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Occasionally, there are posts where people complain about lack of content. "There's just not enough!!" "What are they doing over there????"

I tend to keep up with videos and podcasts as best as I can, but over the past few months I've accumulated another pile of shame. I looked at my downloaded videos and I have over thirty hours of GB content that I still need to catch up on. I don't have kids, I work a reasonable amount of hours with plenty of free time, but it still JUST KEEPS COMING!

So, how big is your backlog?

To be fair, I've started some of these videos and skipped around many (Spookin' videos are usually watched at night so I gotta go in bits in pieces to get a proper night's sleep.) A lot of Patrick's videos are lengthy and that's the way I digest them, actually. And I'm finally working through Bioshock so I can get on that spoilercast!

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All but the first Spookin' With Scoops, almost every quicklook in the last few months and the last few months of podcasts.

I've been pretty much only consuming the live streams lately (of which there are plenty).

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I really need to get around to watching all of the Whiskey Media Happy Hours. That is sort of my priority right now.

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@fauxical: That is a good life goal. Great times with the Happy Hour.

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Well you need more time on your hands

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My backlog is anything past 2011 and any premium content made before July 2013. I'll never have a lack of content if I get really bored that's for sure.

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Nope, no backlog for me. Everyday I watch everything available to me.

I don't see this as a bad thing.

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Heck yes Gom Player. That thing is awesome. I actually prefer it to VLC for some things.

My pile of shame is about a year of Quick Looks. I just haven't had the time to watch them. Same with all of the Happy Hours but I won't be able to catch up to that until I am done school.

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@ben_h: When I was on GOMTV.net every day watching Starcraft for a year, eventually they just got to me. I downloaded it, went "hey this works!" and that was the end of that discussion.

@everettescott:Not bad at all. Hell, when I wasn't commuting 3 hours a day I was always on top of things, too.

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I think I've watched every GB original video - except for Worth Playing and some Spookin' with Scoops (I love Patrick, but I need more than 1 person). I don't sit there and just watch it though, I usually have things running in the back when I do things - I have GB videos running when I'm doing the dishes, cleaning the house etc. When I hear a huge laughter, I usually then look at the screen and scrub back.

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I'm on 2011 stuff. I've got a decent pile of content to chew through.

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That photo has the file names for the videos in it, might want to change that

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Between having a crappy job in 2010-2011 where I had nothing to do with my time after work, then being unemployed for a bit from 2011 to earl 2012, I watched like, the entire backlog of Quick Looks and Endurance Runs in that time. But Sept 2012-now I've been back in university, so I've been constantly a few weeks behind and was only able to finally get sufficiently caught up on stuff near the end of August 2013.

Since school started again, I've got a backlog again. By my count, I haven't watched much content posted after September 17th. I haven't stopped there or anything, but I've been watching it sequentially, and it is outpacing me. I won't actually catch up, and maybe I should just stop watching the livestreams and premium content and stick to Quick Looks or something.

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@benpicko: I hadn't considered that being a problem, but if people could use em to hack into premium videos you're probably right.

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I do not have a backlog of anything really.

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Only this weeks premium content since I forgot to renew my yearly subscription in time and it takes forever for paypal membership to register.

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All video content (free and premium) from about a month and a half before Ryan died. The only thing I've kept up with is the bombcast, but not the premium podcast things. It's going to be kind of weird to eventually watch some of that stuff I'm sure.

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My backlog is zero I've digested all the content. When is that next Dark Souls livestream..

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I used to watch all of the content GB released everyday (except premium stuff, of course) and then hung out in the forums, since I noticed how much of my day I was wasting, I stopped watching and I now have a decent backlog of stuff I haven't watched. I think I won't watch it, not because I don't enjoy it, but because almost all of the content they release is a minimum of one hour and I can't afford to lose so much time.

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Pretty caught up, I got behind there for awhile but the only thing I did not watch was Daily DOTA and that was mainly because at the time I was so far behind.

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I also follow Game Informer videos, and their Test Chamber is stuff is much shorter (which makes it digestible during the week). Another reason why longform GB stuff is mostly relegated to something I have going while exercising or playing Vita games.

Then the weekend is a mix of Replay and GB live streams.

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@fauxical said:

I really need to get around to watching all of the Whiskey Media Happy Hours. That is sort of my priority right now.

Those are great. Though, I'm sure they will be a little sad now that Ryan is gone.

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I think for the most part im caught up on quick looks, honestly though theirs more content on here then i'll ever consume, i tend to watch what i want to and see a good portion of it. I know i'v spent more time watching videos on here then actually playing games this year.

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I have 76 podcasts left but I no longer work in a place where I have headphones in for 4-6 hours a day so I've been out of the loop on old bombcasts for about a month now. All my podcasts, really.

As for video content, I just started using the site late last summer-ish so I have nearly all of it other than some Random PC Games and such (Blade Runner stream was the reason I came to the site).

But I've watched and listened to everything that's come out since I started checking the site every day other than some random Quick Looks I know I'd have no interest in.