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2013 was a crazy and sad year for the site with Ryan's passing. Prior to that though, it had already felt like the site was progressing and evolving into something bigger, and Jeff has made it clear he wants to bring on more people and do just that.

So, I'm curious what you all would like to see the site do away with, features to add, supplements to existing features, etc.

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Still waiting for free YouTube player access from the main site.

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I want the video player to work properly. I want Jeff Green. I want steak-ums.

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Occulus Rift Support

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Uh, fix everything that hasn't worked properly since the redesign?

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In pure usability terms, I want a video player that isn't complete garbage and a handful of other minor problems addressed (quoting multiple people is sort of broken, posting lists in the forums is super broken, etc.) This new website is like what... 9-10 months out and still has those problems?

In terms of site content... I couldn't tell you. 2013 was a weird year for that, for various reasons. I just want to see Brad finish Volgarr and Vinny finish Dark Souls and I want them to keep on looking at dumb websites during Unprofessional Fridays. The rest can come as it may.

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Make more specific wiki tasks. I'm also a sucker for the quests though I know they won't be coming back. It's a bummer though because I thought they were a blast and game some more personality to the site.

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  1. Please fix the video player and add playlist features. That said, do NOT add "are you still watching?" or similar continuous play killers.
  2. More dedicated random pc play-throughs. the short bits that have been showing up on unprofessional fridays are great but they are just too much of a tease after experiencing unforgettable play-throughs like Bioforge and Phantasmagoria.
  3. Less Brad. There I said it. After watching hours upon days of content this year, I've realized I can't stand Brad. I'm not going to go into details nor try to insult anyone, I'll just leave it there.
  4. More shirts! There just aren't enough fresh designs.
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In 2014 Brad leaves the site to become professional Dota 2 player.

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More scheduled videos to avoid the site feeling like it's devoid of content. Bring back TNT, have Encyclopedia Bombastica or Random PC Game once every week, perhaps a monthly editorial video in the spirit of TANG and finally during the slow release schedule bring back the daily videos like Daily Dota or dare I say it an another Endurance Run..

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There is but one thing I truly want, a Kingdom Hearts Endurance Run. Vinny, Jeff & Brad (with Drew cameos). I'm not a Kingdom Hearts guy (though I did enjoy that first game back in the day), it just seems like Grade A Endurance Run material.

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Fixing the video player. Even Jeff admitted that the current video player is garbage. The old whiskey video player worked flawlessly for me but this one I would be damn lucky if I'm able to stream at high quality, let alone HD quality.

More video spoilercasts like the one they did for Bioshock Infinite. That was pure awesome.

More podcasts/videos with Matt Rorie. The site does not have enough Matt Rorie. We need more Matt Rorie. Matt Rorie is yummy.

Vita quicklooks. Jeff has his haxx0r3d vita, might as well use the damn thing.

More Brad to counter the people who want less Brad.

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Better video player

More playthroughs, whether they be Breaking Brad, Endurance Run, Random PC games, whatever.

More quick looks of super crappy games like Barbie's dream house. Those are always very fun.

More spinoff podcasts.

A permanent and well-designed Ryan Davis in memorium section of the site so no matter how it evolves from here Ryan is not pushed out of the site and his content is always centralized in one place.

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@stete said:

More Brad to counter the people who want less Brad.

I don't want LESS Brad, I want more awake Brad

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More Random PC Game would be pretty awesome. I only went through and watched those a while ago, and man, they were amazing.

I hope Vinny continues Load Our Last Souls with Dark Souls 2, because that is easily one of my favorite features along side the first Pathfinder run.

I would love the return of some kind of TNT-like thing, if only for the bigger multiplayer games so they wouldn't have to do it weekly and run out of games.

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I feel there's been a draught for content lately, though I guess that's true for all sites this time of year. Still, I can't help but being left a little cold after this years GOTY stuff. Clearly the weakest year for it so far. It seemed sort of half assed and more than a little lifeless. And that's a super shame, because with the right material, this guys are awesome, especially Jeff. Man, I remember the back and forth between him and Ryan, they're both hilarious people, and it's a tragedy that such a great duo was forced to split so early.

Anyway, my mind wandered off there for a bit. I just want more of the permanent, scheduled content. I want my TNT's, UF's and similar stuff in that vein. And I want more reviews and Quick Looks than we got this year.

It's understandable why this year went as it did, and I'm not about to leave Giant Bomb behind, but I just want the guys to get back to their good old selves. And I'll give them as much time as they need.

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Fix the fucking wiki.

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It'd be nice to be able to quote someone without it uncontrollably greying out or turning red. (makes me look like a crazy person)

One feature that'd be awesome is another scrub league tourney. The MK one is still one of my favorite GB events.

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More Open World Vinny and Bombasticas being a regular thing.

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I'd love to see more reviews and written content from more of the staff, not just Patrick and Alex (Guns of Navarro!). I know people are all "video and podcasts are the way of the future", and I'm not inclined to disagree, but the crew write well and I enjoy reading what they write.

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Hire Jeff Green and Cara Ellison. Keep on keepin' on.

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Hopefully they finally iron out all of the issues some people are having with the site. Personally the site works as well as it ever did, but (apparently) the video player requires a lot more than it should, which is why some people have issues. Hopefully the new player is better in that regard.

Also, very minor request, I want the new players color scheme to match that of the site. I dont want a black and orange player with a black and red site. Hopefully that isn't an oversight.

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What's wrong with the video player? If you're using html5, I think it works flawlessly.

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I'm just waiting for the soft-serve ice cream.

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They need to promote Rorie to more Quick Looks.

2013 was the Year of Luigi. 2014 needs to be Year of Rorie.

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In no particular order more reviews, more of the staff finishing games and hire Jeff Green.

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@tkalsey: What is wrong with the video player? Everything works fine for me.

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More Matt Rorie and Danny O'Dwyer

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Yup. Jeff Green would make this site perfect and him being part of the site would probably increase subscriber numbers immensely. Unfortunately CBSi doesn't see it. But oh well, clueless suits again prevent great things from happening. Same old story.

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More AlexisxDrew, please. Their chemistry is what keeps me warm during these cold winter nights.

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All I can say is I want more.

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@mister_v: Saw it in my coffee this morning.

What specifically are you referring to? The increased subscriber numbers or CBSi not offering him a job? During his Dark Souls streams, Jeff commented on the matter a couple of times. The gist of it: "We talked. I'd love to. The GB guys would love to. But there is currently no job for me at GB. Blame CBSi."

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A reason for me to resubscribe.

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@cptbedlam: Huh. Didn't know he had responded to the question directly.

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Yup. Jeff Green would make this site perfect and him being part of the site would probably increase subscriber numbers immensely. Unfortunately CBSi doesn't see it. But oh well, clueless suits again prevent great things from happening. Same old story.

You're operating under the assumption that:

  1. Jeff Green actually has any desire to work at a game news/reviews website, whether it be Giant Bomb or elsewhere.
  2. That Gerstmann and the rest of the Giant Bomb staff had any interest in pursuing his hire.
  3. That CBSi is for some reason blocking Green from being hired by Giant Bomb, because why would they do that?

Conspiracy theories aside, it's just something that's not going to happen and was likely never in the cards in the first place.

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@hailinel: See my comment above. He adressed all of those things during his early Dark Souls streams. I don't remember exactly which ones though. He was pretty direct and left little room for interpretation or assumptions. If you want to look for the comments yourself, try the streams that have a date close to the threads on Neogaf that got flooded with "Go to GB plz" replies.

edit: this thread for example: http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=715122

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@jyoung said:

What's wrong with the video player? If you're using html5, I think it works flawlessly.

@mrangryface said:

@tkalsey: What is wrong with the video player? Everything works fine for me.

For me, although using HTML5 with its 60fps playback is great, the big drawback is that it's an absolute certainty that any video I play will just stop after few minutes and require a refresh of the page and restart of the player. Then it's a toss-up as to whether it will resume playing at the point it left off (which is a good feature in theory, though)

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I don't think the site need more regular shows. Most of them have proven to get a bit stale after a while. Even Unprofessional Fridays seems to need a vitamin injection soon. So I merely suggests more random content with more random people at more random times. But I guess it's harder to market irregular content, like that, to a wider audience, I dunno.

And more screen time for Rorie, please.

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1.More Brad

2. More Patrick

3. More Danny

4. More Rorie

5. Make the Video player more stable

7 Bring back Professional Wednesdays

8. More Brad

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Come what may.

And fix that video player.

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Fix everything and expand, in that order.

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  • Fix the video player
  • Hire Danny O'Dwyer
  • A Quick Look or some form of video content everyday
  • I love Monday's needs to come back
  • during the slow release season, supplement content with Bombasticas or QL Throwbacks.
  • Continue to do dumb stuff at all times
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@snail said:

Fix the fucking wiki.

And the image galleries. I really wish I could caption more than one image at a time. And that they were in the order I uploaded them in.

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I'd kinda like to see TNTs come back. Other than that, I think Jeff and staff have a pretty good handle on what they want to do for this next year.

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I really, really (really) want to see them do game of the generation awards.

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kidnap Danny O'Dwyer and keep him chained in a closet and force him to do quick looks.

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I just want Giant Bomb to continue.

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I'd like to see Patrick and Alex continue creating video content. Less solo Quicklooks from Patrick by teaming up with Alex or bringing guests in. They've been doing a great job on that front so far. I like so see more "load our last save" stuff, like Brad and Vinny have been doing with Volgar and Dark Souls, but I think it's time for different games.