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Like everyone else I've been loving the work that the two offices of Giant Bomb have been putting out lately, especially the BEAST material, which has added a whole new flavor to the site. The one concern I have as a viewer is that there doesn't seem to be much if any crossover/connection between the two offices. It's almost like CSI:Miami and CSI: New York. Same wonderful (in the case of Giant Bomb) formula but no real connection. When Alex and Patrick were out on their own they were like on-locating reporters reporting in to the San Francisco mothership, but now Vinny and Alex have built their own thing in NY and don't really need the SF gang. I like both groups of guys, but I also really love the chemistry they have with eachother, especially Jeff and Vinny, with classic bits like Small Business Man.

How to resolve? At least from the total outside looking in?

A combination of two of the greatest things mankind has created, 90's hip hop and Internet TV!

GB should have a show where the guys from the New York office play against the guys from SF for GB bragging rights. Competitive multiplayer is always fun to watch, and with modern technology there is no need for thousands of miles to be an impediment to smack talk. I think it would be very entertaining for the two offices to compete in online games (fighting, sports, Alex v Jeff or Dan in innumerable wrestling games but really WWE All Stars because that game is awesome) possibly with multiple streams going out and/or silly bets (Like the losing office has to wear t-shirts with Matt Kessler's face on them the next week.) I realize that technologically this would not be the easiest to arrange, and it definitely couldn't be an every week thing, but I for one would love to see more interaction between the offices and especially a little bit of a friendly rivalry.

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I'd like to see some online battles for supremacy. With Patrick as the unpredictable wild card.

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I'm in guys.

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A year-long event where both coasts regularly do battle in competitive multiplayer. Political machinations over who Patrick will align himself with. Members can choose a side, which grants access to team-specific forums. All out war. ALL OUT WAR.

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They probably need to collaborate, but first I'm hoping/assuming/making a wild guess that Giant Bomb East will eventually start a series that will really establish themselves. If they just keep doing their own versions of Quick Looks and Unprofessional Fridays it isn't going to make for a very interesting dynamic.

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Windjammers GGPO tourney go!

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We need the video game equivalent of the Source Awards moment.

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We need the video game equivalent of the Source Awards moment.

Imagine how real the Northies could get this year! They could get the most real it is possible to get!

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Jeff will settle this with some BLAP BLAP BLAP.

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What this site needs more of is beefs. An old-fashioned East/West coast beef show sounds intriguing. Patrick would likely represent the East since Chicago is closer to NY than SF geographically.

Make this happen.

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east west food show everyone eats hot dogs yes

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