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Between all of the booze the Giant Bomb guys have received lately and the number of times they mentioned bourbon on the Ryan Davis Thank You podcast, I thought it would be cool to have a custom made cask for the crew. Nothing too crazy, maybe just big enough to hold a liter or two, but I need help deciding on the distillery that will be branded on the front. I was thinking "Davis' Straight Bourbon Whiskey Est. 1979" but wasn't sure if it would be better to take a more general route and just have it branded something like "The Giant Bombcask". I just wanted to get some community input. This will probably be a cooler way to spend some dough that I would just blow on the Steam sale.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

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Giant Bombcask is essentially the only thing, right? I mean, it's the perfect fucking name!

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@jakob187 said:

Giant Bombcask is essentially the only thing, right? I mean, it's the perfect fucking name!

Yup. Nailed it in one go.

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How could you get more morose than mailing somebody a cask?

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@video_game_king: A cask is just a wooden barrel for storing booze. Not a casket....

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It's time to light a match! Which one of you has the beer farts, so we can get an early start on this party by lighting up some dynamite? =-P

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"Davis' Straight Bourbon Whiskey Est. 1979" would be a cool way to honor Ryan, and I thin that it would be appreciated by the crew a lot. "The Giant Bombcask" would be something cool and different that they could keep around the office and on the set of where they make the Bombcast and such things as that. In the end, I think the decision comes down to the person who's spending the time and money to make the cask.

Ether way, I think it's a cool idea.