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Paul Barnett W (68.5%)


Carrie Gouskos L (31.5%)

Round of 16

  • Creative Director at Bioware Mythic
  • Appearance on GDC and E3 bombcasts
  • Also contributed with GOTY top 10 list
  • Appearance on multiple Quick-Looks
  • He's the main reason why we type <>
  • Franchise Producer at Bioware Mythic
  • Co-worker with staff over at Gamespot as an Editor
  • Appearance on multiple E3 bombcasts and on PAX
  • Contributed with a GOTY top 10 list
  • Thinks gamer females should play on a different league (maybe not)

Will Smith W (84.6%)


Norman Chan L (15.4%)

Round of 16

  • Editor at Tested
  • Former Editor at Whiskey Media
  • Appearance on regular and E3 bombcast
  • Protagonist on the Lantern Run
  • Apparently he builds Legos
  • Editor at Tested
  • Former Editor at Whiskey Media
  • Appearance on the bombcast
  • Appearance on both Big Live Show
  • Brad's Starcraft 2 archrival

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#3 Posted by SmasheControllers (2564 posts) -

Damn it... I gotta give it to Will.

#4 Posted by BonOrbitz (2285 posts) -

My vote is for Pill. These are getting tough.

#5 Posted by wumbo3000 (1025 posts) -

Nooooo why did it have to be Will vs Norm?! Don't make me choose!

#6 Posted by Olqavtoras (240 posts) -

This is it! The Fresh Prince vs. The Shoebreaker! Will always brings craziness, so he gets my vote, but it's a very small victory.

The other round is also very close, but Paul is so awesome, he gets my other vote.

#7 Posted by MooseyMcMan (11489 posts) -

Gotta go Barnett and the Fresh Prince.

#8 Posted by Sergio (2318 posts) -

It was actually pretty easy voting for Will over Norm for me. Lantern runs and the butt of Ryan's jokes made him a shoe-in for me. (I also don't really care much for Starcraft.)

#9 Posted by Ben_H (3468 posts) -

Landslide victory for option A incoming.

#10 Posted by Turambar (6924 posts) -

Will or Norm.  This is a fight years in the making.  (I voted Will btw.)

#11 Posted by AlisterCat (5785 posts) -

Will Smith all the way/

#12 Posted by FLStyle (4987 posts) -

Carrie Gouskos and Will Smith for me.

Sorry Norm, maybe if you participated in the Lantern Run I might've have voted for you.

#13 Posted by NegativeCero (3050 posts) -

Barnett and Smith.

#14 Posted by RandomInternetUser (6789 posts) -

Paul Barnett and Will Smith for me. I like Norm, but it was pretty easy to vote for Will as he spent way more time collaborating with Giant Bomb. Barnett has had a much bigger impact on Giant Bomb "culture" in my opinion so I voted for him.

#15 Posted by adoggz (2046 posts) -

Everyone voting for will smith Aiding and abets a lego cheater and squirrel hater. You all should be ashamed of yourself.

#16 Posted by dr_mantas (2135 posts) -

Paul Smith. Will Barnett.

#17 Edited by RampageAssassin (427 posts) -

Paul and Will. It's an easy one this <>

#18 Posted by Vitor (2834 posts) -
@FLStyle said:

Carrie Gouskos and Will Smith for me.

Sorry Norm, maybe if you participated in the Lantern Run I might've have voted for you.

Same. Can't see why Carrie isn't getting enough love. She was a pretty cool cat back in the GS days.
#19 Edited by Krakn3Dfx (2504 posts) -

What's a Carrie Gouskos?

Paul Barnett ftmfw! Dig-N-Rig changed my life!

#20 Posted by h0lgr (912 posts) -

Goddamnit, I wanna choose Barnett and Carrie. :c

#21 Posted by flyingace16021 (170 posts) -

I'm voting for Carrie, her E3 appearances have been pretty great. Will vs. Norm. Ugh. So difficult. If I had to pick based on my favorite Tested person, I think I'd vote for Norm (still would be tough). But this is about the best Giant Bomb guest duder. And All I have to say is... Penguin suit.

#22 Posted by Robot_Sneakers (417 posts) -

Choosing between Will and Norm is really tough, I guess Will gets my vote because I feel like I've seen more of him.

#23 Posted by MistaSparkle (2150 posts) -

Paul Barns and the Smithsonian to the rescue!

#24 Posted by JohnDudebro (924 posts) -

Carrie's getting my vote, even if it's an unwinnable fight. Gotta represent for the VA.

#25 Posted by fusrodah (95 posts) -

Just listened to the E3 09 podcast with Paul and Carrie on it yesterday! Carrie's Tim Schafer/Jack Black story earned my vote.

#26 Posted by mosespippy (4583 posts) -

For someone who values winning so much Norm sure is doing a poor job at it.

#27 Posted by Zero_ (1977 posts) -

Come on, we all know Will Smith would kick Jackie Chan's ass

#28 Posted by 71Ranchero (2875 posts) -

Im sorry Norm and Carrie =( This was actually a tough one to pick. I feel like its all down hill from here.

#29 Posted by Nightriff (5479 posts) -

Who picks anyone but will? Also is there a bracket to see all the matchups?

#30 Posted by tallTuck94 (553 posts) -

Why can't I choose Will and Norm! ARGH!!!

It'll have to be Paul and Will :(

#31 Posted by joshthebear (2700 posts) -

Team /Fresh Prince.

#32 Posted by FinalDasa (2152 posts) -

Smith vs. Chan is the hardest decision to make.

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#33 Posted by freakin9 (1173 posts) -

Who are Will and Norm, oh wait... are those the guys of Jamie and Adam's Tested?

I believe the girl dated Jeff. That's a pretty big plus. Though I could be a very confused person.

#34 Posted by Winternet (8081 posts) -

@Nightriff: Check the main thread

#35 Posted by beej (1674 posts) -

Fuck you all, N-Chan for life.

#36 Posted by Little_Socrates (5732 posts) -

I don't know if I've ever loved a Norm Chan piece of Giant Bomb content. He's great on Tested, but nothing he's done on GB rivals Will Smith's GB content.

And Paul Barnett is awesome. I actually don't care for Carrie post-HotSpot.

#37 Posted by SpartanAmbrose (835 posts) -

I voted for Carrie and Will a little too fast. Regretted my decision immediately and wished I had gone with Paul and Will instead.

#38 Posted by KaneRobot (1931 posts) -

Flipped a coin for Will and Norm. Norm won.

Paul is my to-the-end pick, so I'm voting for him no matter who he's against...but Carrie is great. One of the few noteworthy females in the gaming industryt who doesn't shove it in your face that she's a female. In an all-female tournament she's the easy win.

#39 Posted by zoozilla (984 posts) -

@beej said:

Fuck you all, N-Chan for life.

This. You're all racist.

#40 Posted by Nightriff (5479 posts) -

@Winternet: Yeah I noticed the main thread right after I posted that comment, sorry to waste your time.

#41 Posted by TheGorilla (229 posts) -

Chan over Smith because if I hear Smith call something "dopey" one more time I'm going to have to kill everything.

#42 Posted by AlwaysBeClothing (1517 posts) -

Will is more like the Antagonist on the Lantern Run

#43 Posted by Positrark (316 posts) -

@fusrodah said:

Just listened to the E3 09 podcast with Paul and Carrie on it yesterday! Carrie's Tim Schafer/Jack Black story earned my vote.

How you can listen to that and not end up voting for Paul is my E3 mystery. The waving dragon, the racing contest, and Sugar Ray the pizza man are all some of my all time favourite stories told on the bombcast period.

#44 Posted by GS_Dan (1398 posts) -

You're all racist.

#45 Posted by Grimmy616 (416 posts) -


#46 Posted by Fin (89 posts) -

Every time Will is on something he seems like a super nice guy. Ima vote him and Pauly.

#47 Posted by BombcastGoldthwait (250 posts) -

Carrie & Will for me. I never really liked Norm, there I said it! Ahhhhh, I feel so free now that I got that off my chest.

#48 Posted by Kosikutioner (36 posts) -

Chan over Smith because I caught myself saying executable the wrong way a few weeks ago. Multiple times in a conversation.

I felt a lot of shame afterwards...

#49 Posted by papercut (3610 posts) -

Imposible choices...A

#50 Posted by Winternet (8081 posts) -

Still 24 hours for you guys to decide who will be the last 2 guys on the Round of 8. Vote away!