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I don't think so, and tbh I don't want something like that to happen. The follower business is already enough for me with the number, but getting an emblem would just make GB's follower system a popularity contest. 

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that is all

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@Lies: yes
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@AlexMarra: right, sorry I got a little carried away. It seems like a cool idea (I liked collecting em over at GS, even though i only got like 4 of them, hehe) but I don't think we'll see it soon, sadly. 
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Well I hope it won't happen, Thats a Gamespot thing, 
Maybe they should implement some sort of incentive to write the wiki,  
But GB should do it's own thing, We lead, Not follow, oh-wait.
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@Red12b: There's Wiki Points
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Sounds like a good idea but getting a 'Achievement' for having a certain number of followers doesn't sound all too great. Users on the site will get too big headed. Getting a 'Achievement' for something like getting 5,000 wiki points is great because I want to get something back for what I did! (editing wikis and whatnot)  

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wha wha wha?
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Now we play the waiting game.

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hey, I have an idea how bout we have some sort of points system to reward people for contributing to the wiki? :)