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Creating a Custom List

To create a custom list with its own name for your personal items, click over to any favorite game page of yours. Lets take the GTA IV page for example:
Grand Theft Auto 4

Now if you want to make a new CUSTOM LIST for your profile follow these steps.

Step One

Take our test page: Grand Theft Auto 4. Look at the top right of the page and click  on the Add to a list button:

Add to list

Step Two

A new window will open up, click on the far-right green button: custom list.

Custom list

Step Three

Lets say we want to create a list of all your games. Fill in the form below, including the Name of the list, the Description and whether you want it to be Public or Private.

Fill in the form and click Submit!

Once your done click Submit. Your game is almost added!

Step Four

Now that your new CUSTOM LIST has been created adding your favorite games is easy.  Simply add an optional note and click Save this Item!

click Save this Item!

Your done! New list!

Congratulations! You have created a new list and added your first game to it!

Step Five

Now that you have created your list adding other games or pages to it is simple, just navigate to another favorite game page, for our example: Diablo 3
Once again click on the Add to list button. You will be shown this window:

Add as much games as you want!

Select any of your custom lists and then select Add to Existing List. Add as much items to your custom lists as you want!

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nice serbsta, good job making guides

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very easy vut thanks

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Great guide, but I must have missed something at some point; why can't we add games via the blue "My Collection" tab?

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I just wish the collection tab worked on all games.

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I wish there was an ability to delete lists, otherwise it works great. :)

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This guide is for creating and adding to CUSTOM LISTS, ofcourse you can add to your collection.

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How can I change the sort order of my custom lists?

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Great Guide! Keep up the good work.

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Yes, why can't you add most games?

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Hah, that guide made me feel stupid.

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I think that's the main goal. Makes you feel smart in the end though. :P

"Move your mouse to the upper left hand corner, and press down on the button when the mouse is hovering over this word"

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i know this has been asked but y cant you add any games to my collection

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Just what I was searching for...