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Great work! That's cool.

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These are awesome I can't wait for their reactions when they unbox them!

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I haven't even seen the pathfinder thing and I think those are great. Nicely done sir.

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These are incredible! I not only look forward to seeing these done, but I really hope the duders get to use them! :D

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M-my lords, what terrifying beauty... Please... stay your fury.

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@nekroskop: Yes! That's the plan. I just need to finish the rest of the party and then they're heading to San Fran.

Thanks to everyone for the comments! I haven't watched the new pathfinder show yet, but I hope all the characters survived. Haha.

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@dragoonzero: I know it's only been five days, but I'm itching for an update.

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@monkeyman04: You're getting your wish!

Below you will find the great quarterstaff thrower himself, Drewcifer! The rest of the gang is coming along as well! More updates soon, hopefully in fewer than 5 days.

Drewcifer! Preparing to shoot his quarterstaff into goblin heads!
Dat purp!
He's got a Firedrake Skin Cloak, because it's cool!

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I'm at a loss for words...That is just so COOL! Nice work.

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Great work mate, you're painting is top notch and your conversions are spot on. Really impressive

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I cannot wait to see the guy's reactions when they see these. This is seriously incredible duder, can't wait to see the rest!

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Is there somewhere you can pay to have people make you custom miniatures like these?

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These are fucking awesome

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Halfway there. Keep it up, man! I think I also imagined Drewcifer wearing purple. I'm wondering where V-BOMB learned to form such an extravagant mustache, though.

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I can only hope the guys get those and make use of them. The Bomb crew really has the most amazing and talented fans.

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That is great! I have a huge box of Reaper minis from the kickstarter. Maybe I can make them some things to fight :)

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I know that it's been said a couple times in here, but that is some professional work right there.

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They're almost too nice to let those monkeys play Pathfinder with them.

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That's some really top-notch work!

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Fantastic work, duder! Can't wait to see more.

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Hey Duders,

Thanks for all the great comments. It definitely helps keep the motivation up. The next member of The Last Canadians is ready for battle! Melanie is ready to embark on his quest to resurrect his mummified parrot Pickles! I'm pretty happy with the way they're coming out and hope you guys agree. Hopefully the guys keep the spirit of their characters in their next campaign!

Melanie in his Dwarven healing girly-named glory!
Pickles's coloration is based on a green macaw.

Blue cloak, long flowing locks, and a Dwarven Rune Hammer, ready to roll.

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No words...Should have sent a poet...

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Wow, can't believe I missed this. Those are fucking fantastic. Good job, sir.

Now it's almost sad that they'll re-roll characters.

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Props to you man, these are fan-FUCKING-tastic.

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The updates are flying fast now! Below you will find John Swordmagic in his full combat regalia. Unfortunately, the original model for John had an unfortunate incident with a bad bit of spray-on primer. This resulted in a lot of clumpy and crappy finish that would really hurt the final paint job. So, I threw together a new figure quickly and I actually like this one a lot more!

The new John Swordmagic was inspired by Ian's initial desire to play a warlock combined with the fact that John Swordmagic could also be a name a crazy homeless person might give themselves. Hope you like what you see.

John Swordmagic has such high dungeoneering, he doesn't wear boots.
He's kinda got a Red Wizards of Thay vibe goin on.
"I am a powerful wizard, my clothes are blue!... Red clothes!"

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These are freakin' amazing. Great job, dude!

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DUDE! these are making me wish they weren't so close to finishing there first quest (?). I hope they will use these in the future ( they better!).

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Has the GB crew seen these yet?

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Looking nice!

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These are too damn good, my god.

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Dude this is so good. Seriously, amazed at your painting skills.

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Whoo! Shout out on the Facebook Page! Thanks Duders!

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I really hope these get used in future sessions, incredible work.

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Wow dude well fucking done

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Mind adequately blown.

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Really love your work!

I also got inspired to paint up some last Canadians! Forgive the phone pic, I'll try to get something nicer in tomorrow. went kinda bonkers on the Canadian color scheme.

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Giantbomb best community in gaming. Amazing work, I hope you can get these in to them in time for the final fight.

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@gaftra: I think I like your Melanie better. He has the kind of befuddled and good-natured expression that I get from Dave's roleplaying.

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@gaftra said:

Really love your work!

I also got inspired to paint up some last Canadians! Forgive the phone pic, I'll try to get something nicer in tomorrow. went kinda bonkers on the Canadian color scheme.

What are those minis from?

Character on the left (Drewcifer?) looks a bit like eEiryss.

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Nice paint work! When I paint minis it looks like a toddler painted them.

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Awesome work! Glad to see other miniatures nerds on the field! Good to see the privateer press stuff out there too, their models are beautiful. Thanks for sharing these.

In this post you will also find Detroit Jones the deadly and unscrupulous elf rogue! Along with a group shot of the party. I've spoken with Matt and the minis will be packaged up and headed for the Giant Bomb offices in time for the final battle! I'm hoping to get a few surprises included as well. Fingers crossed everything goes to plan and the guys have miniatures on Thursday!

Detroit Jones: Gem Thief
Scimitar and dagger at the ready, preparing to be delivered to the enemy via fast-ball special.

Of course, Detroit's bag of "All the Guns"

The Last Canadians!
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@dragoonzero: Those are just simply incredible. Damn good work on those.

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Two sets!? Fantastic work guys.

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@zelyre: Thanks! The models are from a few different ranges. Drewcifur and John are both Hordes figs from Privateer. The others are some boutique models I picked up on the coolminiornot.com store. There are a ton of nice options there if you are shopping for a hero. I did a couple hand/head swaps with bits I had to get closer to the look for each guy.

@dragoonzero Those are GREAT! Super excited to see them finished. Are you mailing your figs in?

I did send out mine for Thurs. delivery, so hopefully we can see them all on the show! Fingers crossed fedex doesn't crush them all. XP

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These are fantastic! You should totally send them to the Bombers, they'd probably use these in the game.

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Bonus post!
I was inspired so I cranked out a bunch of monsters tonight! These guys were all painted today, so they're definitely rougher than the Canadian's themselves, but they're good enough to be vanquished by our heroes. Enjoy!

Skeletons! They smell better than zombies.
Goblins, a Goblin Chieftan, and two big orcs. Sorry for bad pic.
A frost giant, or blue troll, or some other kind of big scary guy with a club.
A young red dragon as a final challenge for the Canadians.