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In less than 36 hours, a new game of the year will be crowned and the stage will be set for arguments to why that choice was completely wrong for years to come. At the same time however Ryan, Brad, Jeff, Vinny, Patrick, Alex, Drew, and maybe Dave are putting up their personal top ten lists to say what their favorite games were this year. With those lists comes the opportunity to turn that into a really big list. So as their top ten lists come out, i'm going to turn those into points (With number 1 getting 10 points, number 2 getting 9 points and so on) and use that make a list that would make a game of the year, if they used a ballot system. Now with that out of the way onto the list.

EDIT: Now factoring in Patrick and Alex's picks

EDIT: Now factoring in Vinny's picks

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Neat idea. I wonder how much this list will reflect Giant Bombs top 10.

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That's a pretty interesting metric. Would probably be more useful if the crew was bigger.

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Funnily enough that is actually a believable top 10 list for Giant Bomb especially the top 3 choices.

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Frog Fractions tied for 22nd place...c'mon, we can do this, still 2 days left.

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Didn't Portal 2 get the highest point total last year?

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@Animasta: I'll try and have an answer for you in the near future.

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Damn it I was totally doing this and just waiting for all the lists to be posted. Oh well, now I can stop doing math. Fucking addition.

@Animasta said:

Didn't Portal 2 get the highest point total last year?

Counting only the 5 people in the room for the debate it was 31 for Saints Row, 29 for Skyrim, and 25 for Portal 2. If you count the whole staff it was 46 Saints Row, 45 Portal 2, and Skyrim 44.

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Place your bets. What do you think Vinny has for his GOTY? I hope it's Sleeping Dogs or something different. Will make the discussion tomorrow more varied if everyone has their own games to root for. Even though Vinny is the not the type to fight for his favorite games.

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Patrick and Alex's picks are have now been factored in, and based on that Vinny could be the deciding vote for actual game of the year.

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Just noticed that Brad was the only one who put Mass Effect 3 on his list at all. Kinda sad...

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Vinny's picks have now been accounted for, and XCOM wins by 1 point

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This is very interesting to compare to their official Top Ten.

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Very nice.