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On our first episode of a brand new podcast called Giant Bomb Community Podcast(GBCP for short), @phatmac, @ackbarthegreat, @atlas, @toowalrus, @reddenblack, and @believer258 discuss a wide range of gaming topics that include Bioshock Infinite, Tomb Raider, and much more. We also discuss some Giant Bomb community stuff that is mostly about Ryan Davis drinking breast milk and sitting on cakes. We also discuss Bioshock Infinite in a spoiler discussion at the end of the episode. You can listen to the podcast in two ways. You can view the recording on youtube which is at the top of this post or listen to it in audio form.

Here's the link to listen to it in audio form: http://www.filedropper.com/giantbombcommunitypodcast-episode1infinitebiotalk

If you have any questions to ask us please reach us at GiantBombCommunityPodcast@gmail.com

Be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/CommunityBombcast?feature=watch

Please let us know what you think in the comments section below. Keep in mind that this'll get better as we get some more experience. Don't be jerks!

Thanks to @irrelevantjohn for creating a handy RSS feed for the podcast!


SECOND EPISODE IS UP HERE: http://www.giantbomb.com/forums/general-discussion-30/giant-bomb-community-podcast-episode-2-japan-game--1431887/#11

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But seriously, good job guys. Are you six the actual official roster now?

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Not 100% sure yet, but we will probably have two new people next week, and an occasionally rotating cast.

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Are you six the actual official roster now?

It's the first episode, so I can't imagine anything being set in stone.

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I know that nobody necessarily likes or knows me but I'd love to be on one of these one day

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Li'l Bombcast

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#8 Posted by Morbid_Coffee (955 posts) -

Ms. Bombcast

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@demoskinos: I'll (hopefully) be there on time next week to join in, haha, as well as at least one other. The plan is a rotating seat or two.

Can't wait to listen to this myself. If the testcast was any indication, it should be great.

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Bombcast 64

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Bombcast 64

I actually like this one a little bit.

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What is this crap? Nah I kid, this is pretty good for the first episode. Need an RSS feed?

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@reddenblack: ok cool. The only thing I recommend for you guys is to lower the bitrate to maybe 64kbps or make it mono. The file is freakin huge!

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@irrelevantjohn: we actually had a discussion about that, thanx for the info!

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@mrfluke I think we are looking into it...

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Giant Bombtunes

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Really glad to be a part of this. I had zero podcast experience before this, and maybe that shows, but it was still a lot of fun to do this. And yes, I definitely had plenty of stuff to say about BioShock.

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I still have intreast if you want someone else.

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Just starting, first impressions: Love the diversity! Sounds like an excellent group who'll be interesting to listen to.

Hope people will try to interrupt one another less.

I'm only the third person to subscribe? There should be many, many more than that.

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@sander: Thanx for subscribing! We discussed some ideas on not talking over each other. It should get better in the next episode

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I still have intreast if you want someone else.

I'll keep you updated. :)

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@marino Gots another one that interesting for the community showcase.

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I like this! I agree that the Ghost fights were pretty bunk in Bioshock. If you guys ever need a backup brit, i'm always up for a go-around.

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If you are indeed open to others being on every once in a while I'd love to do so. Also good work guys.

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Cool, we're on the main page of Giant Bomb. :)

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Nice work, I really hope the forums make it back to the front page soon because I feel behind on what the hell is happening in here. Yes I can't be bothered to constantly hit the forums tab every time I want to browse.

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Ha! My question on these forums regarding whether or not ICO stands up is vindicated!

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@phatmac said:

Cool, we're on the main page of Giant Bomb. :)

It's all happened so fast. I'm really glad that I jumped on board with your idea early.

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Is this why y'all were in our mumble server the other week? If you want yourselves a private channel instead of just using an established game's channel all you need to do is ask. If that wasn't the reason y'all were in there, think of this as me offering you a private channel if you want. Skype is probably much better though? I have no idea of the bitrate skype uses.

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@alexw00d: We're using skype now, that first week was pretty much 3 hours of 12 people shooting the shit and sometimes talking about podcast stuff.

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@believer258 why didn't you tell me about this?! D: I'm hurt!

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@believer258 why didn't you tell me about this?! D: I'm hurt!

Oh God. Sorry, it didn't cross my mind to post about this in the PM!

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Subscribed duders. Looking forward this! You all probably have ideas of what to do about cast members and rotations, but I'd be down to come on some time if you were all into that. (Random community guests, whatever). Again, you all probably have planned this out already. Cheers!

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You couldn't call this Bomb Should Have a Face 2? Does @mattbodega own the name to the rights or something?

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I wanna be on the next episode. : (

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I'll invite you to the next episode Ghost! :)

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Great 1st go guys. Well done.

Only thing that could have been better was not to be held back by worry of spoilers. I think worrying about spoilers really hurts the conversation.

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Nice podcast guys. I'm actually listening to this, and I don't listen to a whole range of video-game podcasts. It's being a fun listen.

So far the only criticism I have is that six people might be a bit too much for a Skype podcast. Maybe have only 4 or 5 people next time? It seemed that you started interrupting one another a fair bit. For this type of VoIP podcast you were surprisingly well coordinated though, so maybe this is just scrutinous bickering.

When can we expect the next episode?

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@snail: probably either monday or tuesday.

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Why have I always been reading your username as Phanmtac until now...

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@phatmac said:

@the_laughing_man said:

I still have intreast if you want someone else.

I'll keep you updated. :)

Cool I miss being on a podcast.

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@turambar said:

Why have I always been reading your username as Phanmtac until now...

Why have I always read your name as tuarmabar???

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:) Good job duders. Always nice having some more bioshock talk. (:

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If you guys have any questions for the next episode either leave them in this thread or email GiantBombCommunityPodcast@gmail.com

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Why is the download version cut off?

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Why is the download version cut off?

That's the first time anyone's mentioned this. I just downloaded the file myself, and it seemed to run the whole 1 hour 57 minutes and end with us bullshitting about e-mailing us pictures of cats. Maybe the download got cut off, it should be 107MB (which is something we'll probably be fixing for tomorrows episode.)