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I've been having problems with the site all morning.  It was a pain to try to get my Images section to come up with the add and edit images buttons.  Once I finally did, it only imported two of like 6 that I had selected.  Now, when I view my profile, not everything is showing up. 
When I go to the forums, the "Main Boards" and "Popular Boards" menus aren't there until I get into this Start a New Topic screen.  And on the main forum page, I only see a total of like a dozen topics.   
Anyway, just wondering if this is just me or if this is work's network being crappy or something.

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A) This should be posted in the Bug Reporting section 
B) It's been fine for me, I think it was just you. 
C) If a site is ever down for you and want to check if it is actually down for real, check this site out. http://downforeveryoneorjustme.com/    You type in a website and it will tell you if a site is actually down or if you're just having problems.
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I was having trouble even selecting specific forums.  I just clicked the Forums link along the top nav bar and posted from there, and it said it was going to General Discussion, but I'll move it.    
Also:  I had come to notice that of the threads I could see, some I would get no reply box for. 
Also, still having some problems, like when trying to upload pictures, it will attempt to upload and then say "Oops, no images selected."

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Everything seems fine to me. You could be having DNS problems, due to your ISP.

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I'm having the same issue. Most pages only load half way. Most of the time I have no navigation pane on the left side of the site (ie. when going to Videos or Podcast sections). In a forum thread it will only load the first few posts sometimes with no "Post Reply" box at the bottom.  Only by refreshing over and over will it eventually load the full thread.
For me it was working fine up until about 4 hours ago.  I've used Firefox, Chrome, and IE all with the same issue so it is not a browser issue.