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#151 Posted by jeffrud (386 posts) -

I think I'm going to start a new thread to collect screen caps from everybody, so we can help preserve the legendary events of the last weekend. It should also be said that youtube.com/user/gbcendurancerun will have a more or less COMPLETE archive of the main stream! Just in case you want to want to watch myself and @goodspaceguy slog through Planescape Torment once again, that is now a thing!

#152 Posted by Demoskinos (14828 posts) -

I totally wanted to watch more of this but CEO 2013 was on all weekend as well. Cool that it went so well by all accounts though.

#153 Posted by Fattony12000 (7410 posts) -
#154 Posted by amlabella (323 posts) -

(Okay, last time I hijack this thread since I didn't announce a specific time last night...)

Well, it seems like Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines really doesn't want to be finished, does it? So I'll be back for even more glitchy goodness tonight at the same time, 6pm PST (a little over 6 hours from right now). Thanks to everyone who joined me last night!

#155 Edited by jeffrud (386 posts) -

I'll be there again for a while, mang! That game breaks in some of the best ways I've ever seen towards the end.

For anybody interested I intend to continue the non-canonical adventures of Charlie Tunoku and Friends with more Nocturne this Thursday. It should be a lot of bleak fun!

There's also the OFFICIAL screen cap thread that I've started, so feel free to share any incriminating hilarious snaps you took over the weekend!

#156 Edited by cadwr (51 posts) -

I'll miss the beginning, but I'll definitely show up as soon as I can.

#157 Posted by cadwr (51 posts) -

I ended up missing it after all... super weird night... did you finish the game? I'll have to watch the archive.

#158 Posted by amlabella (323 posts) -

@cadwr: I didn't finish the game yet, focused on side quests during the stream (which, it turns out, are a lot more interesting than the terrible combat sequences!). I do plan to beat the game during my next stream though, which will be at 6pm PST again. I suggest following me on Twitter for future updates (don't want to keep hijacking this thread). Hopefully you can drop by!

And I think you'll enjoy meeting Fat Larry in the archived broadcast, haha.