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Here are some links to Giant Bomb's holiday end of year shows going back to 2010. If anyone can provide links to anything further back, I'd appreciate it and I'm sure others would as well.

I apologize if this isn't the right forum or if someone has made a similar thread. I looked about and couldn't find anything. Without further ado:

2010, Pt. 1

2010, Pt. 2

2010, Pt. 3

2011, Pt. 1

2011, Pt. 2

2012, Pt. 1

Happy holidays.

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Woah. Thanks duder, I somehow have never seen the 2011 stream. I know how I'm spending the rest of the day.

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Thanks dude. Although these things are always a reminder of how much Giant Bomb video production has improved over the years. Jeff just talking to the camera for 15 minutes isn't something you see alot of these days (the start of the 2010 video), gotta fill that couch man!

P.S I enjoy Jar-time but this is not that.

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The end to the first live stream is a god damn masterpiece



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@wsgexe: I like to point out I made this list 3 days ago. So suck it.

2010 was the year this stream started. This is the rightish forum.