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My girlfriend wants to start playing games to understand and be more involved in my hobby. She has little experience in gaming, nothing much more than Bejewled. She is an avid reader so I think something with a great story would really pull her in. She isn't interested in any really violent games. She would enjoy nice puzzles. She would probably be playing on her mac which has 4gb Ram and 256mb video memory. I'm looking for ideas on good games to start her out on. All input is welcome. Thanks.

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You guys could play Portal 2 co-op

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Fragile Dreams.

@Wattsiey said:

She would probably be playing on her mac which has 4gb Ram and 256mb video memory.

Buy the game, then get Dolphin to play it. See, ? I read the OP this time before blindly recommending a Wii game to somebody who can't play it :P.

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@Video_Game_King said:

Fragile Dreams.

@Wattsiey said:

She would probably be playing on her mac which has 4gb Ram and 256mb video memory.

Buy the game, then get Dolphin to play it. See, ? I read the OP this time before blindly recommending a Wii game to somebody who can't play it :P.

This is the part where I sigh deeply and tell you that Dolphin won't work on that, despite already knowing both that you know that and that you're making a bad joke.

On topic - uuhhhhh... There's not much you can do with that Mac, see if she'll play Portal or Portal 2 on an Xbox or PC or PS3. Better yet, see if she'll play Terraria. Yeah, Terraria sounds like a great place to start - if it's a game that you can play on a Mac, make sure of that first.

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Play The Walking Dead with her so she can get depressed by the story with you cooperatively!

Also seconded on Terraria. Or Minecraft if you're feeling a bit more 3D.

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The Fable games are a good start.

Focus on games that give a sense of control over the world within the game, and less on conflicts the player must overcome. I think there's some element of biological wiring that makes games that focus on world-building and control over yourself do better with women, games that focus on immediate struggle and threat do better with men. That might just be a remnant of how we developed as a species. Of course, she might be different.

Look at something like Maxis games (SimCity, the Sims, Spore), farm/city/whatever building games, games without failure punishments, games that focus most on just acting in the world, rather than have the world act upon you. Adventure games, or visual novels would also be good.

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Buy her a DS. You can probably get her a DS Lite for around $100 by now, then buy the Professor Layton games and Picross DS.

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Pixel Junk Monsters is a great game to start out.

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My gf recently started playing games with me, she hates FPS though. We've really been enjoying these:

Dungeon Defender - In the Humble Bundle right now, really fun coop game and probably her favourite. It's also just a really great game.

Super Meat Boy - We take turns as there is no real coop, we've played N+ together though, the levels are basically puzzles.

Being on Mac limits your options a lot. Look through some of the casual and indie stuff on steam.

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Oh yeah, Minecraft of course. How'd I forget that?

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I don't really follow whats on mac, so if I recommend a game that it can't play feel free to ignore it. If you can find a way for her to play the two Portal games, go for that. It's a great starting point. I remember a bunch of girls I knew who I wouldn't consider to be gamers loving portal when it first released. Also Minecraft and Terraria.

It might help to know if she has any preferences in fiction. Does she like fantasy, sci-fi, etc?

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Sounds like she'd be into adventure games. Get a Telltale pack (perhaps Puzzle Agent, since that's more puzzley) or maybe something from Wadjet Eye or Pendulo Studios. Check out some of the recent QLs of adventure games - like Edna and Harvey, The Book of Unwritten Tales or The Walking Dead - and see which best gels with what kind of fiction she's into.

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@Wattsiey: Why don't you just ask her what she'd like to play? Take her to a game shop and let her choose. Or let her watch some GB reviews of games you think she might like.

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show her the game of sex, tell her to grab onto the joystick and move it around until she reaches the high score ;)

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I haven't played it; but Thomas Was Alone sounds exactly like it would probably fit the bill...

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Would a history lesson be too much? I mean, if she hasn't really much gaming experience, then I see no problem say giving her some classics (what I would consider required readings) for video games. See how she handles Super Mario World and go on from there. I think has it right, adventure games is a great genre for falling in love with characters. First I would suggest Monkey Island 1 and 2 Special Editions, and then trying out some other Telltale stuff.

While I think all this stuff is a great way to get into gaming, I think it's important to have a conversation and revisit what it is about "really violent" games that she doesn't like very much. While I respect someone maybe taking a moral stand, realistically it's an arbitrary self-limitation that unfortunately takes a lot of great games over the years out of consideration. If her intent is to understand in addition to getting into games herself, then I think reevaluating her trepidation with violence, and why that may be (i.e. socialization, gender stereotypes, violent games require more skill/execution) is good. If she still comes down against it, great! But our medium, as much as we can't help but be reminded, is kinda steeped in violent player agency and a lot of great games have been delivered through that tried and true mechanism.

I think one of the most important lessons one can learn about games in general is to be able to appreciate them and enjoy them looking past the superficial elements. It's why stabbing a dude in the neck a couple times is awesome and not just some grisly act of violence. It's that but it's not, if that makes sense. Anyway, this suggestion is probably beyond most people's intent and even patience but I'll put this out here anyway. Still though, I recommend what I said in the first paragraph.

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@TooWalrus: Nothing is off-limits to that handsome devil, Brad Shoemaker.

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League of Legends. I hear the community is very welcoming of new players, especially girls. O____O

In all seriousness, though, I would suggest one of the Katamari games. If she's never played before, it's a good way to break her into the idea of 3D worlds, movement, objectives, and maintaining interest.

If she can't stick it out til the end of a Katamari game, it wasn't meant to be.

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Portal seems like the way to go. Good story, good puzzles and runs on a Mac.

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@HazeMisoSoup: We've been talking about it and with her little experience she's not sure what she would like. I've just posted on some criteria that she said and that I already know about her.

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Thomas Was Alone is a great lil puzzle game, i'm sure she'd enjoy it. Half price on steam aswell so it's cheap.

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VivaPinata. Not only is a bright, colorful game with addictive game play, but it's a great personality test, because anyone who doesn't like Viva Pinata is a monster. Better that you find out now.

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I would suggest Minecraft or check out some of the casual games on Steam. Also maybe consider buying her a DS or 3DS which has a bunch of good games for beginners.

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Fable (1-3)
Don't Starve

Fable is that adventure game your gf is looking for. It's involves magic, orges, and so on that makes up a fantasy game.

Minecraft is a open sand box that let's you build anything. It's a great game to play together.

Don't Starve is similar but deals with surviving rather than building.

I don't know if these games are available or playable (smoothly) on your girlfriends Mac. (Other than Minecraft)

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@SexyToad said:


And so it begins....

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Duke Nukem Forever

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Journey. A game everyone can get behind.

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I was going to recommend Terraria but then I noticed it isn't available on Mac OS. The next obvious thing would be Minecraft, just be aware that new users to the first person perspective often have a rough time starting out. However I seem to have some memory of seeing it played from a third person persective, I'm not certain of that though.

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Screw the training wheels.


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You should look into making time for the old in and out game.

I've also read stories of BFs teaching their GFs to resuscitate them in Battlefield games. This simple cooperation can lead to great success. Coop games in general could be suited.

Any given MMO apparently has around 25% female players. Many of them hardcore, due to being bored homemakers. Buyers beware, bored females socializing online can lead to promiscuity.

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@CaptainTightPants: Fuck yes, I like your style.

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Minecraft on the xbox, bitches love Minecraft.

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Digital: A Love Story

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Portal. It's easy to understand, challenging enough to be interesting and it's fucking hilarious. It's the games I used with my girlfriend. The co-op in 2 is great, as well.

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The theme here seems to be to avoid complex systems and anything that relies on you knowing the ropes a bit already (shooters, for example).

Personally I find that the best games for people who don't play games are ones with very little or no penalty for failure. If it's possible to fail, you shouldn't feel bad when you do. Nothing turns people away from an experience faster than feeling like they're fucking it up.

Puzzle games, simple hack and slash co-op games, etc. I'd also like to second portal since that introduces them to a control scheme that opens up a lot more involved titles.

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Well, I would probably suggest some adventure games, as there are some pretty good ones available on mac.

The Critter Chronicles, The Book of Unwritten Tales and The Walking Dead to name some.

Otherwise, both Portal and Trine 2 is great. And if she likes Bejeweled she will probably like Triple Town. "What do you get when you mix two parts Bejeweled with one part Civilization?" Runner up, indie game of 2011! - Edge Magazine

But gaming on mac is pretty sparse. There are some things on the Mac App Store and Steam. But sooner or later she would have go on and install Windows or get a console. Sounds like she could appreciate the Professor Layoton games.

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Super Mario Bros. it's simple go right, jump and run.

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As a lot of people have said here - Portal. It's a complicated puzzle game taking place in a massive three-dimensional space with plenty of opportunities to fail and die and have to repeat large sections of the game. It's a great first choice!!!!! Give her Dark Souls too!!!!!

...these types threads are always so great! What's the perfect introductory book/movie/comic/album? It's subjective.

Animal Crossing on DS - it explains it's self, there's no twitch controls, it's actually fun, it has personality and girls like it. That's my serious suggestion.

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@Brodehouse said:

The Fable games are a good start.


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journey and braid

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I have a list (on my profile page) I made of every game I own, and all the PC games on there are Mac-compatible.

I'd go with Torchlight if she likes fantasy. There are blood splatters when the enemies die, but it's a relatively simple game, and the music and colors are really relaxing. It's also really customizable, which, back when I first started to play games, really drew me in. Then use Bastion next, if she likes Torchlight.

If we're going with handheld games, I'd go with Kirby or Pokemon, which are probably going to be the first games I let my kids play, if I have any.