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I was thinking how cool would it be if the whole crew got together and made an indie game. 
I picture it like this: 
Simple side scrolling beat 'em up because everyone likes them.
Story wise:
Will and Norm (from tested) accidentally turn luchadeer into a killing machine so its up to the giantbomb crew to stop it.
as tony and sarah are so clued up on super heroes they set about training your choice of character up to take on the evil luchadeer and his army of minions
Special attacks 
Jeff's  would be drinking gin and killing everyone in sight due to rage at how awful the drink is.
Ryan could summon the spirits of the characters from street fighter:the movie: the game to help them fight for him
Brad just gets unlimited lives cos everyone knows he's gonna die every 12 seconds. 
Vinny whaips out his guitar (not a euphemism) and plays it with his feet untill all his enemies dance to death as he can play "better than hendrix"
Drew puts on a Street Fighter snuggie which gives him super human strength
At this point I had something important to do so stopped thinking about it.
What do you think would be cool to see bombers?

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I think they don't have much time for that .

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I know that, I wasnt making a serious suggestion, just thought it would be a cool idea.

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it sounds like it would work. now maybe if i could actually find some time i might get to that gb rpg i blogged about a long time ago...

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I've thought of giving a side-scrolling Giant Bomb game a go a few times, but never got around to it. This is mostly because I don't want to be lame and use Game Maker like I have in the past, but I'm not good enough with C#/XNA to use that :(

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 Real men use AGS.
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I think video games journalism and video games development are two very different fields.

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Is Kessler the final Boss?

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I don't like that at all.

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@Ignor said:
 Real men use AGS.
Oh god, a Giant Bomb adventure game would be sick as shiiiiiiiiiiiit. 
Honestly, if someone could do all of the art, I wouldn't mind learning the finer details of AGS. :D