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(Note: I’m not trying to rally anyone behind some ghost rider video game cause, I just had some ideas and felt bored so I thought I’d take to my keyboard and see what happened.)

I have never seen Ghost Rider. Nor have I read the comics. But today I watched Ghost Rider 2: Spirit of Vengeance. I walked away thinking, “That wasn’t so bad, but man would it make a cool video game.” Now apparently there were some Ghost Rider video games on the PS2 and Gameboy Advance, but since I thought of this before I knew that, I’m going to pretend they don’t exist. Rather, I’m going to tell you that there should be a new Ghost Rider game; and here’s what it should look like:

The Ghost Rider fights by swinging around long metal chains, which immediately reminds me of Kratos from God of War. So I guess this game would be in that vein. Not everything that borrows from that series needs to be a clone though, shamelessly plugging in its character design to that series’ mechanics. Instead, it could be a starting place. The Ghost Rider game I propose is a third person action game where you rack up combos by slaying dudes with your giant metal chains. Sounds boring? Well hold on, there’s more.

The other neat thing about the Ghost Rider is that when he gets into a vehicle, it transforms into some flaming, stylized version of what it once was. In the movie, whatever the Ghost Rider’s riding doesn’t drastically change. The bike kind of just bursts into flames and…well that’s it. Same with the crane (THAT’S RIGHT.DUDE KILLS DUDES WITH A GIANT CRANE!). But there’s no reason to keep things so tame in a video game. Why not have every vehicle you get into reconfigure itself, Transformer’s style, into a crazy, unique vehicle-o-death? Why not have dozens of vehicles? “Because I hate fun,” is the only acceptable answer.

If you hate fun then you’ll almost certainly also hate this next suggestion, which really distinguishes in my mind a potential Ghost Rider game from any other kind of God of War clone. Here it is: Day and Night cycles, with time limits on each. Look, just, hear me out, alright? So in the movie Nicolas Cage cannot control when he transforms from a normal dude into the Ghost Rider, but it only happens at night and he seems to be able to know it’s going to happen a few hours beforehand. Taking that into consideration, I propose that during the day there is no combat. Instead you run around talking to dudes, finding things, and driving places. Maybe during the day it’s more like an adventure game, or a plat-former. Regardless, what you do during the day determines what you can do at night. Maybe you make inaccessible areas accessible. Maybe that means you can find some rad upgrades. Maybe you get a whole bunch of cool shit you otherwise wouldn’t have had. Maybe it even makes you choose between that shit. One guy wants you to do something and in return he’ll leave a rocket launcher somewhere, but another dude is offering a new car; and you only have time to do one before night falls.

Other than some half-assed boring ideas about an rpg-lite upgrade system, that’s all I have to say about a potential Ghost Rider video game. I think the day and night cycle is what would really distinguish it from other similar games, but only if it was as central a mechanic as death is to Dark Souls. Any game could do it, but the Ghost Rider conceit provides a perfect reason to do so.

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I played Ghost Rider on PS2 and it was mostly just a competent God of War clone with some sparse action-driving sequences. I have been a Ghost Rider fan in the comics for a long time and there really aren't many great video games instances of the character. The ones that stand out are:

- Lego Marvel Super Heroes

- Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

- Marvel Ultimate Alliance

Marvel Ultimate Alliance is probably the most fulfilling as he's a story unlock, but if I am not mistaken that is not until somewhere near halfway through the game. I personally hope we get a full fledged action game involving the Avengers and related Marvel comics characters that isn't a fighting game, kids game, RPG, or puzzle game.

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I'm generally down with those game ideas and I think a Ghost Rider game could go some crazy places with the fiction. It could dabble in almost any tone it wanted; from Fallout 3 to Prototype to Road Rash.

I mainly wanted to comment because I friggin love that shitty, awesome movie! It's not exactly action packed but MAN. When shit goes down: it goes down. And Cage is his usual, wonderful, self. :)

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So was Ghost Rider 2 enjoyable in the same sense that Ghost Rider was? I thought the first film was bad in that good kind of way. I also played the game, but wasn't interested enough to finish it.

I'm really excited to play the Lego Marvel game, but I'd love it if we could have another Ultimate Alliance game. Fix a few of the issues those games have, and it could easily be one of the better Marvel-licensed games.

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@bluefish: haha for as much shit as nicolas cage gets i love that guy. Good actor or bad he's provided me with more entertainment than many other, arguably better, and certainly more esteemed actors combined. I'm glad you liked that movie too. For all the hate it got I thought it was enjoyable (if not technically good)

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I am not a learned man as far as comic books are concerned, so take this with your recommended daily dose of iodine, but it seems to me that second tier comic book heroes (i.e. anyone who isn't on the X-Men, the Avengers, or the JLA) must succeed thanks to the quality of their writing and stories and not because they have cool powers, because people after that would just read the big ones.

If this is true, it would explain why no second-tier cash-in game tie-in could achieve success, because story-driven games are expensive and risky. It also explains why a game that does try to build on these strengths (The Wolf Among Us) succeeds so well.