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As the title states,I'd like some recommendations from you guys mainly because I need new music in my Ipod and I want to hear new stuff. 
Anime intro's / outro's are fine too.
*cough*Videos would help *cough*

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I made a list with fourty games on it.  Check it out if you want my opinion.
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anything by masashi hamauzu, junya nakano, tetsuya shibata or nobuo uematsu

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Anything from jet set radio / jet set radio future

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The Scott Pilgrim game soundtrack by  Anamanaguchi. In fact anything by them is great. 

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@plop1920 said:
" Anything from jet set radio / jet set radio future "
This. Also, SSX 3 and Tricky, really retro but some good tunes
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I have never heard of Junya or Tetsuya. What games did they compose for?
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I think the Bayonetta soundtrack is pretty kickass. You should give it a try at least.

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the Bubble Bobble theme.  just play it over and over and over...

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I've been loving the ODST soundtrack lately, the smooth jazz influence really elevates ODST above the other Halo soundtracks for me.  I love every piece of music that plays when you're in the city by yourself and they hold up to listening to it on my iPod.  

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Well, if you can stomach J-Pop, the Persona 4 soundtrack is fantastic. So are the female tracks from the Persona 3 Portable soundtrack (though TC I'm betting you already knew that based on your pic).  Love these opening chords in this Persona 4 track. Also, TC I assume you know this song from P3P but I really dig it, super bouncy bass, classic pop with fantastic Engrish gibberish on top. Perfect!
My all time fave video game albums are.... 
Shadow of the Colossus - moody and sombre, violent and epic, quick and beautiful; this album runs the gamut. This song is played over the credits and is one of the more uplifting and hypnotic pieces. 

Shatter - the game is a modern day re imagining of Arkanoid-like games. Similarly, the soundtrack takes the 8 bit feel of your fave tunes and turns them into modern day techno and rock anthems. Here is a taste of it. The entire soundtrack is phenomenal and was without a doubt my favourite album of 2009.
Bionic Commando Rearmed - Similar to Shatter, this game's soundtrack mixes 8 bit with heavy beats. Here's the title theme, but really it's all fantastic. 
Katamari Damacy/We Love Katamari - both these games had extremely eclectic sountracks and no single song could justifiable give you an idea of what it all sounds like. Some tracks I love, others despise. Regardless, both game OSTs are among my favourites. Here's the super catchy j-pop anthem from the first game. And here is my fave from the sequel. 
Chrono Cross - An extremely rich and diverse soundtrack from the PSOne era. This song instantly turned me into a fan of the game. Both the game and the soundtrack should not be missed. Yasunori Mitsuda's magnum opus!
Final Fantasy, in general, has been host to countless classic video game tunes. While I just about hated Final Fantasy XIII, the soundtrack is a masterpiece. From the manic, slow burning build of the sub-boss music to the arthritic-forming piano 8th notes of the opening level, the soundtrack remains beautiful.  
Of course, Nobuo Uematsu's life work of pre-XII Final Fantasy is even more impressive. Be it Terra's, Laguna's or Vivi's theme. And those aren't even my faves!! 
Sonic 1, 2 and 3. Really, these are all classics and I don't think I need to describe them. 
I could keep going, but really, TC, it'd be interesting to hear what type of music you listen to, or what you had in mind. If you want more, lemme know! I can be super specific. 

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@ThePhantomnaut: I forgot to mention Third Strike!!! That whole thing is gold.
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This is a good place to start.
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@bigmuffpi: Thanks for the great reply and  recommendations,I really don't mind what I listen as long as it's good.Though I really like music like this.
Number one
Number two
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I really enjoy the No More Heroes soundtrack, some great stuff on there.

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Gitaroo Man is my favorite gaming soundtrack. Sample
Also a lot of stuff from Lumines is awesome. Sample
Currently stuck in my head is this song from Professor Layton and the Unwound Future.
A lot of the Layton music is pretty good to be quite honest.

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@RecSpec: That Professor Layton song is pretty good.
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Wipeout 2097 soundtrack, its essentially orgasmic electronic bliss.

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@Lemoncookie01: dude(tte?), I absolutely love the Street Fighter IV, vanilla and Super, Soundtracks a lot. Hard to pick a fave, though Makoto's and Blanka's are up there.  
I main Jury btw :D 
Just listened to that second song you posted from No More Heroes.... totally awesome. Is that from nmh1 or 2? I've been meaning to play those games and that tune might have pushed me over the edge to check it out! 
Other cool tunes you might wanna check out: 
Einhander -- Bloody Battle -- works as an ideal time capsule of 90s electronica. 
Red Dead Redemption -- Triggernometry -- badass song from the conclusion of my fave game of 2010 
Last Ninja 2 -- Central Park -- if you're willing to go really retro, a classic from the motherfuckin C64!!! 
Persona 1 (PSP) -- School Days -- To continue the J-pop trend. Wasn't a big fan of the game but the OST was ace.
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I highly suggest the soundtracks for Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Shatter, VVVVVV, and the radiangames.

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@Vao: Holy shit dude
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Go get the Nier soundtrack and bask in awe of it's greatness

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Thanks for the help guys.Almost every single song got added.

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The Alan Wake soundtrack is fantastically haunting and immersive.  The mix of dread and melancholy is awesome. 
There was another one I was going to add, but I forgot.  I'll add it when I remember.

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I know someone mentioned the first one, but Mass Effect 2 has a phenomenal soundtrack from top to bottom. Here' s a choice piece from one of the clubs, Lower Afterlife.

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If you want some more chiptune stuff, check out  Kohina

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My fav anime opening, this is my gym music, highly motivating, have it on constant repeat haha.
And this is the worst song ever, yet strangley the most addicting, its from the anime "Welcome to the nhk".
Heres a quote from the comments...
"I finished NHK ni Youkoso yesterday, and woke up with this song in my head.

went on my pc and looked it up on youtube.

And here I am, 2:30 at night, still listening.

Fuck you NHK. :("

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Old fogey mode:  

Zuntata, the inhouse sound team at Taito. You may have heard their work in Bubble Bobble, the Darius Series, or more recently, Space Invaders Infinity Gene. Above, my favourite track Daddy Mulk from The Ninja Warriors.
Something from SEGA always was blasting in the good old arcade days, be it Outrun, Afterburner, or DAYTONAAAAAAAA~. You might've heard some version of the above song this year in Bayonetta. 
Damn kids and their musics.
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@JJOR64 said:
" The entire Sonic R soundtrack.  I kid.  If you don't mind orchestrated stuff, get both Super Mario Galaxy OSTs. "
You kid? Why, its fucking awesome.
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I'll second Sonic Adventure.

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@Xshinobi said:
" The Scott Pilgrim game soundtrack by  Anamanaguchi. In fact anything by them is great.  "
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Scott Pilgrim soundtrack is one of the best ever made. If you like oldschool games that is.

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I'm bookmarking this thread.
Some awesome songs here!

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@Xshinobi said:
" The Scott Pilgrim game soundtrack by  Anamanaguchi. In fact anything by them is great.  "
Also, I'd recommend The Megas. They're a rock band that play music based on the MegaMan 2 soundtrack.
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i can't believe Rez hasn't been mentioned yet.  

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OKAMI! GOt the soundtrack in Japan for $50, 5 discs of awesomeness totally worth it! 

The Rising Sun (this is the music for the final boss fight) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZxK58tPU4I

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Imo on of the greatest pieces uematsu's made especially if you know the context.

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Old Castlevanias
Pretty much any Sonic game
Donkey Kong Country 2
Pretty much any Kirby game

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I've been listening to the Super Metroid soundtrack for a while now.  Great stuff. :)