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Will Smith W (63.4%)


Greg Kasavin L (36.7%)
  • Editor at Tested
  • Former Editor at Whiskey Media
  • Appearance on regular and E3 bombcast
  • Protagonist on the Lantern Run
  • Apparently he builds Legos

Will Wins!

  • Creative Director at Supergiant Games
  • Co-worker with staff over at Gamespot as Editor-in-Chief
  • Appearance on GDC, E3 and regular bombcast
  • Protagonist of the Building the Bastion series
  • Contributed with a GOTY top 10 list
  • The sole protagonist of the 12-hour Skyrim Marathon
Brad Muir L (46.4%)


Matt Rorie W (53.7%)

Rorie Wins!

  • Unemployed :(
  • Co-worker with staff over at Gamespot as "Boss of Bosses" and
    former Whiskey Media staff on Screened
  • Appearance on E3, PAX and GDC bombcasts
  • Appearance on Quick-Looks as well as both Big Live Shows
  • Puppies

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#3 Posted by Olqavtoras (241 posts) -

This was much easier than I thought it would be.

Brad & Greg all the way!

#4 Posted by UitDeToekomst (762 posts) -

If the final isn't Smith vs Rorie I will be very, very sad.

#5 Posted by Winternet (8082 posts) -

Many thanks to for the great work on the VS images.

#6 Posted by BrainSpecialist (554 posts) -

I love Smith, but Kasavin made Bastion.

#7 Posted by JellyFish_Gsus (769 posts) -

Lego puppies!

#8 Posted by KarlPilkington (2783 posts) -


#9 Posted by Rapid (1433 posts) -

@Winternet: New semi final portraits looks / are awesome

#10 Posted by Maystack (904 posts) -

This was the first one I've actually had to think about. Sorry Muir, but Rorie beat you out.

#11 Posted by Trace (3581 posts) -

Hoping for a Smith/Rorie showdown.

This shall be Muir's last stand, and he shall be overwhelmed by puppies.

#12 Posted by mnzy (2928 posts) -

Gotta go Muir and Smith, not a fan of Rorie.

#13 Posted by Animasta (14746 posts) -

oh man, this is the hardest choice ever

Smith and... Rorie? Muir is so funny though...


#14 Edited by bassman2112 (864 posts) -

I'm sorry Mr. Muir, I adore you - sincerely; but I have to give the edge to Matt. He's hard-working, intelligent, funny and always a blast to have around the site(s).

Will was a shoe-in for me, no question. Lots of love for Norm, of course; but Will has always clicked with me a bit more.

Edit: And by Norm I mean Greg


#15 Posted by BirdkeeperDan (400 posts) -

Gadgets are lame, but Bastion was a great game.

#16 Posted by Gatehouse (739 posts) -

Both Greg and Brad are great, but The Executable vs Puppies it has to be.

#17 Edited by MooseyMcMan (11498 posts) -

I'm disturbed by the fact that it seems like these ex-Whiskey Media guys are winning over people who have had more to do with Giant Bomb (ie, Johnny V and Brad Muir).

#18 Posted by Rapid (1433 posts) -

I feel with Matt recently appeared on TNT we have most recent exposure / nostalgia of Rorie.... now if Greg appeared maybe there would be more votes for Greg....

Just sayin'

#19 Posted by AlexanderSheen (5150 posts) -

Brad vs Matt? You son of a bitch!

#20 Posted by Irvandus (2937 posts) -

Team WIll/Matt all the way.

#21 Posted by NoobSauceG7 (1275 posts) -

Will and Brad, Greg just doesn't do it for me and Rorie can't beat out Brad

#22 Posted by freakin9 (1173 posts) -

This doesn't seem fair to anyone not part of the OG Happy Hour.

#23 Posted by mosespippy (4594 posts) -

This one was pretty easy. Smith and Muir no doubt. I don't watch movies so I've hardly seen Rorie and Smith crushes Kasavin.

#24 Posted by JohnDudebro (924 posts) -

Will Smith stole that last round from John Vignocchi, the rightful champion, so I want him destroyed.

#25 Posted by BaconGames (3614 posts) -

@MooseyMcMan I completely agree. Except for a bit of WoW coverage and a couple dry QLs, Rorie is all but meaningless on the site proper. I think Smith is a much better case but even his presence is rare at best. Muir has absolutely been a blast on every QL and live show embodying what makes this website so goddamn great. Greg I think would have been a much harder sell without Bastion but he too is such a great associate of GB. I love Rorie but he's Whiskey Media award worthy, not Giant Bomb.

#26 Posted by DeeGee (2150 posts) -

Come on Brad Muir =(

#27 Posted by Sauson (561 posts) -

Oh crap, I accidentally voted A instead of B.

#28 Posted by brophdog (92 posts) -

WHAT!! How did John Vignocchi not make it in. Go Greg and Brad!

#29 Posted by Grimmy616 (416 posts) -

Ahem. RORIE 2012. Also Smith cause MIB was cool.

#30 Posted by freakin9 (1173 posts) -

I find Rorie death when he sits in for games, complete death. But mention puppies and he's in his element like a man who gains strength from the cuteness of an adorable puppy.

#31 Posted by dvdhaus (357 posts) -

And here I thought this one was going to be hard. Wishing all the best to Rorie, but Iron Brigade and Bastion were two of my favorite games last year. So this one was easy. Also every time Will appeared on a Giant Bomb feature all he did was complain, at least is sounded that way to me. Especially when Ryan was joking with him about his name being the same as that actor...what's his name.

#32 Posted by WalkerD (460 posts) -

The only true answer is Kasavin and Muir. Anything else is blasphemy.

#33 Posted by ajamafalous (12234 posts) -

So Rorie wins it all, right?

#34 Posted by UncleBenny (493 posts) -

This is starting to really break my heart.

#35 Posted by PurpleSpandex (282 posts) -

@WalkerD said:

The only true answer is Kasavin and Muir. Anything else is blasphemy.

THIS PERSON SPEAKS TRUTH, but seriously people voting will/rorie you just want this to be a incest whiskey media party?

#36 Posted by Turambar (6925 posts) -

Kasavin and Rorie all the way.  How the hell is Will beating Greg?  What is wrong with you people!

#37 Posted by AndrewB (7692 posts) -

@Turambar said:

Kasavin and Rorie all the way. How the hell is Will beating Greg? What is wrong with you people!
#38 Posted by h0lgr (912 posts) -

Greg Kasavin is a legendary videogame journalist.
He also happens to be one of my idols.

#39 Posted by TheSouthernDandy (3939 posts) -

Brad vs Matt? You son of a bitch!

#40 Posted by Jothel (940 posts) -

Love Will Smith but been following Kasavin much longer and Rorie wins easily, sorry Brad.

#41 Posted by jakob187 (21788 posts) -

Goddammit. I want to pick "not Will Smith" just to spite him!

I can't do it. It's gonna be Will/Rorie for me.

I mean, Rorie has already won this competition, but still...

#42 Posted by jonnybob (163 posts) -

Kasavin and Muir are my choices...

Any man who will dedicate 12 hours to entertain me is A-OK in my books and Iron Brigades daddy, come on.

#43 Posted by Pkshields (811 posts) -

Apparently everyone completely lost their mind and Johnny is eliminated now, so now it's Brad Muir or bust!

#44 Posted by ShadowVirus (793 posts) -

@PurpleSpandex said:

@WalkerD said:

The only true answer is Kasavin and Muir. Anything else is blasphemy.

THIS PERSON SPEAKS TRUTH, but seriously people voting will/rorie you just want this to be a incest whiskey media party?

Kasavin/Muir all the way. I personally don't think any of the Whiskey crew should have been in here at all.

#45 Posted by AndrewB (7692 posts) -

You know you guys can pick the true answer (Greggy K) and still like Will, right?

#46 Posted by jjnen (661 posts) -

@Winternet: I'd just like to say thank you for this amazing competetion! And fuck you for forcing me to make the hardest decisions of my life.

#47 Posted by Azteck (7449 posts) -

Brad Muir all the way

#48 Posted by NegativeCero (3052 posts) -

Rorie and Smith.

#49 Posted by Tylea002 (2295 posts) -


Rorie to win, guys.

#50 Posted by vegoku (94 posts) -

Isn't the idea of this the ppl who influenced the most? Clearly it's brad and greg!