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How many CLE residents are on the site? Role call.

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I assume this doesn't mean Cleveland, TN? :p

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Solid gold

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I hail from Aurora, Ohio only a mere 30 minute drive from downtown Cleveland!

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Lakewood Ohio here. I saw someone at beer at the pier a few weeks back in a bomb duders shirt. I wanted to come over and say hi, but those lines were ridiculous and by the time I got through you were out of sight... So...Hi... Lol giant bomb missed connections

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Medina, OH here. About 45 minute south of Cleveland. Just registered on this site, actually.

Hey Fox, I lived in Aurora for a couple years.. right off rt. 43.

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I live in Columbus and unfortunately like the Cleveland Indians and Browns, does that count?

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Definitely counts.

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216 Represent! From Shaker Heights, currently living in Columbus.