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I just saw a commercial for American Idol auditions. I first thought to myself, when will that show be cancelled. Apparently never. Then I thought wouldn't it be cool if we saw someone we knew on there? Someone like the Giant Bombcast crew? But they won't do it voluntarily. So what if we made them. So I went every pussy that likes to bitch and complain online way and started a petition. 
So feel free to sign everyone. We need to see them on that show.

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no. im not signing that. thats a bad petition and if it were on paper it should be burned

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I'm not going to sign, because they'll go if they want to... But I will say: Brad, if you feel the urge to sing, you should SING, damn it! Follow your heart, young Shoemaker!

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this is the dumbest thing

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@pbhawks45 said:
Usually posting these is dumb, but this time it's OK.
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Soooo...none of you guys want to see them do a quartet?

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You've got it all wrong.
Somebody should go and audition, and use "Some of the Real" or "Girlfriend" (Suburban All-Stars) as their audition song.

When I walk into the party bitches stop and stare
They say, "Who's that sexy guy with the poorly dyed hair?"
Well, it's me:
The U, the S, the P, the I, P,
Add E to the drinks....................................................

I could go on, so I'll stop there. You know, because they had that Pants on the Ground guy last season. So there's no reason somebody can't break out a little bit of that in there.

You know it's like that
Because I spiked that
Knock you out and handcuff you to the bike rack
Leave you out all night, chained and to a piece of steel
I think you know that I'm some of the real

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What the hell is wrong with you? 
That's just creepy and weird.

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No need for the GB crew to be on American Idol.

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"I'm going to sing 'In the Can'" 
*clears throat*

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I think we just crushed this guy's dream. 

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American Idol is for people 16 to 28.  Very few exceptions.

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That story was actually rather cool my brother.

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Only if they do hardcore gangster rap. Otherwise, I'm out.

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I do not find this thread to fulfill my slightest bit of interest.  
Good day, sir.
In other words-  Nononononono.

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Votes needed: 775.000.000
Current votes: 2
Seriously, wtf is wrong with you, dude?

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no thanks.

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Ohh! A piece of candy.

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We all know that V-Pain would rock the house.

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lol at this

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@Tommygun141 said:
"What the hell is wrong with you?  That's just creepy and weird. "
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@Axxol said:

" Ohh! A piece of candy. "

Ohh! A piece of candy.
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I'm pretty sure in one of them is a deep-seeded urge/desire to be an Idol. One of them.