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Have a Windows Phone?  Addicted to Giant Bomb?  I've got the app for you -
Giant Bomb WP7 - the Giant Bomb experience designed for the Windows Phone UI


  • It's completely free - no ads and I'd rather you send Whiskey Media your subscription money than me so we keep getting great content
  • Hub like view of feature items on the site - quickly see what's new
  • Browse reviews, videos, bombcasts, & news - great for watching quick looks on the go
  • Support for videos in news stories - no more frustration that your mobile browser can't handle embedded video
  • Full wiki support - search the entire database and view data on games, concepts, and everything else that GB catalogs
To get the app you can either click the link above or search the marketplace for keyword "Duder".  

If you have any questions / feedback / etc you can hit me up via PM or email me via the "about" page in the app.

Thanks to everyone that provided feedback during the development and to all the Whiskey staffers who provided a great API to use and kindly let me use the Giant Bomb logos & name.
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holy crap! this looks amazing. i don't have a windows 7 phone, unfortunately but great job on creating a fully featured free app. 

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Very, very nice job. Look phenomenal. Another reason why I wish Verizon would have Windows 7 Phones 

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Very snazzy looking. Good work dude!

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Just got it for my lg quantum. great job on it! Now at lease i can read the news section properly than on ie.

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Wow.  Looks great!

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Looks awesome. It's great that people are making these apps for the various different mobile operating systems.

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That looks really nice. I just wish I could still get the iphone version. My old phone crapped out on me, and the app seems to longer exist on the app store
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Just installed it on my phone.

Dude, this shit is great.
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Been using it -- great app.

#11 Posted by Marz (5680 posts) -

rated it, maybe that'll help it get higher on the app list :)

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A few weeks ago I downloaded a different Giant Bomb app for my Windows Phone 7, don't know if you knew of that one, and it has some of the same features as this app, minus the wiki support and maybe a few others. I do like the design of the current Giant Bomb app I'm using, but this one is definitely not bad. I went ahead and downloaded it, and I must say you did a very good job putting in all the aspects from Giant Bomb. It will still get a 5-star rating from me. 

I guess the reason why I like the design of the other Giant Bomb app is because it matches the design of the website a bit more, but both apps are very well made and you can tell some time and effort went into each one. I really like the full wiki support in this one though, so it does look like I'll be using both of the apps from time to time.

It's just really nice to see two Giant Bomb apps for Windows Phone 7, and I know in time they'll both just keep getting better and better, like the website itself. Keep up the good work, man!
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I dont have a Windows Phone 7 but man that looks really awesome.

 Good job!
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That looks fantastic!
I'm going to get a WP7 next week so I'll be sure to download it!

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I've been playing around with the app for about 20 minutes and I have a few minor complaints.

  • Lack of forums/comments: Really the only basic feature missing is comments from news stories and the forums, though I don't know how you would integrate it with the current design it's still a glaring omission.
  • Basic search: Really minor but the only way to differentiate between all of the things just called 'Mortal Kombat' is the thumbnail pictures of the side. Having a tab that says 'series' or 'character' would be great as well as more advanced search option.
  • No member login: No way to login means no way to access certain features on the site. This would be quite useful for checking mail and notifications. 
But when you consider the fact that the paid version of the mobile site doesn't really work on the Internet Explorer app that's on the phone this is a great improvement on what we came from.

Great work!
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@Lights_Up_The_Shaft: I can't do forums, comments, and member login currently (no APIs for this) - I tend to agree they're missing features I'd love to add if I can figure out a way to make it happen.

Your search feedback is a good idea - I'll see what I can do in a future update.  It should be easy enough to add a data type pivot plus maybe something visually to indicate what type of object you're seeing when you're looking at the entire list.
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Looks even better then the iPhone version good job dude !

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As Verizon is getting it's first WP7 next week. This will probably be my first app.

Though I don't know how different the APIs for the Whiskey Media sites, it would be awesome if you could make WP7 apps for the other sites.

Agian, thanks for your help in spreading the word on the greatness of Whiskey Media.

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I'm putting up the finishing touches on the 1.1 update - if anyone else has any feedback they want to see implemented now's the time to let me know.  My plan is to submit this for testing on Thursday provided I don't find any additional bugs.

What's new:
  • Data caching bug fixes - this will increase performance on slow cellular connections
  • A ton of HTML rendering fixes - text layout will now update when rotating allowing you to use more space on landscape orientation
  • Search filters by type + a note next to each search item as to what type of result it is
  • Image size adjustments - should better take advantage of the screen space
  • Bug Fixes for the embedded video player
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So it's pretty much a mobile version without the forums for all users, be they paying or not.   It looks alright.

#21 Posted by StriderNo9 (1161 posts) -

great job!

#22 Posted by KillerFly (401 posts) -

Love the app dude! Great work!
Sadly I think something (the redesign?) may have broken your featured section.

#23 Posted by WoodenPlatypus (1356 posts) -

Make one for iPhone's/iPod's! 
I'm sure there used to be one however I can no longer find it :/
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@KillerFly: The 1.1 update is out on the marketplace now - it fixes the issues with the featured section and the site changes.  
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@WoodenPlatypus said:
Make one for iPhone's/iPod's! I'm sure there used to be one however I can no longer find it :/
...if they did that it'd defeat the purpose of the mobile site, and would cut money from subscribers who subscribe just for the mobile site.
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This app is better than the iPhone version. Good Job! Can we do a tested app next?

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Nice work.  Was thinking about tackling this myself.  WP7 has some spiffy dev tools.

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Thanks for the app! Don't have a Windows Phone 7 but still appreciate it.

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Sweet I'm gonna download  it right now 

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That looks awesome! Amazing job! ^__^

#31 Posted by Brendan (8374 posts) -

Great job!

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Awesome, thank you. I just got my Windows Phone and I was hoping for a GiantBomb app. I have just been visiting using IE, but it was hard to navigate.

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Have they updated the iPhone app yet? That thing was really outdated looking even when it came out and lacked a lot of functionality

#34 Posted by Flabbergastrate (282 posts) -

@Ygg said:

Have they updated the iPhone app yet? That thing was really outdated looking even when it came out and lacked a lot of functionality

Nah. They've switched over to just making a better mobile version of the site for paid members. But, the regular mobile site works fine.

And I may actually get a WinPhone 7 after seeing this.

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I've been working on the 2.0 update for the app for when Mango is released for WP7 and figured I'd share the progress so far. The plan is to submit this next month so it's available as Mango rolls out to phones.

What's new so far:

  • Bug fixes
  • Multitasking support
  • Significant performance improvements, especially on app load
  • Smarter data caching - you should see data load in much quicker on slower connections
  • Live Tiles - pin any page in the app to your start menu for easy access. If you pin a list like the news or videos page it will auto update and occaisionally flip over to show you the latest item at a quick glance without having to launch the app.

What I'm still considering for 2.0

  • Background audio support playing bombcasts - I may skip this since the Zune player will natively stream bombcasts as of Mango
  • News support for stories other than the most recent 10 - this seems more important now given the higher frequency of updates
  • Higher resolution video support for when you're on WiFi

If anyone has any feedback / requests let me know

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@WoodenPlatypus said:

Make one for iPhone's/iPod's! I'm sure there used to be one however I can no longer find it :/

Just use the full site on an iPad, it's the best possible option, it works amazing.

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Neat. Will grab this.

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hey just installed the app -good work man

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I'll be sure to check this out if I ever get a Windows phone.