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Are you tired of having your wishes for another Giant Bomb Endurance Run denied by the cruel Giant Bomb staff overlords? Are you into fancy Web 3.0 methods of content consumption like Twitch television? Would you like make the world a better place by bringing smiles to the faces of sick children? If you answered yes to all three questions, my friends, GET HYPE!


A few enterprising members of the community (myself included) have decided that enough is enough! It's high time somebody got around to slogging through some games, and we're just crazy enough to do it. For how long, you ask? FOR SIXTY HOURS, that's how long. This is an international event with multiple streamers, and we aim to cram as many complete runs of games into that block of time as possible. We might also break from the traditional ER format to do some one-off style sessions for our own enjoyment, or throw down some multiplayer, but this event is about Running games in the old way! All the while, we will be collecting donations for Child's Play, a charity that helps make hospital stays more bearable for sick children and their families.

The show will begin on Friday, June 28 at 12pm PST. We hope you’ll join us over at our event page for two and a half days of insanity.

Now, I know what you're asking. Here, I'll ask the questions for you.

"Awesome! Are you going to play _______?"

Maybe! The games to be played are still up for debate. Each of us has a handful of games we’d like to play for our own enjoyment, so at some point you’re going to see me play Katamari Damacy. As for the rest of the show...well, what do you want to see?

SUGGEST GAMES BELOW AND WE'LL SEE WHAT WE CAN DO! Go nuts! We've got an assortment of equipment between us, in addition to some decent Steam collections. We're doing this for the kids and for this community, so we're going to try to play as many of the games suggested below as possible.

Addendum: The four six of us will try to post some lists have provided some lists to peruse, and are currently posting ballots for what we should play. Democracy? -J

@amlabella's list of potential games

@chavtheworld's list of potential games (in progress)

@fattony12000's ballot page

@jeffrud's ballot page

@moztacular's ballot page

@moonwalksa's list of potential games

"How did you guys settle on Child's Play?"

Child's Play is one of our favorite charities. For years, they have worked with hospitals around the world, providing them with consoles, toys, books, stuffed animals, and other items. These goods are in constant demand because the children in these hospitals are unable to share toys for risk of spreading contagious diseases. It's a great cause, and we hope this event will be able to hit some sort of big, fat goal over sixty hours.

“So what’s your fundraising goal?”

We hope to raise $6,000 for the kids! That's one hundred American dollars per hour for two and a half days, which is just the sort of crazy goal this event deserves. We can do it with your help!

"Will you guys be doing silly, self-depreciating stuff when you hit fundraising milestones along the way?"

Of course not. We are very, very serious people and we want you to take us seriously. Poopypants.

"Hey, I've done some streaming! Could I be a part of the show?"

We've got a lot of time to fill, if that wasn't clear enough, so we can probably fit you into the program. We'd strongly prefer that you have a basic grasp of streaming to Twitch before we get you involved. Send me a PM if you're interested and we'll see what we can do.

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That's cool! I want to see someone who never played Another (Out of This) World trying to finish it.

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Awesome Ill be watching this for sure. If I had access to proper streaming gear Id be down for doing something crazy like doing a No Item run on Ninja Gaiden Sigma. Best of luck duders!

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Will there be multiple people in the same room, opening up the possibility for co-op/multiplayer runs? If so, then Snowboard Kids II. If not, I certainly wouldn't mind watching some people play a game I really love that is underappreciated. One like Half Minute Hero, or Timesplitters 2(would be a great co-op run), or XIII.

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Oh goodness, that weekend just got even more full of video games on the internet goodness/nonsense. It'll be GB Community ER vs. CEO 2013 (Community Effort Orlando, the last event on the Road to Evo). Some tough choices on what to watch in 10 days time.

On a more critical/semantic/nitpicky note, in my eyes this equates more to say a marathon than an endurance test. While they aren't mutually exclusive, for me one of the tests of the Giant Bomb (Official?) Endurance Runs has been the commitment over time. The agreement to keep playing and to put out a video every day (Monday-Friday) until the task is complete, that was the endurance element. You're undertaking the same commitment to complete, but condensing it into a weekend. I suppose my understanding of and experience with the Endurance Runs of the past is giving me a little pause or ringing a little cognitively dissonant when viewing this undertaking as an "Endurance Run."

Please, do not misunderstand, I think this is awesome and will definitely be tuning in. I was just dropping two cents worth of assholery among the dollars and dollars of support I have for the project. Good on you @jeffrud et al, looking forward to it!

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Would it be to extremely painful for the audience to watch a speedrun of Kane and Lynch 2?

To be honest, it could probably be done in an hour and a half...

Either way, I'm tunin' in for some airtime goodness.

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@maajin: I do own that one, and haven't sat down to play farther than the first screen yet...

@davidwitten22: Half Minute Hero has been on my Steam Wishlist for months now! Did you just trick me into buying it?

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Hey everyone, I'm one of the participants in this community endurance run. I've made a list of potential games I can play/stream during the event, so feel free to let me know which ones you'd like to see me play. Thanks!

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@jeffrud: This is dope! And I'd love to get wrist deep with both watching and streaming.

I could quite easily play 20 hours straight of Baldur's Gate II/Neverwinter Nights co-op with someone. Is online co-op a thing you guys have planned/looked at?

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@fattony12000: We've batted a few coop ideas back and forth in the planning stages, and we're totally open to the idea. On a related note, have you heard of Defense of the Ancients 2?

For serious though, I might be able to hang with Neverwinter Nights coop action. You should PM me and we'll talk :)

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@davidwitten22: I'm definitely gunna have a friend there in person, and totally didn't think of doing a co-op game... Well, let me just go draw up a few ideas!

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Great idea for a ER, GLHB!

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I could do X hours of Dark Souls. X being the amount of hours you'll let me play Darks Souls. Seriously, I can play that game start to finish in one sitting.

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@twolines: I think you should send me a PM and we should have a chat about this madness. One sitting?

Also, I've gone and made one of these fancy list things for your collective perusal. Enjoy!

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@live2brighteous: That game looks blown out as balls, and if it's as short as you say I'd really consider jamming on it.

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I highly endorse this event or product.

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Before and After Science is such a great album. Best name for an album too.

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@tooprime: You are the first person to recognize that album art, and I've been using it for ten years. My brain hurts. It's a record I refuse to buy on CD because the vinyl is perfect.

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We dont talk about community Endurance Runs.

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Dark Souls speedrun! The less experienced the runner, the better!

EDIT: Saw the list, Do a speedrun of Disc 1 of FF8.

@jeffrud said:

@live2brighteous: That game looks blown out as balls, and if it's as short as you say I'd really consider jamming on it.

If you do decide to play K&L2 and it doesn't fucking work, restart Steam in Offline Mode and it'll be fine. Don't waste your life troubleshooting like I did.

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@ravenlight: I think the first disc of FF8 is all I could handle a second time. I really loved that game when I was in high school but on reflection it is not that great. Best music of the series though. Come at me.

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I do not have the upstream bandwidth to stream myself (as I learned 2 years ago doing the community Extra Life), but I will certainly offer to team up during the right timezone for any of the following:

  • EVE Online - free trial is enough, but I can also donate a spare 30 day code
  • Star Trek Online - we just finished our megacontest!
  • Minecraft - new community server with hella mods
  • Diablo 3
  • Torchlight 2
  • Dark Souls
  • Borderlands 2

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@jeffrud: Dude, Before and After Science is amazing. People, listen up! That's a crime no one pointed it out before. You should be looping Discreet Music in the background during the idle time of the stream.

But seriously, good luck with it. Post a schedule of the games. I'm happy to watch/donate.

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@brackynews: Been thinking about picking up a PLEX or two for my account, you son of a bitch.

@ravenlight Agreeing is good. We few who would back VIII over other, better games in that series take a lot of flak for our beliefs. Better that we band together in the face of adversity.

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OR- I could do a Load Our Last Save- FF VIII Edition, as I have a save on my emulator. I do have an original FF VIII CD, and I'd be using that to play it so I guess that's legal.... Right?

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@jeffrud: Originally, it could be played through Normal in 4 hours... that is, if you don't stop to smell the roses. I'm pretty 100% sure someone could speedrun it in an hour or less. I've played the campaign so many times now... I'm pretty sure I have the NPC spawns memorized. lol

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@jeffrud: I sent you two PMs a few hours back, did you get them? I think the site might have swallowed them.

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@amlabella: I'd suggest STALKER or Vampire: The Masquerade.

As an aside, please don't do To The Moon. That game is definitely one which should be enjoyed in people's own time (also: you don't want to be crying on stream - and if you don't get into that emotional place, then the game isn't being done justice).

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I'll watch. The one ONE GAME I want is: Dragon Warrior I.

I see no pun.

#31 Posted by amlabella (323 posts) -

@selfconfessedcynic: Haha yeah, To the Moon probably isn't the best candidate. I was simply including games on that list that could be finished in the traditional sense. One hell of a story though, I admit I got teary-eyed at the end. Thanks for the suggestions, someone else mentioned Vampire: The Masquerade so that might show up at some point.

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@amlabella: I was crying my fucking eyes out... :D

I love that game. Imagine, I went from that to playing The Last of Us within the same fortnight. Man.

Anyway - yeah, it depends on how much time you have. Kessler and Lemon did some Vampire for their tower of fear or whatever it was and IMO it's the right kind of janky to be entertaining.

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Vinny should get divorced so he can do endurance runs. Come on Vinny you know its for the best bro dawg hommie

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Would be cool if you could all play the same game and transfer the save between everyone, something like baldurs gate for example.

Best of luck duders

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@benny: That would be cool, as long as the game was SLAVES TO ARMOK II: DWARF FORTRESS. I played that game on a netbook for about three months, which is not an ideal way to experience it, and it still had me by the balls.

@blu3v3nom07: I don't see Dragon Warrior I up on the Wii Virtual Console. Insanity! COLLUSION! I know there are...ahem...other ways of playing your favorite classic games for the Nintendo Entertainment System, but I steer clear of that special dark alley of the Internet personally. One of us might have it though!

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I've got an HD capture card or could just stream from PC, and have done it on twitch a few times before. Assuming the timing all works out and I own whatever game it is, I'd be glad to participate. PM sent.

I'd love it if it did turn out to be Dorf Fort, since I know the game fairly well and have even streamed it before, though admittedly it is not the most exciting thing to watch on its own. I assume there will be a skype call between multiple participants to prevent the streamer from having to carry interesting/funny commentary all by themselves, right?

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I always thought a Monster Hunter quick look would be good, I don't know how you could do that on Twitch though.

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This is a neat idea but I watch these things for the staff not so much for the games.

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@humanity: You might want to stay tuned if that's the case. That's all I'm going to say for now.

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@jeffrud said:

@humanity: You might want to stay tuned if that's the case. That's all I'm going to say for now.

Are you Jeff's gimmick account?!

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Vagrant Story.

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IT'LL BE FINE. My servers are rock solid.


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Thanks to everybody who has been checking this event out! We've had a few folks step forth to volunteer for streaming duties, which is rad. We're actually full up on volunteers at this point so we won't be taking any more folks into the fold, unfortunately. On the upshot, we could still use your help in generating HYPE(TM) and helping us figure out what to play for this bad boy. This community rules!

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I could have played some Persona 4. ;)

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I always thought a Monster Hunter quick look would be good, I don't know how you could do that on Twitch though.

Oh man I would gladly play 10 hours of Monster Hunter on stream... I don't have a WiiU or the recording equipment however haha.

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UPDATE: Due to revelations regarding what is possible with this whole "Internet" thing, we will be reorienting this event around PROPER ENDURANCE RUNS! The old ways are still the best!

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Amazing. This is a fantastic idea.

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@omniscientcajun: I agree with your original gripe 100%, and we've found a way to actually address the issue. Thank you for putting our feet to the fire on this!

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