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I know Jeff said the Gears review should be up Monday, I think anyway. I'm wondering if by Monday he means, tonight at midnight? or tomorrow at some point. Plus I figure this will be a good thread to get the discussion started on the first Gears reviews...

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Monday? Seems a little early, but I guess it's better knowing the score ahead of time.

I predict 5 stars, even though it probably deserves 4.

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Monday isn't early, it comes out Friday. Anyoen that is maybe not sure about the game or just wants to see how it ends up doing never wants a review on the day or barely a day before(or later) that it comes out. The earlier the better.

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well ign posted a story saying their review goes up 6am monday so jeffs will probably be pretty close to that time as well

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Yeah I just saw David E.'s (GameVideos/1up) twitter update, apparently he's cutting their video review still for tomorrow, so I'm guessing all major outlets are dropping around 9 am EST. 

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Too bad I'll be in surgery when the review comes out... I'll have to read it tomorrow night I guess...