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I don't know if anyone has been using Steam's new Community feature but i've been enjoying it here and there. Especially the Game Hubs where you can look up amusing and informative content about your favorite games.

After having bought War of the Roses on Steam and looking through it's Game Hub i was impressed to see that PC Gamer are attaching their related articles to their respective games.

Since Giant Bomb does a healthy amount of Steam Quick Looks i was thinking it would be a good idea for an official Giant Bomb Steam account to upload their video content to the related games to bring in audiences from Steam who may not be aware of Giant Bomb.

Good idea, bad idea, worth the effort or not? Discuss amongst yourselves.

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I 'm pretty sure those articles are from the "News" section of Steam, which uses a hand-picked group of sites that Valve choose. PC Gamer didn't choose to attach their articles to the game hub, Valve chose to pull their articles straight from their RSS feed to put onto their news section. The publications themselves have nothing to do with it. They might have to give their go-ahead or something, but it's not like they're actively putting their articles on there.

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@MattyFTM: Ah, i see. Seems the official news feed doesn't work with video content. Well what's the consensus on community users uploading the Quick Looks to the Game Hubs? Yay or nay?

[UPDATE] So it looks like you have to link your personal account to Steam so unless it's an official GB steam account linking to the official GB YouTube account it would have to be an internal process. Still think it's a good idea.