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What is the purpose of this topic?

This topic is designed to act as an educated guide and not to be taken ad verbatim. We encourage all users to make themselves familiar with the content posted within and to regularly check back for any updates or changes.

What Do I Need To Know Before Using The Site?

The primary rule here is don't be a jerk. Everyone is expected to treat one another with respect as well as to respect the site, its features, and the various members of staff and moderators who help run it.

How Is Giant Bomb Moderated?

The site is moderated with a "common sense" attitude. Final decisions are down to an individual moderator's discretion; while moderators will always attempt to be consistent and fair, moderation is fundamentally subjective. Any objections or complaints regarding how the site is moderated should be directed to your nearest member of staff. We don't expect you to agree with all of the rules, but we still expect you to follow them.

If you find yourself unable to post, the first thing you should do is check your inbox - you will always receive a PM from the Mod team if your account requires moderation.

The Rules

  1. NO flaming, trolling, disruptive activity or posts which encourage such behavior: Includes but not limited to derailing topics, posting flame bait, starting system wars topics, or being a jerk to others. In addition, using the site's private messaging feature to organize or promote the same type of behavior or to incite attacks against or encourage harassment of other users is strictly prohibited.
  2. NO victimization of others or use of discriminatory language: Includes but not limited to hateful personal attacks against other users, sexism, or any racist or homophobic slurs or statements. Similarly, you may not release the personal information of others without their consent.
  3. NO discussion of illegal activities: Includes but not limited to the discussion of illicit substances, circumvention of copy protection, and piracy of video games or any form of media. If you have a question as to whether something may be illegal or not, contact the moderators and we will let you know.
  4. NO material of a pornographic, overtly sexual or macabre nature: Includes but not limited to in-game images from pornographic games or hentai, as well as sexually explicit fan art. This includes subjects which may be deemed generally offensive to the community. Additionally, usernames and content in user profiles must be appropriate for all ages.
  5. NO Spam: Includes but not limited to: promoting personal sites, making comments which have no discussion value such as "first" or "bump", quote pyramids or empty quoting, battle threads, YouTube spam, "chat" threads, and creating any threads with little to no text where off-site content is linked or embedded. This includes starting forum threads to promote your latest podcast or written review on another site. Additionally, replying to spam & advertising threads is prohibited. Repeatedly bumping and replying to spam will result in your ability to post being temporarily and then permanently revoked.
  6. NO Commercial advertising: You may not advertise or sell any product or service on Giant Bomb. This includes, but is not limited to; developers creating threads to advertise their games, advertising fundraising for commercial products (i.e. Kickstarter) for personal gain, and advertisements of personal sites for personal gain (monetary or otherwise). If you want to give away a beta key or Steam game we're totally behind that, however. From time to time, exceptions to this rule may be made for friends of the site - if in doubt, please contact the moderation team.
  7. NO alternate accounts: Only one account per person is permitted. Users discovered using alternate accounts may find their posting privileges revoked and all of their accounts disabled.

Things That We Frown Upon

  1. Posting spoilers: Maliciously spoiling recent games, movies, or shows for others will not be tolerated. If you're the type of person that enjoys ruining fun for others, you will be shown the door. Posting spoilers in thread titles is never permitted.
  2. Posting negative threads or comments about moderators or staff members: If you have a problem with a mod decision, send the mods a PM asking for more information. If you have an issue with a specific mod, contact our community manager Rorie. If you create threads encouraging people to complain about mods or members of staff, they will be removed and your account may be subject to moderation. Similarly, we know that it's fun to laugh at members of staff when they fail at videogames, but there's no need to be a dick about it. Ever. This includes in the chat during live content.
  3. Poor language/grammar: This is an English-speaking forum and we expect people to communicate with something approximating the English language. Posting with bad grammar or punctuation will not go down well and such posts are subject to editing or removal.
  4. Threads with no discussion value: While we allow off-topic discussion, be mindful that this is first and foremost a videogame forum. Users who take advantage of off-topic to repeatedly post inane, nonsensical or meaningless threads are at risk of moderation.
  5. Vague thread titles: The reader should be able to tell what your topic is about without clicking on it. Topics with intentionally vague or misleading titles are subject to editing or deletion.
  6. Posting threads in the wrong forum: Every game and platform has their own forum, please use those when creating topics on the message boards. If a topic is about a game, a platform, or a character, it belongs in that forum. Threads about videogames or Giant Bomb go into General, and everything else goes into Off Topic. Threads will be moved when appropriate and users who refuse to post topics in the correct forum may have their posting privileges revoked.
  7. Duplicate threads: Be sure to use to the forum search to check that the thread you are creating doesn't already exist, as duplicate threads are subject to removal.
  8. Swearing on forum and/or blog titles: While swearing is permitted on the site in general, try to keep it classy by avoiding swear words on your forum or blog topic titles. Any blogs and/or forum topics found to be in violation of this will be edited or deleted. Alternatively, profanity in thread titles may be changed to the word "puppy."

These rules not only apply to forum threads, but also to blog posts that have been attached to the forums. In addition, it is recommended users read through the Giant Bomb Terms and Conditions. More information on how the forums operate can be found in the Forum FAQ, and any questions about these rules should be directed to the moderators whom you can contact using the following link: PM Mods