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that bird has some mad hops

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Damn, just look at that chill stride.

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Fucking rat with wings... 
Well. it's probably hurting for food. I'd feed it, then tell it the toilet was my competitors booth....
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@bybeach said:

" Fucking rat with wings...  Well. it's probably hurting for food. I'd feed it, then tell it the toilet was my competitors booth.... "

GDC Bird couldn't have been hurting for food.  Just look at that pimp-ass lean. 
As a matter of fact, his takeoff at the end was to make sure he got to his meeting with Carbon Neutral Games at the end for a hands-on preview of L.I.N.C.O.L.N. Force. 
GDC Bird is a businessman of the highest caliber.
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I was so embarrassed... I thought he was one of the angry birds.  When I tried to shake his hand (and maybe pass him my business card), he just flew away....

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Y'all gotta stay away from that thing. He's dangerous. He's a killer. And he'll steal your ladies from right under ya

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GDC bird once got in a fight with Chuck Norris and lived.

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Damn I hate pigeons. They shit on my windows. Nobody shits on my windows and lives.

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Yo bird you got my stuff?  MOTHAFUCKA WE GON GIT YOU

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Obviously a Dude Huge fan, looking to get an autograph.

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So much swagger.  SOOOOOOO much swagger.

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It's the goddamn music that makes it.  That goddamn music.

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Pigeons are way better than Seagulls... I hate seagulls, they're too damn smart, they know something.