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I gone and created what I hope to be a pretty reasonable looking Giant Bomb crew and friends in Scribblenauts Unlimited for PC on Steam.

These guys took a fair bit of figuring out the object editor before I got them how I wanted them.

Giant Bomb Logo, Jeff, Ryan, Brad, Vinny, and Patrick!
Luchadeer and Cool Baby!
Tested.com's Will Smith and Norman Chan
Drew and (Hardcore) Dave!
Alexis, Sean, and Joey!
Tony & Sara of ComicVine, Matthew Rorie, and Alex!

I didn't get too crazy with the scripting, as it looks a little too clumsy to mess with:

  • All Jeff, Ryan, Brad, Vinny, Patrick, Drew, Dave, and Matthew are based off the "Gamer" NPC so they will play a video game if you spawn one.
  • Will and Norm are based off the "Repairman" NPC so they will fix whats broken.
  • Joey is based on the "Camera Man" NPC, and Sean the "Snowboarder" NPC.
  • Sara is based on the "Heroine" NPC, and Tony the "Man" NPC.
  • The Giant Bomb is based off the "Bomb" object so if you damage it enough or activate it, BOOM!
  • Cool Baby is based off the "Baby" NPC so he's just a baby.
  • Luchadeer will try and "Destroy" any "Fighter" type NPC that go near him.
  • Matthew Rorie can turn any dog obedient by petting it! But, he'll keep petting the dog until it leaves. He can't resist temptation.
  • All my creations except the logo have an item in their personal inventories that you can empty out.

How to get them:

After the opening tutorial mission, you'll see a Glue and Scissors icon called the Object Creator. There you navigate to the Download tab and then click on the Steam Workshop button to pop open the in-game Steam overlay and browser. Then, if you search "Giantbomb.com", "Comicvine.com" and "Tested.com" you'll see the characters. Hover the images and click the green plus icon and they'll be in your game. Type the persons/objects full name to spawn it, or find them on the Downloads tab in the Object Editor.

Hope everyone enjoys them!

#2 Posted by Brad (4991 posts) -

Wow, this stuff is awesome. Thanks duder.

#3 Posted by ArbitraryWater (12626 posts) -

Well this is fantastic.

, this seems front page material to me.

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Damn, Scribblenauts is still not out yet (in Europe)......

This is just salt in my wounds....

#5 Posted by Jimbo (10165 posts) -

That bomb is fucking badass. Good job.

#6 Posted by BRYN (124 posts) -

 Thanks again everyone.
I'm also the guy who made those three Giant Bomb Animated Excerpts a while ago. I plan to do more of those but I needed a break to do silly game stuff like this.
@Brad: You're very welcome!
@ArbitraryWater: Wouldn't be my first foray. Thanks.
@Abendlaender: There's ways you can buy it through Steam, but I think it's a TOS violation so it's best to wait. They have to make sure they use the proper UK slang you know.
@Jimbo: Thank you.

#7 Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff (5697 posts) -

Awesome! Everyone is instantly recognizable.

#8 Posted by Mendelson9 (453 posts) -

Way cool. Now I need to go buy Scribblenauts Unlimited.

#9 Posted by Kaowas (131 posts) -

Oh man that's so cool! Good stuff Duder. I was thinking of getting Scribblenauts Unlimited on the PC anyway, and this just cements that idea.

#10 Posted by geirr (2844 posts) -

@Abendlaender said:

Damn, Scribblenauts is still not out yet (in Europe)......

This is just salt in my wounds....

Is it coming out in Europe? They completely skipped us on the Appstore and they didn't seem to care that much.

#11 Posted by ch3burashka (5490 posts) -

How did I know this would happen?

I'm pretty psyched to see what comes out of the Scribblenauts PC community. The originals were sandboxy, but still limited by what the developers created. To think that such a powerful tool is now in the hands of the community is tantalizing.

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#13 Posted by ChrisTaran (1761 posts) -

Very nice work! If I ever pick up Scribblenauts, this will be a must.

#14 Posted by buzz_clik (7260 posts) -

That's aces, mate. Excellent work!

#15 Posted by MooseyMcMan (11902 posts) -

That's fantastic!

#16 Posted by liako21 (550 posts) -

jeff and that track suit haha. when was the last time he wore a track suit?

#17 Posted by ShadowConqueror (3216 posts) -

I'm amazed how accurate they all are.

#18 Posted by EvilSpants (50 posts) -

This is awesome, but I have Scribblenauts Unlimited on Wii U and not Steam, so I am kinda SOL, I guess?

#19 Posted by shinboy630 (1309 posts) -

Was debating whether or not to pick up Scribblenauts for a few days now, and this pushed me over the edge. Well done.

#20 Posted by MikkaQ (10296 posts) -

I thought I was done buying games this year, but man, I really want to play with that creator.

This is awesome stuff!

#21 Posted by Baltimore (325 posts) -

Good job man. But where's Drew?

#22 Posted by PokeIkzai (399 posts) -

I love that Will is holding a cup of coffee. Great detail this is amazing, man.

#23 Posted by TheSouthernDandy (4009 posts) -

This is great! You are great!

#24 Posted by aurahack (2483 posts) -

Pro. Killer for making them as recognisable as you did, mang.

#25 Posted by selbie (2067 posts) -

Drew and Dave are next?

#26 Edited by BRYN (124 posts) -
@CH3BURASHKA: The tools are a little tricky to work with, and the scripting feature isn't as expanded as I would have liked, but it's still neat.
@buzz_clik: Thank you, Mr. Clik ... Mr. Buzz?
@liako21: On his recent Funky Barn live stream, actually!  
@EvilSpants: For now. I'm sure it will be in the Steam Holiday Sales though.  
@Baltimore: Just added him! And Dave too!
Drew and (Hardcore) Dave!
@PokeIkzai: I would of had him holding a "Vacuum Flask", but the ones in the game have straws sticking out of them.  
@selbie: Drew and Dave are NOW!
#27 Posted by Nightriff (6140 posts) -

God damn, you did it again, Bravo.

#28 Posted by DeF (5207 posts) -

And the Duder of the Week award goes to ...


#29 Posted by Phatmac (5916 posts) -

Wow this is awesome! :D

#30 Posted by Phished0ne (2649 posts) -

I was wondering how long this would take for someone to do. Good Job!

#31 Posted by ShaggE (7062 posts) -


*immediately makes each one wearable as a hat*

#32 Posted by MildMolasses (3188 posts) -

Why does Vinny's head look like it's about to explode out the back?

#33 Posted by dcgc (916 posts) -

I still haven't' touched the creator (need to get all them starites) but you just inspired me. Nice job!

#34 Posted by AlexanderSheen (5147 posts) -

Great stuff, duder!

Next stop: a baby with sunglasses and a mounted dearhead with a luchador mask.

#35 Edited by Sanity (2045 posts) -

Awesome, will grab these when i get around to buying Scribblenauts.

#36 Posted by pyromagnestir (4379 posts) -

@TheSouthernDandy said:

This is great! You are great!

#37 Posted by BRYN (124 posts) -
@DeF: You're too kind. 
@ShaggE: Yes.
@MildMolasses: It was only black hair shaven heads I could find in the game. It's also why he has sunglasses, because a similar shaven head I found cant be colored because it doesn't have a solid black line along the hairline. TL;DR: It's complicated and that was the best I could find. 
@AlexanderSheen: I'll get to Cool Baby, but a Luchadeer is very hard. I can't separate the head and neck from the rest of the body, and if I make a mask it will be the same side since the deer in the game is sideways. I might be able to make something of it all, but no promises.
#38 Posted by TheLastNeo (508 posts) -

I swear... Ive never seen a more awesome collection of people on one website.. The shit that continues to be churned out of here is absolutely amazing.

Nice job bro! So awesome.

#39 Posted by Pudge (1025 posts) -

You have made my day better sir, I thank you.

#40 Posted by Deusx (1936 posts) -

Those are great... but where is Alex? :(

#41 Posted by TheHT (12245 posts) -

Stellar work comrade!

#42 Posted by ajamafalous (12344 posts) -

Holy shit, those characters are great.
Just like... man. I'm blown away.

#43 Posted by BonOrbitz (2398 posts) -

They're so adorable! Would it be creepy to want them in a plush toy format? Cuz I, uhh, I mean my girlfriend really wants that.

#44 Posted by galloughs (199 posts) -

I think you meant "Jamie and Adam's Tested.com's Will Smith and Norman Chan"

#45 Posted by purspike (43 posts) -

This is so ridiculously good, it's ridiculous.

#46 Posted by Kyreo (4683 posts) -

The Brad and Jeff are spot fucking on!

#47 Posted by EvanFavreau (86 posts) -

Awesome! Makes me wish I was playing on PC instead of Wii U.

#48 Posted by meatdimensionfighter (46 posts) -

These look awesome and work just as well. Used Jeff to talk to a video game loving monkey and then a CD fell out of his pocket. Great stuff.

#49 Posted by bigevil1987 (160 posts) -

This is pretty great.

#50 Posted by Getz (3300 posts) -

It was a great week for Bomb Squad facsimiles in video games. Aces!