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Hey guys, I wanted to bring attention to this kickstarter which has been struggling in the wake of E3 (bad timing if you ask me). It has a lot of promise and I'm sure there are many folk around here who will be interested.

Some of the features:

- Coop/VS gameplay (not class based, but loadout based)

- Loadouts show on your character and affect movement

- Weapons have collision with the environment (finally a reason not to take an LMG for room clearing)

- Realistic wounding and reaction to getting hit depending on movement

- Mod tools

- Dedicated servers released with the game

It will be released on Steam next year if it gets funded, and I'm pretty excited about it. The guy isn't the slickest PR guy on the planet but he's really passionate about making a proper tactical shooter and updating the original Ghost Recon/Rainbow 6 format. Many of us who are into this kind of thing have ARMA 2 (or 3 soon), but ARMA has never been all that great at conveying close combat, so I would see this as my go to game for smaller scale tactical combat.

KS page - http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/670743543/ground-branch

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Looks interesting, I'm going to try learning a bit more if I can. This may be the first kickstarter project I've ever actually considered giving money to, as it's right up my alley. We'll see.

EDIT: Also, I loved the original Ghost Recon and the old Rainbow Six games

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I remember following Blackfoot Studios a year or two ago when they had first announced Ground Branch (and the short lived Skydogs). I thought the project was scrapped, so I'm really glad to see that it's still alive. Kickstarter is a great idea.

The footage itself looks pretty good for such early stuff.

EDIT: I hope they can make the game feel better than other realistic shooters like Arma. As much as I want to like them, the act of playing them just feels awful to me.

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@Giantstalker: It's the first project I've backed; I'm still playing the original GR with the excellent Heroes Unleashed mod (which was just updated last week!) and it's a fantastic coop experience, I would really love to see the format updated.

@HarlequinRiot: The footage is pretty great for pre-alpha stuff, and considering Takedown (the Serellan kickstarter) still has nothing to show for itself I'd say this is more of a sure bet. Also I love ARMA, but I agree the UI has always been clunky, I hope they manage to make it more intuitive for ARMA 3.

Please tell anyone you know who might be interested, it would be a real shame for such a promising game to disappear! Personally I think they have not done a great job at promoting themselves so far so I'm trying to raise awareness as much as possible.

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I have to say I'm interested. I'm bored to death with the current streak of gameplay mechanics in video games ("dumbed down," which also apparently means more people want to play it for some reason?) and I've been playing a ton of older titles as a result. However, this is a multiplayer only game, and I'm more interested in a true Rainbow Six single player scenario with squad tactics sort of game. I'm not okay with the footnote mention that they want to add one after release. $700,000 is a lot to ask (I say that with a "har har" in my mind, knowing how explosive video game budgets have become), but since that would be my draw to it, I'd probably bite if it reaches that goal.

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@AndrewB: The dev mentions:

" There will be plenty of ways to play GB alone when it is released. We will have a "terrorist hunt" mode as well as plenty of training exercises that are unique and fun. Way more than just a shooting range and obstacle course.

We are re-working the main page and video to better reflect this."

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@megatronicles: Yeah, but it still sounds like the meat of what I'm looking for is reserved for a higher budget, which is something I'm not willing to pay for until I know it's going to be a reality. I'll definitely keep an eye on it though. With good Kickstarter projects reaching the million dollar mark, it's a possibility, and this looks like it could be one of the better ones.

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@AndrewB: Yeah fair enough, I'm primarily excited for the coop aspect of this, and with mod support there is the potential of lots of interesting new ways of playing it.

Seems strange that this has garnered fairly little interest compared to the Serellan kickstarter though. At least it has a fair bit of time left.

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So what makes this different to the other kickstartered Tactical CQ Shooter?

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@AlexW00d: The other seems to be strictly focused on room clearing, so that one is more of a direct successor to swat 4/rainbow six. This one is more of a successor of Ghost Recon (the original), so it also includes more open areas/combat. I'm not up to date on all the features of the other one, but Ground Branch at least has pre-alpha footage for you to judge.

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@AlexW00d said:

So what makes this different to the other kickstartered Tactical CQ Shooter?

Who the fuck cares, the more tactical shooters the better.

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@megatronicles said:

Seems strange that this has garnered fairly little interest compared to the Serellan kickstarter though. At least it has a fair bit of time left.

The Takedown kickstarter didn't get a lot of interest as well. It barely managed to reach its funding goal within the last few hours on the last day!

I like that former devs who worked on these old games are trying to get new games like that off the ground without having to market them to "everybody". I threw in my $15!

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Oh, so they're remaking America's Army? Interesting.

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Pre-alpha footage looks a lot like Rainbow Six 3 (PC version) with iron sights.

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Stop. Just..stop...you had me at Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear...you had me at Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear...

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If this delivers, it will be the game I play for the next 5 years!

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SMod Tactical by actual people. Cool.