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It got linked to Joystiq and most probably a couple other websites so I'm not surprised that the traffic has jumped up a ton.

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Who is paying for the Hosting, I pity the recipient of the bank statement.

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Thats pretty awesome

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Wow, I had not checked since yesterday, that's a big jump.

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Wow huge jump!

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That a big leap

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Congratulations to Giantbomb, things can only get better from here!

Schizoid said:

"It got linked to Joystiq and most probably a couple other websites so I'm not surprised that the traffic has jumped up a ton.
Now that you mention it, I don't see any ads here. They could have added really small text ads that would have been minimally obtrusive as well as helped with hosting costs. I suppose we'll see ads in the future as Giantbomb's popularity grows.
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Thats awesome, congrats guys. Hard works pays off!

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Too bad they didn't have some adds already set up to cash in on some of those hits.

Edit: Just looked at gamspots and it looks like they took a pretty big hit.

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that's totally kick ass

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Glad to see it. I really like this site.

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That's a very big jump O_o

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woot im part of a movement.

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Sweet. Kudos to the crew.

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Cool, good for them

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Come on Kill - why do you think you're still even remotely wanted around here?

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That's pretty cool.

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Well we waited long enough and it was totally worth it!

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7.4% of the users that visist GB are from Canada. Ya, we pwn.

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That is pretty cool.

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I can notice...the site seems to be slowing down again for me.:(

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Isn't it amazing what a forum and some user generated content can do for a site?

Let's see how it grows from here.

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I love how both Youporn and Redtube are in the top 100. Always makes me laugh. We're a bunch of pervs.