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Personally, I was inspired by the Unplugged: Pathfinder show tonight. However, while it was certainly amusing to watch the guys embody their characters as chickens, clown fish, and Borg Cubes I didn't feel it captured the grandeur of our Canadian adventurers' experience in Neo-Detroit.

I've played miniature war games for many years and have a huge stockpile of miniatures and parts. I've also wanted for some time to somehow contribute to the site and this seemed like a great opportunity. The hope is that I can get the whole crew assembled and painted ASAP so the guys have something more fitting to play with in future Pathfinder sessions (assuming there will be more of this feature).

Below are the very rough initial builds I was able to sculpt up and throw together tonight. All comments and thoughts are welcome! The Mighty Melanie and V-BOMB Goblin's Bane will be completed shortly. I hope you guys like what you see.Thanks and look forward to additional updates.

The deadly elf rogue: Detroit Jones as played by Brad.

Elven mage and wielder of the Quarterstaff of Missing: Drewcifer as played by Drew.

Finally, human mage and master of both sword and magic: John Sword Magic as played by Ian.

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These are pretty fantastic. Hopefully they'll be put to use!

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Cool! I can't wait to see V-BOMB.

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FIrst of all, great idea.

As a tabletop enthusiast I have a pretty extensive knowledge of available miniature lines. I will do my best to assist you.

I will PM you my ideas.

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That's awesome man! I was just wondering how you sculpt these? I thought they came assembled and ready to paint?

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Thanks for the comments!

@deadlydog: it's a combination of kit-bashing existing model kits and then sculpting using tiny tools (dentist tools etc) and a two-part epoxy putty that hardens to the consistency of plastic. Some of the lighter grey areas of the models in the pictures were sculpted.

Some miniatures come assembled and painted (D&D minis, heroclix, and others) but the bulk of super nerdy tabletop games come unassembled and unpainted (Warhammer 40k and Fantasy, Warmachine and Hordes, etc.) Many players of those games enjoy the hobby element as much if not more than the game itself.

@johnbakosh: many thanks! I'm totally open to suggestions from other tabletop nerds!

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These are amazing, definitely better than Nemo and Chickens. Will Pickles be separate or detail on Melanie?

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This is AWESOME *clap clap clapclapclap*

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That's like $30 in Games Workshop parts used! (Ok. I'm exaggerating a bit there.) Do you play Warhammer Fantasy? I see a lot of dark elf parts there. Maybe a dark eldar head, too. Getting rid of old stock to make room for the new?

Have you seen the Reaper Bones line? I had a ton from the kickstarter and was going to paint them up and send them in, but since you've got me beat, I don't think I'll bother. (Any excuse for laziness!)

The reason I bring up Bones is that I find gamers who don't build and paint their own minis tend to handle minis differently. In ways where they get chipped, broken, dropped, etc. I've found handing out painted Bones miniatures to non-hobby players has worked out well.

I'd like to see some of your other works. Did you ever post in the miniatures thread a while back?

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Brilliant idea. I hope you make sure to include a jug on V-Bomb's build. I imagine Vinny and Brad will go nuts for these

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This is awesome! But what's up with John Swordmagic's face? It kind of looks like he's an orc or something.

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My only suggestion would be to get the haircuts a little closer. Like chopping off that topnot on Detroit Jones and giving him the buzzcut/chops that Brad has etc. Probably a lot of work though. Cool models regardless.

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This is great, will you paint them and mail them to the guys?

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@automatontribe: He's got kind of a weird cartoony human face. It should look more reasonable when it's painted up.

@thesoutherndandy: That's a good thought, I'll see what I can do with Detroit Jones in particular.

@the_vein: Yes! That's the plan. I'm gonna finish the build, paint up the figs and send them in a protective case.

@zelyre: After many years of warhammer, I have a ton of extra parts, so I'm just working with what seems appropriate for the guys. I have seen the Bones stuff, they are really nice looking. Good point on the handling of the minis, I'm using plastic glue and will seal the painted figs with a matte varnish, so I hope they survive. That's a good thought though regarding fragility etc.

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Quick update. I picked up some additional supplies and should have some time this weekend to finish up the builds. I'll post an update later this weekend. Thanks for the feedback!

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Where is Detroit Jones' magic bag of guns?! In all due seriousness That's fantastic. I look forward to seeing a more complete set!

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man you are a pretty good sculpture ever thought about streaming your process http://www.twitch.tv/team/art

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Hey Guys,

Thanks for the comments! After a productive weekend, I have some updates. All the models are basically complete from a sculpting perspective (the green pieces are a modeling putty I used to patch up seems). There's a few clean up items before they get primed, but they're mostly there. I've also added some detail to the bases and made some alterations based on the comments above. Take a look at The Last Canadians in their tiny grey plastic glory.

Sorry the images aren't clearer, this is what I could do tonight with sub-optimal lighting. Hope everyone likes what they see. Comments are definitely appreciated. Thanks!

John Swordmagic with completed sleeves and patching.

Drewcifer with completed sculpt.

Detroit Jones after a much needed haircut and sculpt
Detroit's Bag of Holding Guns (shine is do to bad picture)

Melanie! Ready to heal!
Pickles the mummified parrot serving as a holy symbol

Mighty V BOMB with statue arm and goblin head

The Last Canadians to battle!

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Wow, these are awesome, dude. Fantastic work. I especially like Pickles and the statue arm.

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DUDE! Those are awesome!

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Holy smokes! That V-BOMB is fantastic!

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Really nice work. I hope they get to use them

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Amazing miniatures!

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Oh my word great job dude!

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Freaking rad, even moreso because I can identify the different kits you've bashed into this.

Hmmm, maybe I'll do the guys as space marines? Haha

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Awesome idea. Can't wait to see them when they are all painted.

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WOW! Nice work on these!

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Those miniatures look amazing! I'm so glad they started the pathfinder game.

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Incredible work, keep it up duder!

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My mind is blown! Quality job mate.

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Staggering. Amazing how some random minis and a bit of greenstuff can make it all so real. Hope you can get these to them in the next couple of weeks!

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This is super cool!

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Fuck oath this is rad. can't wait to see your skills in painting them.... and then see them on the show haha

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The full party looks awesome.

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Awesome job ... are you going to paint them?

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Those are amazing!

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Big ups duder!

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Hey Guys,

Sorry for the long delay in updates. Work and life have been getting in the way of painting miniatures. That being said, I unfortunately won't make tomorrow's show, but I have some good progress on the miniatures. Everyone is base coated and V Bomb is completed! Please enjoy V Bomb the mighty! As always, questions and comments are appreciated!

V Bomb in all his glory! Complete with statue arm and vanquished goblin.
As you can see, he has his longsword, warhammer, and Handlebar Mustache of Doom
He is also sporting a fur cloak taken from a bugbear he vanquished by climbing.

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I would leave a comment, but I can't.

I'm speechless.

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That's awesome! Can't wait for the rest of them.

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Holy Shit dude you're amazingly talented.

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Dude, what the fuck? This is amazing.

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Amazing work, duder. Please tell me you'll send those to the guys so we can see them in action.

Your painting skills are on par with the ones I saw when I had a subscription to Games Workshop's mag. (Really fucking good incase people don't know what I'm talking about)

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Wow those are amazing?

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Holy shit these are turning out awesome.