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I can't tell you. They might wind up picking Doom 3 BFG Edition because nothing else was good.

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It's a shame Mass Effect 3 has no shot, I really enjoyed it.

Walking Dead is pretty cool.

But that's only for right now. There's plenty more year left.

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@That1BlackGuy said:

While not everything has came out yet, I'll throw out some:

  • Halo 4
  • Diablo III
  • Mass Effect 3
  • Max Payne 3
  • Journey

the bombsquad was super down on max payne 3 and mass effect 3 so there's no way they will make the top ten for the site

Games that could and up in the top ten:

  • sleeping dogs
  • darksiders 2 (low chance)
  • dust: an elisian tale
  • fez
  • diablo 3
  • halo 4
  • far cry 3
  • AC3
  • Journey
  • Dishonored (I don't see it but it coud happen)
  • Borderlands 2
  • Hitman:Absolution
  • Xcom: ennemy unknown
  • CoD:Black Ops 2 (low chances because it's more CoD but Jeff seems exited)
  • Trials Evolution (I don't know about this one, unlikely if you ask me)
  • The walking dead (if they don't fuck up ep 4 and 5, the gameplay may put it at a disadvantage)
  • Need for speed: most wanted (cause burnout)
  • RE6 (most unlikely but the game isn't out so who knows)
  • Syndicate
  • Mark of the ninja

20 games, 10 spots. This year isn't so bad

If I'm forgeting anything please remind me

And for the number 1 it'll be Borderlands 2 vs AC3 vs xcom. They'll add halo 4, NFS, far cry 3 or Hitman to the brawl if they're really good

There is no way in hell Brad will argue for D3 for the top spot. I don't even feel like it will be his #1

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Currently, all I know what I think is my GOTY so far which is Syndicate. But Borderlands 2 and AC3 look amazing so who knows it could be one of them.

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If they weren't ballsy enough to pick SR3 last year, I doubt something even further out there like Journey has any chance at all. It'll be in the running for DLC for sure, probably alongside Trials Evolution and maybe even Mark of the Ninja since that seems to be a new favorite among at least 3 of the staff.

Who am I kidding...It'll be whatever Brad whines about the most. Again.

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@KaneRobot: like the year starcraft 2 won?

so much brad hate around here...

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It should be Journey or The walking dead the rest just sucks ass this year 

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@pyrodactyl said:

@KaneRobot: like the year starcraft 2 won?

so much brad hate around here...

brad is at his worst during the GOTY deliberations; I like him otherwise but man

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Seems like these threads come a month earlier every year. 
Still to early to tell, though, for me. The year isn't close to over but as of right now it's hard to say. It's been so dry this year. Diablo 3 will more then likely be on there somewhere, If Borderlands 2 is as good as the first (nay better) I'm sure Jeff will mention it. 
I don't remember, really, what else came out this year worth mentioning. A lot of great indy games, though. 
Edit: Oh, I forgot walking dead and Darksiders 2. They'll be on my list, and possibly theirs as well.

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@thatdutchguy said:

It should be Journey or The walking dead the rest just sucks ass this year

@pyrodactyl said:

  • sleeping dogs
  • darksiders 2
  • dust: an elisian tale
  • fez
  • diablo 3
  • halo 4
  • far cry 3
  • AC3
  • Dishonored
  • Borderlands 2
  • Hitman:Absolution
  • Xcom: ennemy unknown
  • CoD:Black Ops 2
  • Trials Evolution
  • Need for speed: most wanted
  • RE6
  • Syndicate
  • Mark of the ninja

seriously? all 18 of these games are or, will be, shit? You really don't like video games huh

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Kind of an odd year. Nothing particularly stands out, and (almost) all the big budget titles that have already come out have been publicly disappointing in one way or another.

I seriously doubt Diablo III will be much of a contender; has Brad actually played much more of it since release? Haven't heard much about it from the bomb crew in months.

ME3, not a chance. Borderlands 2 will probably be high up there, but I don't know if that's a game any of them will passionately defend yet.

AC3 is my likely guess, which is silly because, as others have said, it's not out yet. There's enough out there to know it will be a phenomenal game though; I don't see them screwing it up in any conceivable way (but you never know).

This might be the year that smaller, indie titles get more attention in general, but that's another divisive field that the entire crew won't be one-sided on.

I'm not obsessed with knowing what they decide, but it'll still be interesting to hear how they deliberate on it either way.

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@pyrodactyl: Those games just dont interest me at all..... and maybe you're right, i'm beginning to lose interest in video games, I want more original games not just sequels.
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This year will be a good discussion though, games are all over the place and It will be great to hear them (probably) talk about games like Journey alongside Asura's Wrath. I have no idea what the sites game of the year will be, but you could probably guess some of their individual picks.

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I think Dishonored could be the dark horse in this.

#66 Posted by Ravenlight (8040 posts) -

I'm not as concerned about which games the crew does or doesn't pick, but I am looking forward to some interesting discussion about Spec Ops: The Line and Sleeping Dogs.

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It will probably end up being whatever Brad wants it to be.

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My GOTY will probably end up being Walking Dead. I just don't care about the big releases this year. ME3 was the only one I enjoyed.

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PC Goty: Sim City.

PS360WiiU: Assassin's Creed 3.

What do I get if I win?

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AC III or Borderlands 2 I think, with Dishonored as a dark horse.

Sort of a weird year. Not any clear front runner like some other recent years.

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@Make_Me_Mad said:

It will probably end up being whatever Brad wants it to be.

Where is this coming from?

2008: Brad wanted Metal Gear Solid 4 to win. Grand Theft Auto IV won.

2010: Brad wanted Red Dead Redemption to win. Mass Effect 2 won.

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I'd hazard a guess at Journey. Brad and Patrick could make a strong case for it. Unless ACIII and Borderlands 2 re-invent the wheel and/or execute originally and decisively, i think sequel-syndrome will (should? Hah!) kick in. It hasn't been a vintage year (far from it, bar a few exceptions), but 2012 isn't over yet, so until the end of December rolls into town, anything could happen... within reason.

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This is my guess for games that will definitely show up on the GB Top Ten, but not in any particular order here.

Borderlands 2 - If it holds up, which it should

Journey - Brad will undoubtedly fight for this

The Walking Dead - If it continues to be good and finishes strong. (Looking at you Whitta!)

Assassin's Creed 3 - Little doubt here

Halo 4 - Could flop but is looking good

Need for Speed: Most wanted - Because it's basically Burnout Paradise 2

XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Ryan seems to really like what he's played so far, and it does look really good.

Other possible inclusions - Hitman: Absolution, Mass Effect 3, Dust: An Elysian Tail, Sleeping Dogs

Edit: But I think Borderlands 2 will take GOTY, with AC3 close behind.