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Just wanted to post an update. We are actively lining people up for tomorrow, hoping for a 6PM PDT start time. We tried, but couldn't make tonight happen, too many people wanted to come after the awards and the start time was just getting later and later and later. So we're going to try to get folks in here on Thursday. Friday may or may not happen depending on how many people come through on Thursday. Some people like to fly out on Friday so I'm not sure who's still around.

So Friday may end up being a special edition of Unprofessional Fridays with some special guests and stuff. Hard to say, this stuff is always so fluid since we aren't booking brief "interviews" or anything like that.


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Kay. Well, its a podcast then, and not TNT? Kay. Cool. Hmm.

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1AM for UKers, I'll be there.

EDIT: PS. Divekick please.

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Yay for extra cast.

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Awesome! Thanks Jeff and crew!

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This is great news. Also it seems to me that a real life Divekick competition fits the description of Unprofessional.

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Aren't there usually more posts by now when a staff member chooses to grace us with their presence?

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Where's my Army of Two QUICKLOOK!?

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Sounds solid.

Also, The Lang Zone and Divekick are a must have.

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Unprofessional Fridays: Divekick scrub league.

Make it happen.

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Divekick TNT confirmed.

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You've got some nerve showing your face in this neck of the woods Gerstmann.

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I'm kind of looking forward to the possibility of something sort of maybe happening tonight-ish or tomorrow night.


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Can't wait for this show. Jeff and other developers (especially certain gentleman from Harmonix!) are a blast to listen to since they're always such casual and laid back interviews.

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I hope they just do a podcast tomorrow and now have it be unprofessional fridays. I'd rather have them just talk shop/nonsense and not need to play games.

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GDC podcast stuff like, whoa son!


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