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Shouldn't the archive be up by now? Any word on this?

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Shouldn't the archive be up by now? Any word on this?

It's probably quite tricky to edit and process and upload a video of that length whilst not in the office. At the weekend. At PAX.

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Was there a live video stream?

If not then all/most of the coverage will be coming later next week when all the video recorded is edited and processed.

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It will be a couple of days. Check again late next week.

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Aw that sucks, but understandable I suppose. Thanks for the info.

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I've always figured they saved it til the weekday as a courtesy / to add value to actually attending PAX, but the "hey, we're not in an office and this is basically a paid vacation for us" works too.

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Sweet, I was just wondering about this. Probably tomorrow or Wednesday, I'd imagine.

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Expected this today since Drew said on Twitter that he was hoping to get it up yesterday if it wasn't for the live Quick Looks.

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Vinny is on vacation so drew is doing all the video work. So I'm guessing it keeps getting delayed due to all the quicklooks.

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From his twitter, it looks like he's bout 1/3 the way through it.