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John Vignocchi W (50.6%)


Gary Whitta L (49.4%)

Round of 16

  • Development director at Disney Interactive Studios
  • Appeared on E3, PAX, GDC . . .
  • Bombcasts, Videos, GOTY top 10 lists . . .
  • Even calls on the bombcast? Jesus, enough already!
  • His repertoire of funny stories is only matched by Paul Barnett's

Johnny Wins!

  • Universally acclaimed screenwriter
  • Former Editor-in-Chief at PC Gamer
  • Full on member of the Tested podcast
  • Appeared on E3, PAX and regular bombcasts
  • Contributed with a GOTY top 10 list
  • Made his way into a Quick-Look and both Big Live Shows

Adam Sessler L (22.5%)


Matt Rorie W (77.5%)

Round of 16

  • Works at . . well, he doesn't. Currently not working.
  • Apparently he was a guest on a bombcast almost 4 years ago. Also on GDC 2011
  • His hat is probably more popular than him.
  • Seriously, how many times have you heard about Adam Sessler's hat?
  • E3 Mysteries

Rorie Wins!

  • Unemployed :(
  • Co-worker with staff over at Gamespot as "Boss of Bosses" and former Whiskey Media staff on Screened
  • Appearance on E3, PAX and GDC bombcasts
  • Appearance on Quick-Looks as well as both Big Live Shows
  • Puppies

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Matthew Rorie to win, you guys.

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Whitta and Rorie, but this is basically the competition finals.

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Vignocchi & Rorie!

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Johnny V & Rorie.

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Rorie and Whitta is the only right answer!

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Whitta's beating Johnny V? Are you guys crazy? Whitta is a damned hero, but Johnny V is far more important to the bomb.

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I'm sorry Whitta, but Johnny V and Rorie get my votes.

Extremely surprised that Johnny is losing.

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This round is brutal! Vignocchi vs Whitta?! Sorry Gary, gotta go with Johnny & Rorie.

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Johnny V's losing? I thought he would be a community favourite.

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Johnny V and PUPPIES!

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How is Gary beating Johnny V!?

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Always gonna vote for Rorie. And I like Gary a bit more than Johnny, so pretty easy.

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Sorry Gary, but Johnny V wins it for me.

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I'm going for Rorie all the way to the end. Rorie, Gallup, Whitta, and Kessler are my final 4. I want Will Smith to win so it will be him and Norm against each other, then the winner goes against Gary after that.

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@Tylea002 said:

Matthew Rorie to win, you guys.

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I cannot vote, as Sess and Rorie are not an option.

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Gary beats everyone.

I love all of them though!

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If you vote for Gary Whitta, you hate tacos.

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Gary Whitta to win :D

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Rorie V!

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Rorie to win, because he's Rorie.

I do enjoy Johnny V on live streams, and Sesslers rants though.

EDIT: I just realized I voted for Whitta and Rorie though, which makes my appreciation for Whitta count where it need be, but honestly don't want to see any of these fellas move on to the next round.

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These are getting harder day by day...

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Rorie and Whitta! Because puppies like to shoot that guy!

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What the... Whitta and Sessler! You guys are going it wrong!

I love Rorie, but Sessler!

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@Rappelsiini said:

These are getting harder day by day...

This was the first poll that was genuinely hard for me. All 4 of these guys are pretty interesting, likable dudes.

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People. PEOPLE. Has Gary Whitta ever told stories about trying to have Tron threesomes? Or of sending basketball players PSP memory cards with Mr. Hands on it? Or of how much Taco Bell he purchased the previous night? Stop being jerks, and VOTE VIGNOCCHI.

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Argh, I love all of them. I went with Whitta and Rorie, but it was a hard choice.

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@Olqavtoras said:

This round is brutal! Vignocchi vs Whitta?! Sorry Gary, gotta go with Johnny & Rorie.

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Johnny and Adam are awesome, but I can't go against Gary Whitta or Matt Rorie.

@FLStyle said:

Rorie and Whitta! Because puppies like to shoot that guy!

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Man, that was a tough chioce. Sess was great on the last Bombcast, and we would all be lost without Whitta's gaming advice. But Rorie and Johnny V inch it.

I don't think I can deal with this anymore. I'm going to approach this like I would an election - by not voting, then complaining about the result.

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Wish I could vote an all JV ticket.

He masturbates at ghosts people! Ghosts!

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This shit is a doozy

#38 Posted by Dethfish (3743 posts) -

This stuff just got a lot harder. This round and the next few are going to be brutal.

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Sessler and Whitta.

#40 Posted by Clonedzero (4206 posts) -

gotta go with rorie!

#41 Posted by DrJota (722 posts) -

Group of Death.

And puppies apparently...

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Rorie's our man, if he can't do it no one can. GO RORIE!

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Rorie and Johnny V take it for me.

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Having listened to Behind the Screened Door up to the downfall of Whiskey Media, I don't think that I can vote for Rorie in good conscience. Guy is a great writer and did some great video features, but his willingness to talk shit or ignore anything that didn't fall within his weirdly specific tastes was prevalent and irked me the entire time. Adam Sessler did that one video about Killzone 2, so he's good in my book.

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Rorie, obviously!

Whitta vs Vignocchi is probably the hardest choice so far.

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Sorry Whitta, but this is for the Golden Duder. Johnny V takes it hands down.

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This is a really tight set

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Whitta is the man, but as far as GB goes I have to vote for JV. He is an integral part of GB lore...... BAD BRACKETS YO, this should have been final/semifinal match

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Man, these are only going to get harder and harder.

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How the hell are you guys letting Johnny V take it from Whitta? Whitta was a huge part of Whiskey. Shoot that guy!