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The Sims Gang Sign is hard when you have something on your head and can't see
The only way I could see anything was through the open bit of the mouth, I didn't let that keep me from street passing
There's some work still to be done, mostly with the fuse and paint, but I feel it turned out good given it was made in 6 days

So about a week ago I found out that I could go to Matsuricon in Columbus. I wanted to make something new to wear since I haven't for a while, and I always wanted to do an object head.

So after 6 days of toiling over paper mache and glue and paint I finished this guy right in time for the convention!

I'm not really much of an artist so I guess this is the most I can do as far as fan stuff for Giant Bomb.

I also met a few other fans who were wonderful to talk to and just generally had a bunch of fun wearing it.

As for the head itself it's Paper Mache painted with Black Gesso and White Acrylic paint with glossy black acrylic for the eyes. The tongue is craft foam painted pink, and the teeth are a cut up bit of a cardboard box painted white. The fuse is 3 clotheslines glued together wrapped in twine wrapped in cloth and covered in leftover paper mache and the spark thingy is craft foam. There's red mesh behind the mouth which is a bit hard to see, but it let me see out of it. It's kept on my head by a hard hat very firmly glued to the top of it.

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Rad as hell, duder.

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Awesome work! I wonder how often that hard hat technique is used.

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That's actually really awesome, especially since it was done in such a short amount of time.

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You the best.

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I love how the mouth cuts into the eye! That always struck me as a bit gruesome in the logo.

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@charlesalanratliff: I'm told that a lot of object head cosplayers use it for their heads. Hard hats are nice and easy to glue into a lot of spaces, and cheap. And they usually come very large so you can use some foam to get a nice custom fit.

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U da bomb. <>

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It's been said. I will say it again. This community is awesome. Well done.