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And so it ends

The people have spoken. Matthew is the Giant Bomb Golden Duder! After a full month of polls, votes, confusion, drama, tweets and retweets, Rorie was the duder left standing after beating Rocco Botte, Adam Sessler, Paul Barnett, Brad Muir and Will Smith. Such a glorious campaign will be remembered for years to come.

All the tournament info is right here.

Special mention

To Will Smith, Brad Muir and Greg Kasavin. These duders fought hard throughout the tournament and were awarded for their effort with a place on the Final Four.


  • To all the 32 duders that took part on the tournament. Their response to the idea was great and it felt like they had fun with the tournament. which is awesome!
  • To all the members of this amazing community that took part on the voting and discussion. Special thanks to for the banners and VS graphics and for the Obama style posters.

. . .

And yeah, I had fun with it, you guys seemed to have fun, the duders too, so maybe next year there will be something along these lines. No promises though.

Happy E3 everyone ;)

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Early vote for Brad Muir 2013 Golden Duder.

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'Till next year!

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Having Rorie in this competition made it futile because.. who else was gonna win? People think his puppy fetish is cute, him rubbing Ryan's hand is sweet, his drunk singing is awesome, and he's the martyr of the Whiskey Media family. 
Would've been much more interesting if he wasn't in it because it's already granted that he's the Giant Bomb community's number 1 sweetheart, we didn't NEED a series of polls to find out that he's loved like hell. 
Either way, kudos to you on this whole arrangement, must've taken some effort! Good job.  

Edit: Also I haven't seen you in the giant bomb chatroom in a couple of days Winternet, I have so many Hitman playthrough questions for you!

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It is a travesty that Johnny V didn't win. Everyone knows Johnny V is THE golden duder!!!

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I still can't believe Will Smith lost.

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Matt Rories Alpha Protocol

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@MattyFTM Amen brother. Finally someone who speaks some goddamn sense.
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@AhmadMetallic: I think I can jump in there for a few minutes. I have stuff to do, not like you bums that sit all day playing videogames and whatnot

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Congratulations Matthew

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@AhmadMetallic said:

e didn't NEED a series of polls to find out that he's loved like hell.

you could say that about anyone, really.

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@Winternet said:

@AhmadMetallic: I think I can jump in there for a few minutes. I have stuff to do

Nah it's nothing serious or urgent, no need to jump on if you're busy :) 

not like you bums that sit all day playing videogames and whatnot

The taste of your envy is delicious!
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Awesome event, enjoyed taking part.

Just make sure you randomise the bracket next time, no more Will vs Norm or woman vs. woman (which conveniently lead to BioWare vs. BioWare) in the 2nd round.

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Moderator Online
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That was pretty fun. Can't wait to do it next year.

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puppies for all!

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Johnny V was robbed.

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Now someone give Matt a job!

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I voted for the bald guy with the beard!
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Re-elect Rorie. Starting the Rorie 2013 campaign.

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Wooo! Rorie forever! Puppies for everyone! 2013!

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I propose we got the Saimecha route for Golden Duder 2013:
Rorie, Smith, Kasavin, and Muir automatically make it to the top 8 and await the new challengers.  If someone wins it twice in a row (Rorie in this case), he or she is promoted to the halls of Bombhalla to be forever worshiped, but also prevented from taking part in future years.

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I posted this in the Vs. thread. I'll just repost here since it kind of makes more sense...

Motherfucking Matthew "Boss of Bosses" Rorie, son!

A gift for our champion!
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Rorie may be the winner, but he will never have the Mr. Hands video on his PSP!

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Look, we all know Johnny V was robbed, but we need to focus on the positive here: that son of a bitch Will Smith lost.

And that's worth celebrating.

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Now make a poll forcing people to choose between the most loved of the staff according to his wiki page, Vinny, and Rorie.

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I didn't vote at all 'cause I knew Rorie would win. Because any man that loves animals is a winner in my eyes already.

Also he used to work at Obsidian in some form or another.

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Muir for 2013!

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@SmasheControllers said:

Muir for 2013!

Muir for every year!

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Where the hell is the acceptance speech, Rorie? Seriously.

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Rorie won. I am pleased.

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@Brackynews said:

I voted for the bald guy with the beard!

You voted for Max Payne?

Also, this is all wrong.

Will Smith was robbed. ROBBED.

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@RVonE said:

Now someone give Matt a job!

Uh... I like him but, you know, not that much...

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Next year, no Whiskey Staff. Still, well earned for Matt Rorie.

Brad Muir 2013!

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Does Rorie even care/know that he won?

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@Bocam: "Thanks, guys! I appreciate that people still remember me! Have a summer pup!"

Totally deserved. Rorie is an amazing duder.

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@JohnDudebro said:

How this is not part of the OP is beyond me

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Top 4 guys are amazing. Sad that Gallup got knocked out so quickly.

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Maybe Rorie can put this on his resume or something. Dude needs work.

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I have no idea what this golden duder stuff is but I like Matt Rorie so congrats to him. Also Gary Whitta is pretty awesome.

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@Winternet Thanks for this, they are all golden duders in my heart though.
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@Winternet: Congrats to Rorie. And this is a totally cool stupid thing. Still, for next year, whiskey media employees have gotta get the boot. Stacks the odds too much.

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We really did Rorie a great service. It's something to add to his resume. Who wouldn't want to hire the Golden Duder?

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